Stress and the Mother Runner


"This is not the easiest time of your life," my mom told me a couple months ago when I called to talk to her about...well, I can't even remember what was stressing me out that time. But I was in probably tears and that line stuck in my head: This is not the easiest time of your life. 

Thing is, I thought it was supposed to be. Maybe not the easiest, but at least easier. Our kids are a little older and in school all day; my career is far enough along that I know that one bad day—or month—won't break me; my 13-year-old marriage feels solid and strong. (And, truth be told, pretty boring: "Want to watch a new episode of 'Orange is the New Black' tonight?" "Definitely! Great idea!")

But 7- and 10-year-old kids means soccer and volleyball practices; and two kids means almost constant bickering; and 10-year-old means on the verge of puberty that is turning my sweet Amelia into my conflicted Amelia; and 10-year-old also means dividing decimals, which always seems to end in frustrated tears; and the waffling economy can make any career feel shaky; and we just had get a new roof (cha-ching!); and the laundry never stops and the fridge empties so fast and the dog needs a long walk every single morning; and there are large crumbs and other gross detritus in every single kitchen drawer and cabinet; and can a marriage in which Netflix is a highlight really be considered strong?

No, this not the easiest time of my life.

Truth be told, I thrive on my tank being a quarter full. Write a feature story in a week? I'm on it. Head up a debut magazine for a 5th-grade class? Totally. Figure out dinner on three ingredients? Well, if they happen to be beans, cheese, and tortillas, I'm all about the quesadillas. I like pressure, I like performing under pressure, I like succeeding under pressure.

What I don't like is pressure that never lets up, which is where my life is right now. It's important pressure, too. It's the you're-in-your-prime-years-of-parenting-and-earning-and-don't-screw-up-either stress. And it's less important, but more tangible, mundane stress: Do you remember when back-to-school night is? (Um, not this year apparently.) Do you have enough vegetables in the crisper drawer? (Do rubbery carrots count?) Doesn't your (very friendly) dog need another rabies vaccination? (On it, on it.)

You all know what I do when I feel the virtual stress vice squeezing my innards and cranium: I head out and sweat. A good sweat is like taking a scrub brush to my spirit. As my pores pour, I slowly build myself up. Sweat. You can do this day. Sweat. You've got this day. Sweat. One step at a time, friend, and you can do this day. Sweat. I sweat in the morning; I think of it as prehab for my day.

While stress doesn't just disappear with the miles—I'm pretty sure the world would have more runners if it did—I finish a run, and all the little stresses seems totally conquerable. Hey: I can roast those rubbery carrots and nobody will be the wiser. And the bigger ones are put in perspective: I have a healthy family, a healthy dog, and a new roof! Be grateful, sister!

Oh, I am so endorphin-laced and so grateful, post-sweat. I could coast forever on that delicious feeling that is also—dang it!—fleeting. More often than not, the day yawns on and stress creeps in again, and sometimes it's so omnipotent and menacing, I'm back on the phone with my mom, who reassures me this is not the easiest time of my life.


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237 responses to “Stress and the Mother Runner

  1. Lately, it’s been scheduling that stresses me out. Now that we’re back to school and soccer and Guides and more soccer and school lunches and dentist appointments — it feels hard to also ‘schedule’ in my runs. I’ve tried to take the day-by-day approach: plan for the future but live in the day.

  2. Trying to figure out how to save money for next year’s vacation and for the replacement computer I probably *should* get, while being a one-person household.

  3. In the last three months, I moved my office and my house, and sadly let running fall to the wayside. Major stress! Happy to be settled in our new digs and happy to be registered for the Big Sur Half!

  4. Reading your posts is having a conversation with a best friend understands EXACTLY what I’m going through. You make a difference in this world, sister, the rest will fall into place!

  5. I stress about my son doing well in school, the dogs and cats who are shamefully behind on shots, the propane heater that ALWAYS seems to need a refill, the miles I couldn’t (didn’t) log…life in general apparently.

  6. 4 weeks from my first marathon and foot injury has me stressing big time. Some time off and backing off mileage is stressful at this critical time!

  7. Training for a marathon, raising 3 kids, working 2 jobs, and trying to eat healthy. I just want a huge slab of red velvet cake, but with my slow metabolism I’ll just gain weight. Stressed!

