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How to Read Train Like a Mother by Maxine

Also from our FB wall: This is one excited mama (Jolene in N.C.) with our latest book

Maxine, a mom training for her 7th half-marathon (who happens to be the chica who won the NordicTrack C900 treadmill from our giveaway last year), posted this on our Facebook wall last week. We've heard from some ladies, like Billie on Twitter, who have already finished Train Like a Mother: How to Get Across Any Finish Line - and Not Lose Your Family, Job, or Sanity; but if you haven't, we think Maxine suggests a good system.

  1. Get some snacks (reading about running burns calories, too, right?).
  2. Open book and immediately go to the part about training for the race you are currently training for. Read every word. Make mental adjustments to the rest of your training schedule.
  3. Read all the other training plans. Mentally add races to your already booked year of running because you want to try all of the plans.
  4. Go to the beginning and begin reading. Skip the gray parts that you don’t feel apply to you.
  5. Run into your husband’s office, interrupt his work, and demand he listen as you read parts out loud. (You are laughing so hard you can hardly get through it. He—a male, non-runner—doesn’t get it.)
  6. Return to couch; get more snacks.
  7. Message your running buddy that you found the training plan you would like to use for this fall’s marathon.
  8. Ignore the laundry, dishes, and the nearing dinner hour; keep reading.
  9. Cry while reading about running injuries.
  10. Get to the end.
  11. Go back and read the gray parts that could possibly be relevant to you because you don’t want the book to be over.
  12. Give in and read the part about pushing strollers even though your youngest is 22 years old. (You may have grandkids at some point.)
  13. Read the dictionary slowly because you don’t want the book to end.
  14. Email SBS and Dimity, asking when their next book is coming out.
  15. Mope.

How 'bout you: What's your game-plan for reading our orange tome?

26 responses to “How to Read Train Like a Mother by Maxine

  1. (oh, and I started writing a review on amazon but got pulled away by…who else? my kids. I will get it done soon.)

  2. How I started reading the book is NOT RECOMMENDED. I started a hot bath with lavender bath salts, got a glass of wine, lay back and read page 1. I then turned off the water. To hear my 8 year old daughter upset because she had thrown up in her bed. My husband took one for the team and cleaned her up, and cleaned up her bed, and tucked her in our bed. I lay back and read four more pages. Then I heard “I threw up again…” so out I went to handle it. Needless to say I didn’t get any more reading done that night. Or running the next morning, for that matter.

    I made up for it on Friday night after a late evening run. Same scenario with the bath and the wine, fortunately no puking children, and made it mostly through the book. So enjoyable…SBS and Dimity, you are great.

  3. Great book girls, downloaded and read the whole thing.. pasted the training plan for the finish it half to my work wall, home wall and in my purse so as not to forget or find some other activity to take the place of a run (and warn others to not interfere with my training plan) I am already about 6 weeks in to training but like that this plan gives the option to skip-or switch days that will work with my schedule. Gotta luv 3 kids in 3 sports. Keep up the good work all you other mothers out there:)

  4. I just got the book yesterday and read it from cover to cover. I ran my first half marathon last year in Eugene, OR. I have only done two 5K’s in my life before that. After doing the half marathon, I thought I was going to keep up with the running. I didn’t. I had been looking for something to motivate me for the past 6 months. Then your new book came (I didn’t have the first book, but i’m planning to purchase it)and it inspired me. It made me feel like it was okay to have “me” time without feeling guilty of having my daughter in daycare. After reading the book yesterday, I made it a “must” for me to run the next day. It was raining and windy (I live in Washington State)- normally the conditions I would stay indoors. But I thought i’d see what it was like to run outside. I totally loved it. I intended to run 3 miles. The loveliness of the wind and rain made me run for 6 miles today. I never smiled so much during a run. Ever. Thank you. I’m sorry for the long love note. This is a rare thing for me to be “commenting” but I just had to let you know=)

  5. I just got my book yesterday. I have a rule to finish the current book I’m reading first before moving on. So I’m drudging through. AHHH It’s killing me. OK gotta go read.

  6. Eeeeeeeeeeeek!! I’m reading it as slooooooowwwwwwwlllllllyyyyy as possible! I’ve even let me kiddo borrow my Kindle to re-read the Hunger Games just so I can prolong the inevitable conclusion of Train Like A Mother. My favorite part, seriously, is D’s reference to the box wine. THANK YOU. hahahahah!!

