Sarah Bowen Shea is joined in this special crossover episode by a male co-host (a first!), Yuri Hauswald of the GU Pinnacle Podcast: The duo interviews Katie Arnold, the 2018 winner of the prestigious Leadville Trail 100 Run, at a live recording party at GU HQ. The author of a just-debuted memoir, Running Homeand fresh off setting a 50K PR in a race two days prior to podcast recording, Katie details how progression is crucial in her book, running career, and life. Katie, a mother runner with two school-age daughters, details how the motion of running helped her get out of “that worry brain” after her father’s death from cancer and during the early years of motherhood.

Katie talks at length about the state of hyperattention she is able to attain while running and how tapping into that intense “flow” state—as well as the power of nature—propels her in trail races. Katie discusses the importance of taking something big and breaking it into manageable chunks (classic AMR advice!). Laugh along as Katie details why her daughters were her “secret weapon” at Leadville.

Find out what JRA stands for (we encourage you to use it in a sentence this weekend!), plus how a whoopee cushion enters the highly engaging conversation.

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