  8. I have to continually remind myself that many of my stresses are the by products of the many blessings in my life. For example, we are blessed to be building a brand new house right now, however the choices and decisions are insane……the brick color, the flooring, the kitchen and all those features of every.single. cabinet. (I was waiting for her to show me the one that prepares the meals…..). The tile, the grout color, the door styles, the lighting, and fixtures, the hardwood finish (Cabernet or Bordeaux……wait my ears perked up “yes please” spontaneously flew out of my mouth, drool may have slipped out….the showroom salesgirl wasn’t amused, the stain colors for the hardwood she said bluntly.) I could go on, appliances is a whole other showroom, with 4 kids in tow….good times. Hylands……..SOS, help!!!!!!! There are many more choices to make and then there is the joy of MOVING.

  9. Planning a wedding, training for my first half a week after the walk down the aisle, planning meals, communicating with my daughter in her first year at university and keeping the lines of communication open with a son who didn’t want to go back to year two, all the while keeping soon to be hubby in the loop and TRYING to find some time for us that isn’t made up of talking about the kids. Did I mention I own my own business too….yeah no matter which way you turn it’s there.

  10. Work… kids… not enough sleep… coordinating runs around dinner and a want/need to see hubs for more than 5 mins. And laundry, oh my gosh the piles of laundry!!!

  11. Too many papers to grade, and it’s only the third week of the semester. Plus, kids are starting to bring home work from school. Just want to lay in bed, reading a book.

  12. I can handle the demanding job, the marriage, the volunteer activities… It’s the moody 13-year old daughter that stresses me out! At least it makes it easy to go work out- not too much guilt about leaving her behind!

  13. My stress management go-to, running, is part of my stress lately as I increase mileage for my first half of the season and my anxiety says ‘what if I can’t do it?’ or ‘what if the cut off time comes and I’m still plodding along?’ Argh, I hate anxiety brain!!

  14. I am right there with Dimity. I am a teacher, and this time of year is very very busy and seems to not be slowing down. And to add to my stress, I VOLUNTEERED to coach Girls on the Run. I am So excited to be a part of GOTR, but its something new and different for me, which lends to more stress in my head. And then, it seems my weekends go by in a flash with all that needs to be done around the house, and running kids to swim lessons and birthday parties. And sadly, my training is stressing me due to a nagging knee injury that I can not seem to pinpoint.

  15. Leaving on Thursday to run Ragnar Napa Valley- will be gone for 5 days! Stressed about husband being able to carry my load while I’m gone- school, lunches, homework, soccer, tumbling, horseback riding, dinner, breakfast, laundry, feed and walk the dog. I’m sure I’m forgetting something but those are just the ones that are on the top of my list. Also, kids have Iowa Basic Skills Test while I’m gone!

  16. I am a middle school teacher, and mother of a Kindergartener. He doesn’t understand why “all the other mamas pick up their kids but you make me go to aftercare.” Simple finding the balance with working, being a mom and wife, and training for three upcoming half-marathons are difficult and stressful enough. Then add on the nearly daily guilt trip he takes me on….no, this isn’t the easiest season of my life.

  17. I opened my own clinic today. Will the patients come? Will they trust me as their physician? In this uncertain time will I be able to run the clinic and still support my family completely? Stressed out!

  18. Getting over a virus that did a number on my body including attacking my joints. When I’m stressed, I run but that’s not an option. Trying to be patient and let my body heal.

  19. A potential job shift and the impact it will have on my family and my volunteer time (Girls on the Run coach and GS leader) with my kids. Yes, this is good stuff, but still has me stressed.

  20. Trying to coordinate my work schedule with my family’s schedule with my training schedule. All the while feeling guilty that I am dropping the ball in one of those areas. Running has become my antidepressant making it easier to feel more energized when I am in one if my three roles 🙂

  21. Took a week off running due to foot pain. Finally went to the doctor to find out I have peronealtendonitis. Now I know I shouldn’t run, but I have 7 weeks till my first marathon. I’m stressed and sad!

  22. The queation should really be “what is not stressing me out now”. Between working 60 hours per week, puchasing a new home, selling our existing house, training for another half marathon, its hard to find time to remember WHAT DO I WANT TO DO!

