Answers to More of Your Questions

Listen to find out how this little fella popped up in Sarah’s life this week.

Dimity and Sarah serve up answers to several questions related to long runs, including training v. racing pace; how much you can slack off during marathon training; alternative fuel sources; and how to talk back to that evil voice in your head that tells you to walk at the end of races. Dimity also recounts her recent return to the wonderful world of triathlon.

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4 responses to “Answers to More of Your Questions

  1. Finally figured out how to get a podcast on my MP3 and you accompanied me for 3 miles and a few of my 8 strides….(week 7, Day 1 of Finish It Marathon)…I now get the pic of the shrimpy thing. (and oddly, I found coins today, too!) Now to try and find/donwload previous podcasts.

  2. So happy to have a new podcast for my treadmill run tomorrow! I’ve listened to them all at least once, and I NEED some AMR radio to survive the ‘mill. (And yes, I have written a glowing review on itunes. 🙂

  3. Loved listening to you both about my favourite topic of running. Hey, it is all about adjusting to the climate. I live in tropical Queensland, Australia, where summer time temps are about 35 degrees (95 for you guys in north america) regularly, AND well over 80% humidity as well!! I run as early as I can, then jump in my pool afterwards!! The hottest I have run in is 42 degrees, a half ironman…this is well over 100 I think.

    You do get used to it..

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