Another Mother Runner Challenge!

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On June 1st, we’re launching what we hope will be the first of many Another Mother Runner challenges. Why now? Because it’s almost June, the sixth month of the year; have you seen your New Year’s resolution lately? Also, school is getting out, so it may become harder—but sooo much more necessary (hello, patience!)—to find time to exercise. Finally, we thought you needed something else to keep track of. Because we certainly do.

How does the Another Mother Runner Challenge work?
You download this word document (.doc) of the month of June, and write or type in your workouts for at least 5 days of each week. (If that format doesn't work, here it is in .pdf form as well.) We insist that one day a week be a rest day, and if you’ve raced or are staring down a crazy busy week, two days off is cool as well.

This is what the word .doc looks like. Promise, it won't spam your computer.

Should I fill in the whole month now with workouts?
Ideally, yes. That way, you have to look at your schedule, think through your month, and figure out a way to squeeze around those workout-squashing landmines. But if you have to take it week by week, we get that. Do try to plan in advance though, as there's something crisply rewarding about having a plan, then getting it done. (Vs. the wishy-washy alternative: What should I do today? Run? Strength Train? Elliptical? Nothing? O.k., nothing wins.)

What if I’m already on a training plan?
Totally fine, especially if you're on one from Train Like a Mother: How to Get Across Any Finish Line - and Not Lose Your Family, Job, or Sanity. Just pencil or type in a month's worth of workouts from the training plan to the AMR Challenge calendar, and follow along.

Do I have to run?
Nope. You have to move with determination and focus. (Read: Duck, Duck, Goose with your kiddos doesn’t count.) If you’re injured, we don’t want to send you deeper into a hole. Some non-running suggestions: cycling, swimming, pool running, yoga, spinning class, Pilates, P90X, Zumba class, a DVD, strength training routine, push-ups if your bottom half is totally out of commission. You get the idea.

Is there a way to stay accountable?
Glad you asked because actually, there is. AMR Connect, our password-protected forum, is ready and open for chatting, helping, cheering on. Every Wednesday and every Saturday, one of us will post something on the forum to have you check in, so to speak, if you want to. No pressure if you don’t get there, but as we all know, it takes a village to build another mother runner.

Note: if you sign into AMR Connect and don't get a password, please check your spam.

Can I take the AMR challenge with a pal?
Absolutely. No better way to get your glutes out of bed at 5:15 on a Tuesday morning than to know your BRF is waiting for you. But you both have to have your own calendars and both do all the workouts. But you probably knew that already.

She looks mighty keen on any bumper.

What do I get if I finish the AMR challenge?
What? The strength and fulfillment that comes with a solid month of exercise isn’t enough? Kidding. For this inaugural challenge, we’re offering a free Another Mother Runner bumper sticker to anybody who finishes. We’ll even ship it for free. We’re hoping to up the ante for the next time, but this is a testing, testing, testing round.

How do you know if I'm entered?
Please visit AMR Connect once before June 1st to let us know you're in.

How do you know if I finished?
You send picture of your finished calendar—either a screen shot from your computer or a shot from your phone or real camera—by Tuesday, July 10th to runmother [at] gmail [dot] com along with your shipping address. We’ll trust you did the work.

Have another question?
Chances are, somebody else has the same one. So post it below in the comments or in the AMR Connect, and we'll get 'er answered.


215 responses to “Another Mother Runner Challenge!

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  2. Still haven’t gotten a password will I still be able to send in my calendar? Can someone please let me know. I will be out of town but will check back in on the 3rd. Thanks!

  3. Have never gotten a password. I am posting on here. I have gotten over 10,000 steps at work each day. Haven’t felt good for about 4-5 days now. My body feels very run down. I have had softball practice and games.

  4. I think this is among the most vital info for me. And i am glad reading your article. But want to remark on some general things, The site style is ideal, the articles is really excellent : D. Good job, cheers

  5. I’m in! Late with password issues also. Hope I can still join??? It will be nice to have the motivation in the summer when it’s easy to take vacation!