  23. The impending arrival of my son and trying to figure out how all this is going to work with my currently 18 month old daughter. Trying to figure out what to do with her while I’m in the hospital for the c-section and what if he comes early, then what will we do?! And then, bringing the new guy home and what an adjustment we are in for with our daughter.

    And that’s just one of the many things but the most prominent in life right now.

  24. I’m stressed about this foot pain I’ve had for a month now, and I’m scared to go to the podiatrist because what if he tells me I have to stop running?

  25. Ummm…that would be a toss-up in the world of single-parenting a six year old, the niggling idea that I really don’t like my career all that much, AND OMG WHAT TO PACK FOR LUNCH. Ugh.

  26. New job, baby in school (sniff! Kindergarten!) and a Half in two weeks that I forgot to train for–see previous. Hylands, take me away!

  27. My stress at the moment is getting ready for a vacation for my husband and I. I am getting the house ready/clean for my mother to stay at our place to watch our son while we are gone for a week. Plus I just started a new job today and had our sitter that was going to watch our son back out on watching him, on top of it I got my custom car plates in the mail and they were incorrect (which I fixed twice on spelling). I am going crazy not being able to go for a relaxing run due to a leg injury that I keep re injuring and have been battling for now 3 weeks. so am trying to find other stress outlets. Thanks for letting me vent :o)

  28. Right this moment I’m stressed out by the 6 baskets of laundry circling my chair…that’s temporary and doable. But I know that as soon as I take care of it some other things will take its place. And sleep…oh how I wish I could sleep. I just keep telling myself that not sleeping is my cross-training – just think how fast I’ll e when I’ve had a full night of sleep in the last 30 days!

  29. My husband broke his back, not once, but three times this summer. So, he’s not working, our youngest is in temporary daycare, and I’m left dealing with all the chores at home and shuttling our three kids around in my own.

  30. Hmmmmm….juggling work, extra curricular activities at work, kids, school, kids’ extra curricular activities, house….same old, same old….same as every mother runner on here.

  31. I tore my labrum and hamstring last December 1st. Been battling since. Start getting better, reinjure, and repeat…. Had to downgrade to the half marathon in Cleveland this spring and am praying my leg holds up to run Columbus October 20th. I did get 20 in on Sunday but its like robbing Peter to pay Paul. My leg can only take about 28m/week. So, do I try my 12 on friday and risk the higher weekly mileage and reinjure? Or go for 2 days of 3-4? It’s a crap shoot. Praying I can run Columbus then going for re-evaluation and will think about surgery….. But, I love and n e e d to run so I will do whatever it takes….

  32. I totally relate to this! Full time job, 2 kids, soccer, husband (whose hours do not help me at all), dog who requires a long walk in the morning and afternoon, and marathon training at 4:30 a.m. I am tired and I often feel like I cannot make it through. But, one day at a time and most often one hour at a time….

  33. So hear you on so many levels. What is a “date night” anyway? Haven’t seen one since, oh April maybe?? Our kids are older, but that brings new challenges such as them having the same bedtime as we (as lame early-to-bedders parents) do! So no private couple time no mo’. Work is less dependable and the to do list seems never ending. I got a sour look from my 13 year-old son for not anticipating that he might want toast this morning (I had not defrosted the bread from the freezer for his highness- call family services!)Anyone remember the “Calgon, take me away” commercials?? You are so right that running is the cure for what ails ya. Putting it on my list for in the morning or later tonight if I can squeeze it.

  34. Thoughts of my first born, who started her senior year in August, heading off to college next August and how on earth we’re going to pay for it.

  35. It stresses me out that I can’t do my marathon training in the morning! I am so grumpy throughout the day! Two kids (4 and 2) teaching them and potty training one! Am I spending enough time with hubby so he doesn’t get resentful of my hours of running on Saturday mornings. The list does go on.

  36. What’s stressing me right now? I guess trying to figure out what’s next. Both my kids are in school now and I feel like I’m fumbling around. Part of me thinks it is time to go back to work, the other part of me really enjoys being home when they kids get home. I haven’t figured out how to do both of those things!

  37. this was a perfectly timed post! I’m stressed about work, my career and what it means for my family. at least I was able to figure out my 11 month old’s halloween costume today!

