The tribe has struck again: This time, helping out a mom-to-be looking for belly support. Check out the post below, and suggestions for any one out there looking to continue piling on the miles with a bump in the oven.

Now, on to the maternity running belt recommendations, there are some clear winners.


The FitSplint, received multiple votes, probably for its multi-band construction. It supports the back, belly, bladder and hips.

FitSplit maternity running belt

Post Natal FitSplint

Maybe you’re ready to get back out there after baby: The Post Natal FitSplint, which got a few honorable mentions, works to abdominal separation or diastasis recti without restricting range of motion or breathing patterns.

Post Natal Fitsplit belt

Gabrialla Maternity Support Belt

Gabrialla Maternity Support Belt, was widely praised. It promotes proper posture and balance and is adjustable to accommodate size changes during and after pregnancy.

Gabrialla maternity support belt

Also, a quick shout out to for offering everything an expecting mom could need to stay active. Love it!

Did you run through your pregnancy? If so, what were some life-savers for you?