Sarah and Amanda talk with three mother runners about a (literally) painful subject: migraine headaches. The first guest is a nurse practitioner, with a special interest in working with individuals who have migraine, then two mother runners, who have suffer from migraine, share their personal sagas . Listen and learn:

-steps to take to manage migraines while following a training plan

-how to determine if you have food triggers

-the importance of controlling what you can to avoid migraine symptoms

-why a running partner can help your head

-real-world tips and tricks from seriously badass mother runners

-“horror” stories about running races with a migraine that make hitting the wall sound like a party!

In the intro chitchat, find out if Sarah’s son made the dance program. The first guest joins conversation at 16:30.

Find Laurel’s migraine self-management education videos and resources here.

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