  38. after 23 years working for the same company, I left to take a few months to focus on myself. I will eventually have to go back to work but felt like this was the ‘right’ thing to do right now. However, I often have panic-y, stressful moments when I ask myself, ‘what have you done?’

  39. What isn’t stressing me out these days? I am full time school to obtain my Bachelor of Nursing. Only in the 2nd week of the 2nd year which means 3 years loom before me. I am commuting 1.5 hours each day to the campus which means early, early mornings. My oldest child is Development Hockey (which is a big commitment up in Canada), two girls in gymnastics, and a little boy in preschool. In the meantime I am trying not to feel guilty that my husband is warming leftovers for our 13th anniversary supper while I do homework. BUT yesterday I went for a 20 minute run as fast as you can run and felt great. If only I could jar that feeling and take it every 4-6 hours.

  40. I live in Fort Collins, Colorado and am feeling stressed about the flooding going on all around me. We are safe and sound, but it is nervewracking that so many — so very close to me — are not ok. My half marathon on this upcoming Saturday was cancelled due to the floods. So, I found a back up half marathon to run instead. However, that is also influx as part of the course still has water on it. I would normally go out for a run and pound the pavement a bit, but trying to keep positive and keep with my taper. So, I am stir crazy from days of being stuck indoors due to the rain and floods. But, not having that total physical outlet of getting in a hard run. If I do end up having my race on Saturday, it is going to be EPIC as I have a lot of pent up energy to burn.

  41. A deployed husband which means managing everything on my own. A 5 and almost 3 year old daughters which means sometimes playing nice, but more and more annoying the heck out of each other. I guess in the scheme of things it is not so bad.

  42. I just finished training for my first marathon and got a back injury on the Monday of race week! Stressing about whether or not I could run (I did!) plus celebrating my son’s 6th birthday twice that same week and working on top of it all!

  43. My tight rope of a life I am balancing in. My Hubby’s deployed in the Arctic on the CGC Healy, my kids are in school and soccer, and I am about to start a 18 month PTA(Physical Therapy Assistant) program. Did I mention both kids have soccer games and practices at the same time in different places, or that school will be 18 credit hours the first quarter(full time is 12) and when the Great Hubby returns he will be having extensive knee surgery and wont be able to drive for 6 weeks? But I got a run in today(at a great pace for me), so it’s fine 😉

  44. My running partner and I are taking over the local soccer league for about 700 kids, doing the job of 6 people until more serious volunteers are found! Which means our morning runs have now moved into serious pre-pre dawn hours now that it’s marathon training! I’m not sure if I’m even up writing this :/

  45. A crap ton of stuff seems to be killing me right now, but topping my list is my husband going to Afghanistan soon. It’s our first deployment and after he leaves it’ll be into 2015 before we see him again. I’ve got 2 special needs kids, both in full time school(FINALLY!), a job that pays crap and though sometimes rewarding, hardly the career of my choice, always never enough money/food/clothes. Bills piling up and my car keeps blowing fuses.
    BUT. I love my happy, healthy kids. I love my husband and I’m so very proud of him and his sacrifice as a soldier. My family is AMAZING! My dogs are huge ass lovey beasts who have no idea 60 lbs isn’t lap dog size. And we have a house (after losing our last house to foreclosure in 2012). And I have amazing, heartful, brilliant friends. So, I must say: Life is Good! 🙂

  46. Bedtime!!! It should be relaxing but by the end of the day, after the ordeal
    of dinner and urging the 4 year old to eat rather than sing “Cruise” at the top of his lungs, the idea of baths for 2 and the bedtime routine just seems daunting and never ending!! Then to add, my 11 month old daughter is still
    Inconsistent of sleeping through the night so even if I put her down, it doesn’t necessarily mean she’s down for the night. Wine, yet?? 🙂

  47. Military spouse with two year old twin boys that are very active and do not want to sit in the jogging stroller so I can go for a run!

  48. Working a full-time, unsatisfying job with an hour commute each day and not having enough time with my three young school-age kids – esp one-on-one time; a spouse who has been out of work too long and needs a job; a very tenuous marriage; needing new brakes; never enough time for cooking/laundry/weed pulling (such an embarrassing yard); all three kids’ birthdays coming up; oh – and fitting in a 10 mile (marathon)training run on Wednesday before work in time to get to work for an early meeting. Running is my sanity/head-clearing ALONE time to sort all this stuff out! Bring on the 20-miler this weekend!

