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Oh, yeah, join Team Another Mother Runner on Run4Good app and let's get some good going.
Oh, yeah, join Team Another Mother Runner on Run4Good app and let's get some good going.

Dimity and Sarah showcase their current favorite BOGO--Saucony’s Run4Good app —by chatting with two grant recipients, Amanda Fulmer and Jeff Knight. By logging your miles using the Run4Good app, you are helping community organizers get funds for their programs that fight childhood obesity. Amanda talks about trailblazing a track around the elementary school where she works as a P.E. teacher to allow the students to run laps at recess, while Jeff recounts the tear-inducing pride and joy of getting 17 high school students across the finish line of the 2013 Austin Marathon. Along the way, both Amanda and Jeff share tips for getting kids moving and organizing community running programs.

Multitask on your next run by listening to this podcast while logging your miles on the Run4Good app: Three mother runners who complete at least 10 runs with the app before November 4 are each eligible to win her choice of one piece of Saucony gear + an AMR lifestyle tee.

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5 responses to “Find Out How to Run4Good

  1. Looks like it is GPS based so no runs on the treadmill right? I was hoping I could just add the runs on to this app as I already use iSmoothRun

  2. I want to join, but I can’t get the App to work 🙁 any suggestions?
    I get to the login screen and sometimes it gives me an error message and sometimes it just stalls there. I’ve tried deleting and re-installing, but no luck

  3. I joined!! Despite breaking out in shingles I logged a few km this week. Over 12km. Not much. But small runs help alleviate stress and make me feel energized. Had to realy cut pace tho with the meds and lack of gas in tank. Still!! Fighting this and feeling strong.

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