Sarah and Ellison jump into the topic of identifying as a runner—and how wearing that mantle affects your health and lifestyle choices. The duo talks with a researcher plus two real-life mother runners, addressing issues like:

-ways to get comfortable calling yourself a runner;

-why ID’ing as a runner helps make exercise a stick-with-it habit;

-how a health scare made one BAMR jump on the exercise bandwagon;

-the ways being a single parent stripped one woman of her athletic identity;

-how one mother runner is trying to get over her “imposter syndrome.”

Books recommended in the intro conversation are Less by Andrew Sean Greer; American Spy: A Novel by Lauren Wilkinson; Haunting Paris by Mamta Chaudhry; and How to Be an Antiracist by Ibram X. Kendi. The runner-ID conversation begins at 16:25.

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