  49. We’re trying for Baby #2! “And two kids means almost constant bickering.” Now I’m stressed about THAT! Thanks, Dimity 😉

  50. Story time. That sounds strange, right? I am the story time lady at our library (I hate how that makes me sound like I’m 60 and wearing cat-eye glasses…no offense to any cat-eye glasses-wearing 60-year-olds). This is my first full year of it and I want to be awesome – awesome books, awesome crafts. I just don’t want to get behind.

  51. My allergies are stressing me out. I can’t breathe and am not sleeping at night. It is extremely hard to exercise when I can’t breathe! I have to take lots of breaks. That is stress!

  52. My daughter is a senior in high school. We’ve yet to do much regarding college tours/aps… she has little interest it seems. Which I don’t understand! Yes, I am stressed about the whole process.

  53. I stress over things like the state of the world all the way down to my mortality and my kids’ happiness and mortality. Wowzie wowzie woo woo.

  54. what is stressing me??
    I have a full time and a half job. I will be working 70+ hour work weeks for the next several months with very little (if ever) time off. I HATE my job and my boss. He does things to make those long hours worse than they should be.(I’m salaried)
    My car needs a new transmission. I have nothing I can drive currently so I am commuting on a bike. The kids: I pray are not late or ill because I can’ transport them. I have no way to get them to or fro for band, etc.
    I am behind on everything: $600.00 for band fees for two kids?! I can’t pay it.
    I was told my student loan just went into default. Despite telling them what I was unable to pay and I have been trying to communicate with them.
    I have two teens at home and one in college and I worry constantly that I am missing out on the fun years because I work so much.
    Did I mention I am single and doing it all solo?
    I came home the other day from an interview trip and discovered that I was infested with fruit flies. (it’s a small thing but they are all in my kitchen)
    I am concerned that I will always be fighting the battles alone. (luckily I don’t have much time to worry about this since I am always busy) Fortunately I can ride and run and feel more capable. What a life!

  55. Mainly that when my work (normally 30 hours a week) goes crazy with demands and the 30 grows into 40-45 as it has lately (and that time comes out of kiddo/hubby time). Then I feel like I’m not seeing them enough, which leads to guilt, which leads to me trying to help (the kids) more and be more attentive and PUT THE PHONE DOWN/CLOSE THE LAPTOP, which leads to more work stress… lather, rinse, repeat. Hoping for a work breather, SOON.

  56. 3 year old soccer…and it’s only week 2. I am constantly asking myself after each game (and practice for that matter), what the heck was I thinking? I should know by now that I don’t have the patience for this!

  57. 2 ten year old cars, one of which refused to start this morning to pick up children from kindergarten and the first day of preschool. We needed the cars to last until both kids in school, to swap preschool payment for car payment. No dice. Gotta come up with a car payment now, it seems, or leave my children at the mercy of the neighbors for pick-ups!

  58. Nagging PF pain three short weeks from my first 26.2 is stressing me out. In addition to the never ending parade of scheduled activities I have to (remember!) to get my kids to, and the never ending parade of volunteer gigs that I sign myself up for… yes, I know, I asked for it. I am so so so grateful to be in the position to sign my kids up for all those wonderfully enriching activities, and to have the time to devote to volunteering at my kid’s school. But it doesn’t make it any less stressful… 😉

  59. Ditto to everything Dimity said is stressing her out – and seriously – crumbs and detritus everywhere including the kitchen drawers!
    Thanks for this post, so good to know it’s not just me and that strong women need their mom’s comfort still now and then too. 🙂

  60. Same as everything Dimity described! Work, kids (same issues – tween puberty, school stuff, many ativities to keep track of . .. ), not current money worries but knowing that I have to stay in this ratrace to stay on track financially . . . Dinner, what’s next, dog had lice, staying in shape, staying in touch with girlfriends (thank goodness running can take care of both of those things) . . . ..

  61. ITBS striking a mere 29 days before my first marathon. I’m on T-20 days (but who’s counting?) and don’t know if I’ll be able to run or not.