  6. I’m in! Hope i’m not too late. I registered and got a password is that all i need to do? Besides filling in a calender:)

  7. I will post on here I guess. I still haven’t gotten a password. I didn’t run on Fri. or Sat., we are are doing a yard sale. I did however log over 10,000 steps each day. Plus loading/unloading boxes. Sun. very little activity. Will count this as my rest day.

  8. I would love to join… i have been doing my marathon training and would love to have the extra motivation… is it to late???!!!

  9. I have been trying to post that I’m in!!! But my computer has been having an issue!!! Is it too late?!?!

    1. Still haven’t gotten a password yet. Did some brisk walking at work Mon. & Tue. Walk/jogged on Wed. 1 1/2 miles. Had some knee pain so I didn’t push it. Will go out again tonight after it cools off.

  10. I still can’t get in. I get an email to confirm. It takes to a wordpress account page but I never get a pasword. I would like in. I want to do a 1/2 in Sept. and I know I need to get started training for that.

  11. I want to do this too!!! I tried getting an acct…no email from ya’ll yet… I want that bumper sticker!

  12. I thought I said I’M IN when you first announced, but I don’t see my name above. I’ve started today!

    1. disregard, realized it was AMR connect I tried to do and it didn’t work, all seems ok now 😉

  13. How long before an email with the password is sent? Just registered for the Challenge. Checked both my inbox and junk mail and haven’t gotten an email yet. Just curious. Thanks!

  14. I’m in, but won’t be using the forum. Think I read something about tht being okay on FB? Just to let you know I’m in and will still send picture, right? Thanks ladies!

  15. I want to do this but I am also having issues getting my password email. I’ve tried both email addresses and neither work.

  16. This mother needs to get back into running. I want to do a 1/2 in Sept. This will make me accountable to someone other than myself(not the best choice, I’m too easy on me).

  17. Help!! Okay, I get the email that says confirm follow this thread but not the email to get into AMR for this? Boo 🙁

    1. Me too Monica!! Glad to know I’m not the only one having this problem!! Whether I’m officially in or not I’m doing this challenge!!

  18. I’m in!!! Training for first half in November. I have a handful of 5Ks under my belt. Cannot believe I agreed to a half but very much motivated. I’ve been out of commission for a couple of weeks due to Spring time congestion. This challenge will certainly help me get back on track. Love you gals!

  19. I can’t wait! I need some motivation now tha school is out! Thinking about doing my first half this fall!

  20. Ok, I tried to register to AMC so I could do the challenge too, but I’ve never recieved the email with my password. HELP!!! I want in, I want in!!!

      1. Cori, I noticed others comments about it going to spam, I checked it before I commented here, hoping that’s where I’d find it, it was not.

        1. Ok, I have charter email but use Outlook, I checked both. My outlook said I had no junk mail filter set up, my charter said it wouldn’t even deliver junk. I’ve set both to deliver “junk mail” to my spam folder, then went back and did the “forgot my password” link and still haven’t recieved anything…. (with shoulders slumped over in defeat, turns and walks away pouting…)

  21. I’m in too! Tried to sign in but no email yet. Does it take a while? I’ll check my junk folder in the am..

  22. I love this! Im in! Been in a running rut since my half in March so im excited about this! Signed up and got a confirmation but no password. Help! 🙂 Thanks!!

  23. Love this! Trying to sign up but not getting password. I have a mac…so no spam folder to check?! Signed up with user name michelellbc

    1. Huh. I have a mac but use gmail so have a spam folder. Maybe google around and see how to find spam for a Verizon account? Another option: Can you try a web-based email like gmail, Michele? Sorry this is a pain, but worst case scenario is you can complete the challenge and then send us your calendar and we’ll still get you a bumper sticker. Glad you’ll be joining us. 🙂

      1. Dimity, Just a follow up….I checked my verizon mail by going directly to the web version (instead of through Mac mail program) and no spam folder and no password email. So then I tried using my google mail account and still no password email. Hmmm….
        Can’t shake me that easily, my calendar’s filled out and I’m ready to go!

  24. I’m totally in! I’m always down for a challenge and for me this will be. Looking forward to my results! 🙂

  25. I’m in! Got my calendar downloaded, made a plan, and am looking forward to working out with my BRF once a week as we do this together!

