Olympian Suzy Favor Hamilton still runs--just not from her past or the truth. #NoShame

Olympian Suzy Favor Hamilton still runs–just not from her past or the truth. #NoShame

Dimity and Sarah have an intimate conversation with Suzy Favor Hamilton, a 3-time Olympic mid-distance runner and 40-something mom of one. Suzy, the most decorated NCAA track athlete of all time, reveals details about her out-of-control spiral into high-class escorting in Las Vegas while trying to hold together her life as a married mother runner back home in Wisconsin. Suzy speaks candidly about her bipolar disorder and the prescription drug that fueled this uncontrollable mania, which she details in her newly released memoir, Fast Girl: A Life Spent Running from Madness. The three mother runners talk about the importance of not letting the pain and stigma of mental illness stand in the way of getting help and seeking support. This not-to-be-missed podcast is short on salacious details but long on empathy and compassion—both for others, and for oneself.

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