  62. The CPA exam. I’m studying for my last section that I take October 4th. If I don’t pass I can’t test again until January, which is the start of tax season and I won’t have time to study. Also, I start losing sections I have passed in April, so yeah, I’m just a little stressed.

  63. I think a better question is what isn’t stressing me out these days? I’m in my final semester of graduate school, deal with one-income finances (yikes!), two toddlers who I’m forever feeling guilty over the amount of time I’m missing with them due to school, and a husband I’m fearful I’m neglecting too. Add in the fact that my first half marathon is SIX days away and training has be derailed multiple times by nagging injuries, I’m a veritable basket case. But, running is always there for me to de-stress from a crazy day, start the day out “right”, or to take a much needed “time out.” Running is definitely my “me” time and the only way I cope some days.

  64. What stresses me out? Well, all of the above. Your post described me to a T! In addition to working full time and having two two small kids (under 4), this summer we bought/sold a house (in that order, yikes), moved, I directed my first half marathon, and maybe managed to still “train” a bit for some half marathons. Needless to say I thrive off a little stress. But I always say that this being an adult thing is for the birds. Bills, kids, house, my husband, you name it, it all stresses me out right now. Mainly b/c I feel like I am not doing a good job at any of them and just barely keeping my head above water.

  65. Time, and money are stressing me out! I’m working 3-4 days a week as an OR nurse, my husband works opposite shifts from me, the only night off for him I have grad school to become a Nurse Practitioner (so someday we may have more money), our 7 year old twins are starting to become more active, and we have bills, bills, bills. When do I find some time for me???? SWIM, BIKE, RUN are my time! But its hard to fit it all in without me feeling completely stressed out and now my body is paying the price. Nagging injuries are ending my season this year. UGH.

  66. Money is definitely stressing me out the most at the moment. I know money doesn’t buy happiness, but damnit, it does pay the bills and a little bit more of it would be nice. Add to that the normal, guilty working mom stress (general work related stress compounded with “am I around enough for my boys? Do they spend too much time in day care and after care?” stress) and it’s enough to give anyone a headache.

  67. I think it would be a shorter list of what isn’t stressing me than what is. Currently, I have just changed job areas, so starting a new job and being in a new area are definately at the top. Of course running around after a 6 year old and trying to balance his schedule with mine doesn’t exactly lend to calm either. And I ended up getting injured during my last event so trying to figure out when I can start training again for the next one in January.

  68. Ummm…blended family, total of *6* kids, working as an ICU nurse, married to another ICU nurse, dealing with ex-husband, broke because I tripped on my dog AKA BRF and broke my arm so off work for 8 weeks. 11 year old son going through puberty, 8 year old figure-skater daughter (not a cheap sport BTW), 4 year old son who won’t stop saying bad words in mixed company, and a nearly 2 year old who won’t give up the boob. Oh and it’s 93 degrees here in California so running outside is a no-go…chained to the treadmill to keep my sanity.

  69. Keeping all of the balls up in the air and normal mom guilt….am I yelling at my 10 year old too much? Am I on the computer too much during the day? Am I spending enough time with my husband? Will my five year old ever stop peeing his pants? (hopefully before kindergarten next year!), What about # 2 and #4, am I ignoring them to focus on the other two??, etc, etc, etc.

  70. Working 2 jobs and going through a rough patch in my marriage. Driving 2 kids to various after school activities and games plus household chores. I broke my ankle and haven’t been able to run for 8 weeks which is my go to stress reliever! I need something!

  71. What’s stressing me out? You mean besides the almost 13 year old boy who is adjusting to middle school, acne, B.O, and being taller than me? And besides the almost 11 year old boy who thinks I still need to tie his shoes, cut up his waffles and tell him what 8×9 is? And besides the almost 50 year old husband who goes to the gym every morning when the kids are getting up, and returns after I have yelled for an hour for them to eat, get dressed, brush teeth and get to the bus stop and……who the hell let the dog out?? And besides the 82 year old blind mother-in-law who just tripped over said dog as he bolted for the front door that was left wide open? Besides that? Nothing. The boys are off to school, the husband is at work, the MIL went back to bed, I have returned from my run and am cozied up with my coffee. Stress?? What stress? 🙂

  72. Great timing on this post! I am constantly balancing work travel, a busy almost 7 year old, and training for my first half marathon.

