Highlights—and Mileage—of our 2018 Running

Before the ball drops in Times Square tonight, we had to be all trendy and offer up our own Year in Review story.

No jaw-dropping news or best Netflix lists here; instead, highlights and mileage from some of the fabulous women that are integral in keeping this #BAMR machine running.


Writer, Another Mother Runner

According to Strava, as of Dec. 26, I've run 870 miles in 2018. Looking at my training plan and the weather for the rest of the year, I figure I'll add another 20 by the time the ball drops in Times Square. While it's oddly frustrating to not end the year on a nice round number like 900, I'm satisfied with the miles I've run. Some have been tedious, a couple have been terrible, but the vast majority have been exactly what I've needed.


Co-Founder, Another Mother Runner

According to Strava, I've run 280 miles in 2018, which is about 270 more than I thought I would be able to run last year at this time, when I was in the middle of a six-month, can't-be-chronically-injured-anymore hiatus from running. I wasn't sure if I would be able to run pain-free again. Thrilled I can run enough to do fun races like Swim Run in August with my pal Katie—and I've also done plenty of hiking, biking, and strength training. (Speaking of swimming, I logged 148 miles in the pool in 2018.)


Director of Marketing, Another Mother Runner

Something clicked for me in 2018. Maybe its because my body has finally bounced back after 2+ years of cancer treatment, I'm letting go of pace and distance goals and just letting myself run. Or maybe it's because I can count on 45 minutes of peace and quiet when I'm out on the road. Whatever the reason is, I'm grateful for this tribe that inspires and motivates me to get out the door and I'm looking forward to running my FIRST marathon in 2019!


Social Media Manager, Another Mother Runner

I don’t track mileage but my 2018 was the year I got back on track with being consistent with running. Typically I get about 3 -4 miles 3 days/week, and try for a 8-10 miler on the weekend or on Fridays as a way to celebrate heading into the weekend. I’ve also started encouraging my family to join me. We capped off our 2018 year of adventures with a frosty 5 miles on Christmas Eve!


Retreat Director, Another Mother Runner

Running this year was one marked by many grateful, thankful miles. A highlight was running my favorite relay, Cascade Lakes Relay, in Central Oregon for the seventh time. It was extra special because my BAMR friend from New Jersey, Kim, and her husband, Dave flew in to be on my team. Van 2 was more fun than ever!


Assistant, Train Like a Mother Club

I'm thrilled to have run about 840 miles in 2018, most of them in the second half of the year. The first half the year, I focused on surgery recovery, strength work, and pelvic floor PT, all of which have improved my running and set me up for an exciting 2019! Highlights of this year included placing 4th in my age group at a local 5K (including my first ever running trophy!), and battling a nor'easter at the Cape Cod AMR retreat to finish a meaningful post-injury half marathon!


Assistant, Another Mother Runner

The picture is from one of only three races I ran all year, and I'll be ending the year with about 670 miles total, which is 1,000 miles less (!!) than I ran last year.

Being on the injured list for almost 4 months really changed my perspective, and made me realize that I will always define myself as a runner, but running does not define me. This year has taught me a lot about humility, patience, and gratitude. I am thankful for every mile I run these days: the ones that are a total slog, and the ones where I feel like I'm flying, and every day between. Grateful and happy that I get to do this.


Co-Founder, Another Mother Runner

Running in 2018 was working around injury—first Molly’s knee, then my foot. Molly and I convened to do Cyclebar, barre class, and open-water swim, but nothing compares to talking about everything and nothing as we pound out the miles. Thankfully, we are back up to one midday run and one longer weekend run—and I topped 600 miles in 2018.


Manager, Train Like a Mother Club

I am not a meticulous tracker of my runs, but thanks to Strava I can share I covered 1,300 miles in 2018 over 255 runs -- the most runs I've run in a year in the eight years since I became an adult-onset mother runner.

High points: attending BOTH AMR retreats, and running my first destination marathon at one of them (Ogden, and it was GORGEOUS; and Julie shot this selfie at the start). I also ran the Ocean City, NJ Half in September -- the weather was glorious, and I had


Writer, Another Mother Runner

2018 mileage: 1,910

I ran all the major distances—5K, 10K, half-marathon, marathon—though not in that order and more by serendipity than genius planning. Plus, I wrote about all the distances for Another Mother Runner AND The New York Times, so that feels like a neat trick.
Nina, 14, took this picture around mile 24 of November's New York City Marathon.

