We’re sharing the Tribe’s best Mother Runner moments of the year, and this one grabbed our attention the minute it landed in our inboxes. While it’s not necessarily a happy ending or a “best moment,” we appreciate that Tribe member Michelle San Antonio was willing to find the good in the bad.


“It’s kind of hard to call this my ‘best’ mother runner moment, but it was definitely the most defining moment of my year. After spending 15 weeks training for a PR in Boston in April, I was literally stopped in my tracks halfway through my final 20-miler when my back seized up. Ten miles away from tapering, and I was suddenly unable to even walk normally. Despite a barrage of chiropractic, PT, and acupuncture treatments, I was still limping three weeks later, and Boston was out of the question. I made the very difficult decision to go to the expo anyway, because I wanted my bib. I earned it when I qualified, and I couldn’t stand the thought of it just going in the trash. I also went to the finish line as a spectator on race day and spent the day cheering and crying and taking in the Boston magic from the other side.

“As hard as it was to be in the city on race weekend knowing that I wouldn’t be running, I also drew so much strength from the entire experience. When you’ve poured your heart and soul into a months-long training plan, only to have it all yanked out from under you in an instant, you realize how much more strength it takes to not run those grueling 26.2 miles. This experience taught me a whole different kind of mental toughness, and although I still feel sad when I think about having to miss out on this year’s race, I’m also more driven than ever to train hard and run fast so I can get back to Boston and redeem myself. The races we don’t run teach us just as much as, if not more than, the races we do complete.” —Mother Runner Michelle


Did you have any race disappointments this year? Were you able to find a silver lining? Share below—we’d love to hear your story.