#360: Three First-Time Boston Marathon Runners

Sarah and Dimity have a nearly marathon-length conversation with three first-time runners of the Boston Marathon—including Dimity’s husband, Grant Davis! First is Kristen Genet who, despite running fast enough to qualify for Boston, wore a charity bib in the legendary event. Laugh as Kristen tells about a treat she gave herself at the top of Heartbreak Hill, the notoriously hilly section around Mile 16. Find out why she stopped when she first spied the finish line.
Next is Kristi Brown, a mom of four, who talks about the “electric” energy of Boston on marathon weekend—and how she randomly burst into (happy!) tears as she toured the city. She shares two amazing TMI pre-race anecdotes, including one that had her asking herself, “What Would Sarah Do?” Marvel at her per-mile speed—and her ability to embrace a new pace when she slowed down starting at Mile 17.
The final guest, Dim’s hubby, Grant, is well worth waiting for. He kicks things off with his running origin story, including a detail even Dimity didn’t know! Grant details his five-year BQ journey, plus the highs and lows of the training cycle that got him to this year’s starting line. He describes the party atmosphere in the starting corrals, his “first indication that this race was going to be unlike any other marathon” he’d ever run. Grant’s candor throughout the interview is touching—a really special AMR experience.
The intro chitchat is pretty tight, with the first 2019 Boston finisher joining the episode at 9:30.
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4 responses to “#360: Three First-Time Boston Marathon Runners

  1. Go Gusties! I was in a quick run in my neighborhood when Kristin gave my alma mater (‘97) a shout out. I whooped out loud, cheering for her and all Gustie mother runners. My husband (who’s an Ole -gasp- ) doesn’t get how all Gusties feel connected and have the ability to find each other anywhere. Thanks for sharing your story. You made my run better today!

  2. I so enjoyed listening to this! Congrats runners! Very inspiring!
    Lo and behold, I got a FB memory this morning. My husband ran in 2014, finishing in 3:21 (he is a much faster runner than I). He ran the year after the bombings and it was a party atmosphere, the way Patriots Day should be. Although NYC remains his favorite marathon, that was an amazing day, and I was happy to be there.
    With the new time limits, Boston is probably out of reach for me, but that’s ok. It isn’t a race that I have had on my bucket list, but I can certainly appreciate the hard work that goes into qualifying.

  3. That’s me!! It was so great to talk to Sarah and Dimity. Thank you so much! You can find me on Instagram at kristi_runs!

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