How many miles did you run in 2018?
What was a highlight of your running year?

11 responses to “Highlights—and Mileage—of our 2018 Running

  1. My final total for 2018 is 1691.5 — almost 250 miles over last year’s total.Highlights include my first marathon, my first relay race and a PR in the half. But even more important than these accomplishments are the many, many new running friends I have made this past year. They are the true medals!!

  2. I didn’t have a running goal–except to stay injury-free and maybe stop feeling like I was going to die. I noticed a few weeks ago I was close to 365. In my usual harsh self-talk way, I felt 365 was sort of lame. I figured I could make it to 400, but that seemed sort of arbitrary and round for the sake of being round.

    So I settled on 365 + my age and I’m calling it good.

  3. 2018 was definitely my year! 1050 miles this year! Not to mention running 6 half marathons, a 20 miler, and the 2018 Boston Marathon!! Oh and all those training runs for the marathon! I’m thinking of taking a little break but after the Hangover Classic on New Year’s Day!

  4. This year was a challenging and family-filled running year! I ran 2 full marathons. May 19, 2018 I ran the Maratha’s Vineyard Marathon with my 13 year old nephew. His mom ran the half. It was on my daughter’s 7th birthday so we had a blast celebrating with family on the Vineyard. On November 19, 2018 I ran my 15th marathon with my 16 year old niece and 21 year old nephew in Philadelphia. It was their 1st marathon and it was a memory maker for sure! I ran 1,591 miles this year. Many of those miles were challenging but, I am thankful for each and every one of them as they helped me to relieve stress, support my nephews and niece in their goals and kept me healthy! Here’s to Many Happy Miles in 2019! So happy to be part of MHM!

  5. I didn’t record my mileage faithfully this year however I had a year of fun discovering trail running and finding courage to try new races. My goal was to do 5k, 10k and half marathon trail races and I did it! I found peace, consistency and healing through those trail miles and I am excited for 2019 running. I joined the Many Happy Miles club and I can’t wait to work on consistency not perfection. I joined as a way to keep running and have community as a lot of my BRF’s are no longer running. My goal is to do all the strength training parts as that is where I fall short. Thanks all you BAMR’d and for the wonderful podcasts that inspire me. Love you all! Amy

  6. I was just looking at my milage, which is about 150 miles less than 2017, and 1.5 miles less than 2016, which *almost* makes me want to go run that 1.5 miles rather than bike as prescribed in my plan today just so I can “beat” my milage from 2 years ago…. nah, I can live with 1241.67 miles for the year! I kept injury at bay, and that is my primary focus since I turn 45 next week! (hooray for new age groups!). Happy New Year everyone!

  7. My running mileage was only 574, as I too nursed an injury for over a couple of months, but I supplemented with 163 miles of swimming and 2, 694 miles of cycling, most of that mountain biking, and 53 hours of strength/yoga training. Completed triathlon number 138! Thankful to be able to get that in at age 65. 2019 here I come!!!

  8. In 2017 I had the best year mileage wise in my running life. 2018 has been the worst. Plagued with PF since Jan 15th most of this year has been in PT trying to get rid of it. I’m at a point now where I can do a 1 min run walk interval (5-10x) three times a week. I am truly grateful for those few minutes. It is much better then being told you can’t run yet. Baby steps… pace and distance are not important this year. Doing my PT pre and post run plus strength training will be key to 2019.

  9. I will run 4 this morning and that will bring my mileage to about 1350 miles for the year. I think that’s close to a record year of mileage for me. I had a good, solid year of consistent running this year. I didn’t run a ton of races, but did a few 5ks, a trail 1/2 marathon and in November I ran 26.2. I’m happy with how my year turned out. I had Many Happy Miles!

  10. I checked my mileage on the 29th and realized I was 9.7 miles shy of 1200 for the year. Got in a 10 miler yesterday to make it a nice round number!

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