Your best running friend (BRF): She got you fired up for those eight (8!!!) hill repeats on your training plan. She met you at the corner at 4:30 a.m., when you had to run 16 miles before the mercury climbed above 90 degrees. She took your kids to the pool so you could take a nap after your 20-miler. In short, she’s your unsung hero.

That’s why, with fall race season staring us in the face, it’s time to give your BRF a gift that shows your gratitude. Your abiding, down-to-the-last-mile love for her.

Figuring she might have been your training partner for a fall marathon, we put together 26 gift suggestions, all from our friends at UncommonGoods, an online gift retailer that believes strongly in giving back to non-profits.

Etched Marathon Pint Glass, $18

Cheers: Raise a glass—one etched with a big-city marathon route on it—for your bestie! Choose from one of 18 races, including NYC, Marine Corps, and Twin Cities marathons. That craft IPA or hard cider will be that much more satisfying when it’s served with a reminder of 26.2 miles.

Wishbeads Intention Bracelet, $58

Goals can be slippery things to keep a handle on, but these ingenious, lovely bracelets let her literally wear hers, written on a tiny slip of (included) paper and hidden within a secret compartment in the bracelet’s clasp. Available in a variety of stones, including agate and lapis lazuli.

Therapy Dough, $15

Whether she’s antsy during taper-time or worried about a work project, this clever grown-up putty let’s her work out her agita. This colorful dough boasts the addition of essential oils so when she squeezes and squishes it, it releases stress and aroma. Choose from calming lavender, energy-boosting peppermint, or mood-improving orange.

The Path Necklace, $58

The name of this necklace alone makes it perfect for a runner, not to mention its beauty and its unique elements. Green tourmaline fosters creativity, and smoky quartz calms. (Quell those taper jitters!) The silver bar represents the path she’s meant to take—hopefully with you by her side.

Mason Jar Indoor Herb Garden, $20

With this mini-garden, growing tasty herbs for satisfying pasta dishes (carb-loading anyone?) or flavorful salads takes less effort than a cooldown: Inside each charming jar is a passive hydroponic system that brings nutrients and moisture to the plant. Like a good training plan, they take all the guesswork out of success!

Hair Tie Bracelet, $45

Runners and ponytails are a natural combo, so chances are good your BRF often has an elastic on her wrist. This sleek, slip-on bracelet gives it a brilliant, beautiful upgrade, with a channel that holds thick or thin hair bands in place, ensuring one is always, wait for it, at hand.

The Future Depends on What You Do Today Ring, $40

Offer her encouragement with a twist: This adjustable sterling silver ring boasts a quote from Gandhi, but it could just as easily be a runner’s mantra. “The Future Depends on What You Do Today.” We can imagine a marathoner rubbing it in the final stretch as a tangible reminder of all the training miles she logged.

Birth Month Mini Dish, $44

This pretty catch-all is perfect for holding her rings when she’s on runs…or perhaps change found while running. Each dish is handcrafted from stained glass to represent the color of traditional birthstones, then adorned with a row of beads and crystals threaded on copper wire. Pretty and practical!

Foam Roller Water Bottle, $35

This bottle multi-tasks, well, like a mother: Not only does the insulated, 25-ounce bottle tote water (with Nuun in it, natch), but it also sports a textured, high-density foam sleeve. This transforms the bottle into a portable massage roller for all her overworked muscles. Oooh, and ahhh!

Long Distance Touch Bracelet Set, Set of 2, $98

If the gal you (virtually) put in miles “with” is miles away, these innovative bracelets can keep you feeling close. An app (and Bluetooth) connects the set, then a tap to your bracelet sends a signal to your BRF’s bracelet, which lights up and vibrates. Think how fun they’d be to wear in a race!

Live Well Earrings, $36

With a name reminiscent of a runner’s credo, these beauties are a combination of a dangling sterling silver bar (a Maori symbol that represents strength and healing) and a square-cut garnet, a stone traditionally believed to balance energy and boost self-confidence. (Garnets #ForTheWin)

Orbit Eye Stones, $20

These Finnish creations are a clever way to tell your BRF she’s your “rock.” (We had to.) Pre-chilled in the fridge or room temp, these stone disks provide relief when applied to tired eyes. A rock-solid at-home spa treatment she can sneak in while her toddler is napping (finally!) or after the fam has hit the hay.