  73. You are so on target! These days: promotions materials are due at work, behind on bill-paying and laundry, as well as work notes, multiple upcoming presentations, and, oh, did I mention a marathon with big goals in 6 days? Yeah, needless to say, I got a cold.

  74. My two year old has a biting problem-I feel like a horrible parent. Some people act like we must not discipline or discourage the behavior. We’ve tried everything! I’m now just praying about it & waiting patiently for him to outgrow this phase.
    Also, my hormones are out-of-whack. Could I, at almost 29, be going through early menopause-or am I just going cray cray?!?!
    Additionally, either my scale is broken, or I’m gaining a pound a day. What’s up with that?
    Last, but not least, we’re going through the “Total Money Makeover”…do I have the discipline, the willpower to follow through?
    Those are my worries for today. 🙂

  75. Dimity this post is causing me to weep. I have been so highly stressed lately….I too have bickering 8 and 9 (almost 10) year old siblings. My 9 year old is clearly changing from my silly whimsy little lovey into a torn and errr….hormonal. The girls have always been BFF’s and now that can’t sit for 2 mintues without some ridiculous exchange. I think that stresses me out a lot in itself. My career is fine, my marriage is fine, although we are not nearly in the place financially that I thought I would be. We have had a rough time with the economy for the last few years and things have not been according to plan. That stresses me a lot too. We are involved in select soccer which is super rewarding and fun for all of us…but extremely busy. Anyhow, thanks for your post, it was immpecable timing.

  76. I have one fabulous son with a birthday on September 22nd (just as we are trying to settle into the school routine) and one incredible daughter with a birthday on June 4th (right as we are rolling through the end of school frenzy). Hard to figure out how when we were a childless couple we couldn’t have scheduled our pregnancies with a little (expletive) forethought! Argh!

  77. Thank you for this post today.

    I have the perfect storm of stress in my life right now: going through a nasty divorce (going on almost 2 years), single mom of 2 kids, work full time, commute, potentially selling my house, trying to find a rental, starting a new relationship AND training for my first marathon.

  78. SO needed this post today- thank you! Trying to find balance in everyday life is a constant stress. Never truly feeling like a good enough mom, an attentive enough wife, a quality friend, a fast enough runner, never making quite enough money, never having a clean enough house or a nutritious enough dinner on the table, etc.

  79. Hoping I can chat, provide encouragement and smile nonstop (oh yeah and carry that darn stick) while pacing for a half marathon on Sunday even though I am carrying an extra 5 lbs right now and not feeling so fabulous about myself.

  80. Just sent my Baby off to College, along with my middle Daughter, now to pay for college…..A husband threatening to retire……an 8 year old Boxer with arthritis who has to go for laser therapy….a tooth that needs a new crown… house….5 cars…..2 jobs…..and keeping up the training for my next run…..

  81. Fantastic post- we can all relate to the never ending to-do list. Like you, I do well under pressure, but I would appreciate if it would lessen from time to time! I’ve started taking extra lazy Sundays (skipping the food prep and whatever else I “should” be doing) and focusing on getting a nap and recharging.

  82. Just like everyone else – LIFE! A 12 year old in volleyball and an 11 year old in cross country. My full time job, along with my newest job of coaching that middle school cross country team my son happens to be a member of, along with my volunteer position as Treasurer/Governance Board member of a brand new charter school. Besides all those things, trying to keep everyone in my house in clean clothes and fed healthy foods. My husband has a full time job and two businesses as well. Did I mention I’ve been training for a half-marathon which is in 2 weeks? And, yes, I do have the big dog, too!

  83. I work for my Mom…stressful, but good. My current stress is balancing my time, my family life and the family business, while my mom is taking the time she needs to move and plan and wedding. But, moving help means taking my husbands time, and wedding planning means taking my time. It’s what we do, we’re family, it’s a great time….it’s just a lot all at once!

