Ellie Kempton

In search of a little perspective on nutrition—and a laugh? Tune into this podcast with Ellie Kempton, MSN, RDN, as we talk about the relationship between love, your body, and food. Ellie, Dimity, and Sarah discuss:

  • what foods Ellie is loving right now—and what is on her “out” list;
  • how to make peace with kale, sea vegetables, and any other superfood you might not favor;
  • why the body heals in the presence of consistency;
  • and a novel, last-minute suggestion for a Valentine’s Day meal!

Join Ellie + Dimity in Simply Nourished Like a Mother, an 8-week program that builds a nutritional foundation on which you can rely for the rest of your life. We start February 20; register here.


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