Etched Skyline Wine Glasses, Set of 2, $45

Toast the town—and each other—with these stemless goblets featuring one of nearly 30 cityscapes that wraps around the glass. The panorama can remind her of a girlfriends’ getaway you two took for a race. Cities include San Antonio, Portland, St. Louis, and Richmond.

Inner Strength Affirmation Stones, $15

Give her this trio of polished stones as a reminder of her grit and resolve: The carnelian, red jasper, and tiger’s eye were specifically chosen for their strength-giving properties (e.g. tiger’s eye is thought to help overcome fear and anxiety). They come with a card with a powerful affirmation message.

Overnight Foot Care Kit, $18

This kit includes a deliciously fragrant rosemary-mint cream for your BRF to massage into her feet at bedtime before slipping on the included super-soft socks. When she wakes up at o-dark-thirty to meet you for that 5-miler, she’ll pause briefly to appreciate how soft the skin on her feet feels thanks to you.

Birthstone Wishing Balls, $32

These shimmering balls of hand-blown glass come with 52 tiny slips of paper, allowing the recipient to jot down a weekly message of hope or gratitude. Tucked in a small hole at the ball’s base, the messages become a permanent part of its beauty. Available in twelve vibrant hues that correspond to each month’s birthstone.

Drink More Water Bottle, $20

We all know it’s crucial for us active gals to stay well hydrated, and this glass-and-stainless-steel bottle will help your BRF in her quest to quaff frequently. Like a trusty running partner, this bottle offers motivational messages—in this case, as reminders to sip water throughout the day.

Night Runner Headlights, $60

These shoe-mounted, rechargeable lights will help keep her safe on those pre-dawn runs she so loyally joins you on. They are seriously a bright idea, lighting the road (or trail) ahead plus providing 270 degrees of visibility in front plus two rear-facing tail lights. She can see and be seen!

Thank You for Your Part in My Journey Necklace, $55

The symbolism in this gorgeous necklace—with its lapis lazuli stone; a sterling silver moon phase pendant; and a gold vermeil charm—combines to make a perfect way to express gratitude to someone who helped you along your way, whether to a starting line or through life’s challenges.

Compact Swivel Cheese Board with Knives, $42-$64

If your BRF loves to host parties as much as she likes to run, this is the gift for her. This clever designs starts as a wedge (echoing the shape of cheese!), then fans out to a tiered serving board for cheeses and nibbles. The included serving flatware stows in a small drawer inside the board. (Like we said: clever.)

Plantable Mindfulness Cards, $10

We love the way these cards literally show that wishes, intentions, and goals (like running a marathon!) can take root and bloom: With annual and perennial wildflower seeds embedded in the paper, these hand-crafted cards are meant to be written on, planted, and watered. Watch them flourish!

Bathtime Essentials Wine Holder, $38

This ingenious wineglass holder was surely created by a mother, don’t you think? Accented with hand-picked beach stones, it suctions to the tub’s wall to give Pinot its own place. And to ensure no breaks during her break, it comes with a BPA-free plastic wineglass.

Tea Drop Sampler, $34

After a cold or wet run, these ingenious morsels—made of tea, sugar, and aromatic spices–let her quickly warm up from the inside out. The sampler set includes five tasty drops each of: citrus ginger, blueberry acai, rose earl grey, sweet peppermint, and matcha green tea.

Pedestal Jewelry Holder, $48

Her race medals are most likely displayed with pride, but we bet her jewelry is a jumble. Help her tame the tangle with this hand-formed ceramic jewelry stand. It offers up to 40 holes for earrings and surface space for her favorite bracelets and baubles. (AMR co-founder Sarah is in love with hers!)

Birthstone Mineral Soaps, $20

Turn her post-run shower into an aromatic escape (however brief!): Enriched with soothing vitamin E oil, each soap is inspired by the shade and shape of a gemstone and offers up a different fragrance, such as water lily and jasmine-scented “peridot,” red-roses-and-burgundy “ruby,” and lavender “amethyst.”

Handmade Wooden Foot Massager, $34

We know this to be true: Your BRF’s feet could use some TLC. This handmade wooden foot massager, with its 10 ridged, ribbed, and knobbed rollers, lets her effortlessly roll and relax all her foot muscles, tendons, and ligaments. (Here’s hoping she lets you borrow it occasionally!)