  26. I just started running again a couple of weeks ago after not running for two years. THis is perfect timing. We’ll be on vacation for several days at the end of the month, but will try to my friends into some walking at least on those days!

  27. Cool! I am in. Just about 6 weeks postpartum and already started my return to working out. This will help get my routine back.

  28. So needed this. Though I work out every other day this will help me keep it going. Anyone in Wilmington, De doing this?

  29. I need this. Not for the bumper sticker, but for me. I had a horrible May. My mom died from cancer, and I’ve run/worked out one single time this whole month. I was supposed to run a half marathon the first Sunday in May (and was ready for it too). Hell yes, count me in. I need some mother loving running to right my ship.

  30. I’m in – June 1 starts my Marine Corps Marathon training. A free bumper sticker will be added inspiration!!!

  31. I’m in! I’ll be running to get some podcast alone time when all 5 boys are home from school… Thanks for the motivation!

  32. I’m in. here in hot and sweaty florida we need all the motivation we can get to get through the sweaty summer season. I can’t seem to get a password for the message board. huh.

  33. Yes! I am so excited. I teach preschool and am done for the year but my kids are in school until June 22nd. Soooo, I’d already planned on kicking my own a$$ the month of June. Now I have some extra motivation! Thanks ladies!

  34. Great idea ladies!! I am highly motivated by challenges. It brings out my competitive spirit, even if it’s just with myself! My son is 3 weeks old today and a scheduled June will be good to finish out my postpartum weeks. Then, I FINALLY get the green light to run again!!! Woo Hoo!!!

  35. I am so excited to be held accountable! I love running 1-2 times a week, but can never seem to get out there more! I NEED to move more! I’m in! Thanks ladies!

  36. Help! I have tried 2 different email accounts, but no password. I have checked spam and junk email. Can someone please tell me who the sender of the password email is so I can add it to my safe sender list. Thanks BAMR’s!

  37. I tried to sign up for the forum, but I’m not getting a password sent to me. Help! I’m so ready to do the challenge, it starts the weekend I’m getting married during the Reno-Tahoe Odyssey Relay Run 🙂

  38. I’m so in! A question though…I’m running my first half June 3rd (Minneapolis Marathon Half!) and I’m only a few chapters into TLAM…do I need some total off days before I start something new? I’m hoping to begin training for the TCM full after I recover and start a few weeks into the Finish It plan.

    1. Yep, after your first half, Theresa, take a couple days. That’s cool. But the day after–or at least two days after–you want 20 minutes or so of either a nice spin on bike, brisk walk, easy jog to get healing blood flowing to your legs. The week after the race, though, keep your workouts light and easy.

  39. Love, love, LOVE this! You already know me – I’m totally not a slacker, but planning ahead in my house?! Pssh, yeah, right! I CAN and WILL have that calendar filled! I’m excited! Looking forward to it!!!

  40. Ok…I want to do this…however, we will be on vacation in Europe the last week. Does walking all over for hous on end sightseeing count?

      1. We will, thanks. And I am sure there will be some brisk walking. Running, too. Someone has to chase the 8 year old when he decides he’s interested in something WAY over there.

  41. I’m totally in! I LOVE a challenge. I am running a 1/2 on Memorial Day and want to train for a Labor Day half to compare results!! Great idea–thanks!

  42. Thank you!…because ever since I ran my last race at the end of March, I have NOT managed to get back on track!

  43. I’m in. This is EXACTLY the jump start I need to get my (now bigger) butt back in gear after getting out of the running routine!

  44. Group of 12 women from the East coast to the West have been invited to run the NWM this year in Oct. This is all our first to run this race and we are all very excited. This will be my first full marathon even though I have only been running since last Sept. Training in the heat of the summer with no hills will be a challenge for training for this race. This June challenge will definately help me from slipping into no running mode with summer vacation quickly approaching. I have shared with my group of mother running women headed for SF in Oct. Thank you!!

  45. Thank you ladies! Just in time. I am going back to work (9 months post baby) next week and was so depressed about leaving my mom’s running group. Just the motivation I need! You gals are awesome.

