Beat Feet

Fancy free: my feet were only compression-sock-less for the photo

If my tootsies could talk, this is the conversation I’d imagine they’ve be having lately.

Leftie: I can’t keep this up much longer, Right—this Chick is more of a ball-buster than I am! I’ve been trying to get Her to take a break for years now, but no dice: She just powers through, no matter how much I make Achilles tendon hurt. I started messing with Her, throbbing and aching, when She was training for that marathon back in 2009. I really cranked up the pain-dial when She did those two marathons last year, but She was unrelenting. Not even an extra day off—I get no respect.

Right: I know, my friend, I’m embarrassed I silently stood by while you were causing all the commotion. Aren’t you proud I finally summoned up my courage to let out one big holler two weeks ago when She was doing those crazy 400s at the track? Come on: Like doing two half-marathons last month wasn’t enough pounding on us? Well, I showed her.

Leftie: Right, that was wack: No matter how my pain I inflicted, She never walked. Then, out of the blue, you pull that hissy-fit, and She has to hobble home. It was righteous.

Right: Aw, shucks, thanks. I decided enough is enough. She needs to give us—and the rest of her Bod—a rest, but She wasn’t getting your message, so I told Her, too. Plus, I gotta admit: I was jealous of you getting all the attention, like that nice physical therapist rubbing you with those tools of hers. Even Calf was getting some of that action. It sure seemed like it felt good. Even you, tough guy, couldn’t hold out—you finally relented and stopped being all swollen and ouch-y.

Left: Yeah, those sessions were pretty sweet. But being shoved into a big bowl of ice cubes was no picnic…

Subjecting Leftie to frozen cubes earlier this spring

Right: Did you catch what She subjected me to after my temper tantrum at the track? She nearly wore a hole in the ground, rolling on that barbell-looking thing back and forth, back and forth. I tried my best to maintain that bump in the middle of my heel, but it was no match for that obsessive rolling. She rolled the entire time She was watching some flick with that friend of Hers—you know, the one with bigger dogs than us. And when that PT told Her to roll me on a frozen water bottle, I couldn’t keep it up any longer.

 Leftie: Yeah, you were always the goodie-two-shoes one.

Right: I have to, um, hand it to you: I admire you for being able to stay sore at Her for years—I’m having trouble keeping it going. Especially when she rubs that stuff on me. It feels so nice and makes me go all soft on her. But, Leftie, while you raised a ruckus for years, I’m the one who made Her snap to attention.

Leftie: Gotta give you props: I’ve noticed Brain-o fretting big-time—never known him to worry so much. Thinking maybe the pain you were sending out was a serious injury like that big-footed friend kept getting. Seems like She is finally getting our message. What’s it been, 10 days with no running?

Right: Yeah. Last time we caught a break like that, She had those two babies in Belly.

Leftie: Although it’s not exactly easy street for us. She’s got us constricted in these tighter-than-all-get-out socks. I mean, come on, She sleeps in them, then wears them all day. We only gain our freedom when She takes a shower—which ain’t that often now that there’s no running.

Right: Uh, yeah, I was going to mention that to you. About that stink…

20 responses to “Beat Feet

  1. Oh no! Sad to read that you’re sidelined!

    I strained my calf at the TRI last week, and re-strained it again at the 5K this weekend, so I’ve been running around in my own pair of super sexy tighter than all get out socks… my H has *suggested* that they are actually NOT sexy! ~gasp~ and that they “look like *therapy* socks”… oh well.

  2. Love this post. The style is great! I like the consistency of the body part personifications! 🙂 Hope you get an appointment ASAP and you’re back at it soon.

  3. I’m dealing with plantar fasciitis too, it totally sucks! I was getting a little better, but tonight my heel is killing me. I haven’t run in a week, and have a half marathon that I really want to run at the end of June. I’m back to the doc on Friday – in the mean time am icing, taking ibuprofen, wearing a boot at night, stretching, etc. My doc said if things weren’t better by this Friday, we would talk about a cortisone shot -but I haven’t heard great things about those either. Great post, and I hope you are pain free soon!!!

  4. Oh my…when I wasn’t laughing I was wincing! So sorry for all the issues SBS and hope you are on the mend soon!

  5. Bummer! I feel your pain. Now that I’m back out, I’ll run for you…although I’m only doing 3 miles 3 times a week but after so much time off, I’ll take it! Rest and you’ll come back stronger and wiser. Sending healing thoughts your way.

    1. I need to show side shot–highlighting how they curl under to grip the ground because my arch is so high. I honestly sometimes fantasize about chopping my gnarled little toe off!

  6. Whoa! I didn’t realize you, too, were on a forced break from running. I went 13 days without thanks to the pneumonia and it was extremely humbling to get back on the road. Hope your runless stint is working and we need to rehab together! In the meantime, does this mean you’ve had more time for reading…?!

  7. Ah I am so sorry you are down chica! Are the socks REALLY working? I mean truly? And that goo you are using? I have so many off an on issues (I think if you name it I have it in my right foot) and I would love to have no hand any remedy the next time it flairs up. You know I got very sick this week- almost worse than the flu?! I actually did not run for SIX DAYS! I have not taken that kind of break since I was post baby. It was OK I guess but by the end of the week when I was still hacking up a lung I was dying to run. I ran 2 miles and cried with joy one of the days. I hope you are ground pounding soon sista!

    1. Not sure socks are working or not, but they aren’t hurting. (And it’s been so dratted COLD here that I’d be wearing socks anyway!) I got a sample of the Gel-Out at Ogden expo, and I really think it *does* work.

      Now I’m trying to make appt with an orthopedic doc who isn’t like 20 miles from our house…and I’m having bear of a time finding someone who can fit me in this week. Argh!

      1. I feel your pain. After I had my third (2.5 yrs ago) I had so many injuries and bone issues they told me I’d never run again! I took six weeks off, lived in that removable boot thing, WORE my infant around town (it was a night mare), and did a little PT… and if you remember I just ran my marathon :). I know you know this but just take it easy and let it heal so you can keep on doing what you love sooner than you think :). Hang in there girl. It’s no fun :(. I hope the doctor has some good advice and help for you SOON!!!!!! Hugs.

  8. I can’t wait to read the blog post-break. Leftie: I never thought I’d say this, but I’ve missed these running shoes. Right: shhhh, not too loud or Brain will hear you and convince Her to never rest again.

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