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Ask The Expert Series: CBD for Anxiety, Stress, and Sleep Issues

CBD For Anxiety, Stress, and Sleep Issues

This article is the fourth in a series demystifying CBD, written by the founder of our partner Nature’s Gem. Be sure to head to Nature's Gem CBD to check out weekly specials just for Mother Runners!

Us BAMRs share a lot in common including, unfortunately, stress, anxiety, and often sleep issues. Could it be from being moms, income earners, family members, personal Lyft drivers, household chefs, and heads of repairs and maintenance? Since shipping off your family for extended periods of time or hiring a chauffeur, chef, and handyperson isn’t a viable option, it’s time to see if CBD can ease the load.

As we often do, we turned to Lisa Baskfield, a mother runner and founder of Nature’s Gem CBD, for her sage insight.

“Often times we can’t sleep because our cortisol levels are too high at night. Cortisol is the body’s natural stress hormone that can stay elevated due to stress, anxiety, and pain. When it does, it can cause many issues in the body—including sleep issues. CBD naturally reduces cortisol levels. CBD also binds to receptors in our brain and central nervous system, which is how it helps with anxiety,” explains Lisa, who has been working with BAMRs on stress and sleep issues.

Her recommendation is to try taking an oil under the tongue or gummies for sleep, anxiety, and stress. For oil, take one full dropper under the tongue 20 minutes or a gummy 40 minutes before bed. If you don’t feel like you are drifting off to sleep after 40 minutes, take another dropper or gummy. (In a few weeks, Dimity will let us know how Nature’s Gem CBD gummies and oil have been working for her.)

Be sure to head over to the AMR blog to read more about CBD and how it can help you! For weekly specials + 15% off, head to Nature’s Gem CBD and use code BAMR.

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