  46. I’m in too!! I’m running a half next week-end so I’ll be recovering next week and then starting into training for my first full marathon – so excited!!

  47. Definitely in! I just finished planning my workouts for the next 22 weeks; June will be a piece of cake!

  48. Ahhh, this is perfect! Originally I had planned to take almost all of June off completely. I’ve been training since October and have done 7 races this past winter/spring. On top of that my hubby and I are going on vacation for a week in June. As tempting as taking most of the month off sounds, I know I’ll regret it when I start to lose the great results I got from 8 months of hard work. This will be just the push I need to keep me going since I’ll no longer be on a training plan!

  49. I’m in!! Starting from scratch-ish after being down pretty much since Feb. Training for Goofy starts mid-month so I have to work up to it anyway! This way I stay accountable!

  50. You know what I would LOVE? If we could get one or more of the training plans from Train Like a Mother in a Word or PDF! (Too much to ask?) Then I could just CHECK off my workouts.
    I’m already writing them on a blank calendar…I’ll just start using this fancy schmancy one you made for us now.
    (And yes, I write them out ahead and check them off – and occasionally modify them when things don’t go according to plan.)

  51. Signing on! Driving from LAX to PDX mid June, so that will have to be at least one/two of my down days, but hopefully as soon as I get in I can run out the stress of the long drive. I have no races pending so this is just the motivation I needed!

  52. YES! I love this! I work from home and this is going to force me out of the house on my lunch break! Thank you!

  53. Would something like hiking work as an “activity”? We’ll be camping for some of June AND I’ll be tapering….

  54. I love this!! I’m 34 weeks pregnant and due July 4th, but this will be the perfect way for me to stay reasonably active in the final push of pregnancy!

  55. i am trying to register on the site but i am not receiving a password to login in. it’s saying my name has been taken, etc so I feel as if there is a hold up someplace. thanks. june is going to be a great month, starting off with my international tri on the 2nd!

    1. Excited for your tri, Tami! Can you check your spam for your password? I’m guessing it’s there. Let me know if you can’t find it.

      1. Hi again Dimity, I have checked my spam box, etc and i haven’t received anything to get my password, etc. i even tried to go the route of “i lost my password please resend” and I still didn’t receive anything. thanks for you help

  56. My spinal fusion is finally scheduled for June 5!!!!
    This calendar will be filled with trips around our first floor and the cul de sac. But it is the start of my rebuilding.

  57. Ladies, any chance of getting this file as a PDF? My wonky Mac with the ancient version of Word doesn’t like the file. But I can print it, keep it on my fridge, write my workouts in, and take a photo at the end. Is that OK?

    1. yep, suze. I’ll post it next to the word .doc above as a .pdf in parenthesis. give me a few minutes and it should be there. 🙂

  58. I wish I could do the first challenge. I’m have a abnormal mole (pre-cancer) removed on the 13th that will then prevent me from working out for at least two weeks while everything heals up. I hope you all do this again soon!

    PS – Everyone please go get your skin checked before you start really getting out in the sun!! And then once a year there after!!

  59. I am on Week 2 of the Train Like a Mother 5K: Own It! plan. This will help me to stay on track! I am soooooo excited!

  60. I definitely want to do this challenge. June is going to be busy, but I start training at the end of the month for my first marathon, so I definitely need help to keep up the motivation. Thanks for doing this!

  61. I’m in! I’m training for a 10K (in August in NY, yes I’m crazy) and taking a 4 week long Zumba class. Between that, I’ve got 5 if not 6 days covered!

  62. Excellent! Hope to see this again in July because my current training ends in June, and it would be great to have even more incentive to keep going. Great idea ladies, and thanks for the promise of AMR swag!

  63. I’m totally in! I was already planning to make June my super organized month, this will totally help!

    I’m also sharing on my blog, so hopefully my readers will be in too!

  64. What perfect timing! I was just lamenting yesterday how this time of year is always when I get motivated to shed the winter coat! HAHAHA I love this and I am in. Thanks ladies!

  65. Totally in!!!! This is perfect timing! And, I’m super excited about the bumper sticker 😉 Thanks ladies!

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