  7. I’m your newest fan! Not sure how I found you 2 ( most likely on pinterest) but I am sure glad that I did! I’m in the middle of reading run like a mother and religiously following your podcasts and really, I am just completely immersed in your words. You inspire me and make me want to spread the love for running. I cannot wait to read “train” I’ll need it because I’m moving beyond 5K’s which I have been stuck in for 15 years. Thank you for writing such life changing words!

  8. As always you ladies amaze me!! This new book is just what I needed as I push forward to marathon training in the fall. It made my day seeing my picture here too. As I near my graduation day on May 3rd I am overwhelmed with that crazy last 4 weeks of assignments and burnt out. So your book is a nice break from all of that.:)

  9. The UPS man delivered mine last Tuesday. I’ve read it and am already putting the “Own it” 1/2 plan into effect. Today I’ll be running the week #3 Tuesday run. (I made the plan fit into my training for my June 9th 1/2). Oh… and my fun workout for last week? Digging post holes for our chicken coop! 🙂

  10. This is so true: “Run into your husband’s office, interrupt his work, and demand he listen as you read parts out loud. (You are laughing so hard you can hardly get through it. He—a male, non-runner—doesn’t get it.)”

    My coworker and I were at a conference last week. He is a runner, but not a woman and not a parent. I shared with him some definitions (which he totally appreciated) and then as I kept silently reading and chuckling aloud, he said, “Those women are really funny, aren’t they?”

  11. “Give in and read the part about pushing strollers even though your youngest is 22 years old. (You may have grandkids at some point.)” I had to laugh… my youngest just turned 21 and I read the section about pushing strollers!!!
    All laughing aside, I’ve read nearly the whole book and I’ve enjoyed it thoroughly. I began running in January and my first race, a 5K, is coming up at the end of April. Great timing for me. Thanks!

  12. honestly..between work, family and life in general…i’ve been sneaking in chapters while locked in my bathroom…..

  13. Ladies, I got this on Friday and read it cover-to-cover over the weekend! It was my reward for Saturday morning’s long run. Saturday night I was reading the TMI section while brushing my teeth before bed and my husband (also a non-runner) was so annoyed, “would you please close that book and just finish brushing your teeth so I can turn off this light and we can go to sleep!?”.
    It was every bit as awesome as I expected, and I’m scribbling down notes for my marathon training this fall. Love it, love it, love it!
    (ooo.. new site is groovy, too!)

    1. Caryn,
      Thank you for making me (SBS) chuckle over visualizing your hubby griping at you while you brushed your teeth (way to multitask!). Glad TLAM lived up to your expectations.
      (No pressure, but if you could write a short review on Amazon, we’d be super-grateful.)
      xo Thanks.

  14. I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy. The first book came shortly after I started running, and this one is well-timed, as I am thinking of tackling my first half marathon.

  15. I don’t live in “East Bumble” like one of the earlier posters, but I’m still waiting for my copy, too. Pre-ordered it, but it still hasn’t arrived. 🙁
    I can’t wait to read it because (and I don’t say this lightly) the first book changed my life. I went from being a walker to a runner. I loved that the first book could answer questions I had about running in “real people” terms. Whenever I’d ask my husband (a runner) a running question, I’d get technical answers or, even worse, a look of “huh?” accompanied by a “don’t worry about that” or some other non-helpful answer.
    I still don’t run that fast or that far, but every day I truly believe I’m a runner, thanks to your book and blog. I’m starting to “get” what the running hype is all about. Thank you!

    1. Angie, your comment gives me (SBS) chills. (And if you were telling me this in person, I’d probably tear up.) It means the world to us that our words, bound in bright colors, have the power to change lives. You are a real runner, and we’re your boosters. xo

  16. I am reading some every night. It’s my “mom” quiet time, after kids are in bed. My husband, occasionally, says to me, “What is so funny in there?” He will never understand. This is for mom’s only! Great book!

  17. I haven’t ordered it yet, but am getting ansy to… running books are always my post long run bathtub reading 🙂

  18. I’ve read your green tome several times, and absolutely loved it. It really brought something new to the world of books about running. But because I don’t do races, I’m wondering if this book is suitable for me.

    I love the new layout by the way!

  19. Woooooo! Pretty new website! I am breaking up with the USPS because I have STILL not received my books. Serves me right living in East Bumble, but REALLY! My plan is to read the plans during labor and delivery in the coming days, so probably no awesome jump like the springy Jolene…. but I’ll try to get a photo anyway.

  20. I love this! My book arrived last week too and I started it over the weekend. Love Maxine’s helpful list for reading the book:-) Thanks for sharing!

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