  84. Thanks for sharing, Dimity and everyone!! It’s nice to know I’m not the only mother who stresses. Right now my biggest stresser is my 3 year old not being fully potty trained and my daycare giving us grief about it. My 6 month old always seems to have a rash and my dog won’t sleep through the night for some reason. Oh yeah, and my hardwood floors are filthy. But I’m going to be okay, because I had a great bike ride into work with my wonderful husband 🙂

  85. We moved a couple of months ago and we are still trying to get everything settled & organized. There are always house projects to do. My son started middle school this year. We adopted a puppy right before school started. We seem to be going somewhere every night – puppy training class, flag football practice, basketball lessons, cotillion, running club, school functions, etc. My hubby travels A LOT for work. I am so busy here that I haven’t really even had a chance to make any friends. I’m not sleeping well. I feel like I should be dropped into a Calgon commercial!! 😉

    This may not be the easiest season of my life, but it is the season I am living. Aside from the stress, my family and I are very blessed. Thanks for sharing, Dimity! It helps me to keep it all in perspective.

  86. My brand new kindergarten who still isn’t sure about school and pukes a lot
    My 3 year old son who still isn’t sleeping through the night
    My job and our high census
    Soccer starting, gymnastics continuing.
    I’m tired.

  87. My natural state tends to be an anxious one, so stress is always part of my life. Running has always been one of the most important ways I offset that stress and anxiety. Right now, my stress stems from wanting to stay healthy and strong for the next seven weeks to FINALLY run the NYC Marathon. Then it’s supporting my son as he chooses and applies to college, helping my 13-year-old daughter navigate the muddy waters of girls’ adolescence, being a cheerleader to my husband, overwhelmed by his new job, finding new work as a freelance writer because things are REALLY slow, managing my time as school board president, plus finding time to get all the stuff done around the house on the list I have that’s about six months old…oh, factor in healthy meals, two dogs and a cat…you get the picture…

  88. I am currently stressing about how to juggle work (and meeting quota), football practice, after school activities, farm animals, an arthritic great dane, never-ending laundry, and trying to keep the house somewhat presentable for the occasional guest…oh and marathon training. I didn’t realize how much was going on until I just typed it out…eek!

  89. What don’t I stress about? LOL Seriously, 3 kids who fight with me every time I ask them to help me clean up the house. School: me and the kids. And with school comes homework! A house that is always a disaster, IEP meetings, clinical evaluations for my youngest, and confirmation classes. To add to all that, I’m starting the process of applying for grad school (gonna cost close to $400!!!!). So that means standardized entry exams to prepare for and sweat through, a long online application process, and then waiting until next April to find out if I get in anywhere (very competitive field). *sigh* I know I’d feel better if I got back to running, even just a little, every day. I just can’t seem to get my stressed out, sleep deprived, lethargic butt out the door. 🙁

  90. Ditto Dimity but I only have 1 kid (who is in OT and counselling to add to the soccer, swim, art class rotation), no big dog – I guess it is just the feeling every day that I’m missing some deadline or other all the time “was I supposed to sign something by today?” and keeping up with the school schedule, soccer schedule, etc while feeling, most of the time, that I could be doing better at almost everything so am failing myself…

  91. This post helped me realize just how much I have enjoyed getting back to running, and not just for the finish when I can say “I’ve done that.” My husband of 28 years left to live with near his new girlfriend he met on our family’s spring break. I have one kid starting college, one 22 yr old starting back to college and moving back home, and two teenaged daughters in the house. I just started back working full-time (thank God I have a good education and now a good job — told my girls to remember that). Starting to train for the Monumental Marathon in November has given me time alone to think and focus on just getting stronger. I particularly look forward to Saturday morning long runs and my Monday night women’s running club. Kids all say I am less stressed and more fun to be around. But, the nerve tonic might not be a back idea. 🙂

  92. Thank you so much for sharing this today! I totally relate and it’s good to know I am not alone!!! Day to day life is so crazy right now that adding in all the training I am doing for the Savannah Rock and Roll marathon is pushing me to my breaking point! Need to give Hylands a try!!!

  93. GADS Dimity – you speak my language. My kids are same age, I suffer from some of the same ghosts that chase you (from what you have bravely shared). I can read the comments and say to myself “just be thankful Shari – you are so blessed” (and then feel foolish for struggling) or I can allow myself to be in the struggle, acknowledge it and then put one foot in front of the other in order to keep myself out of the dark side. Been reading a lot about cortisol/stress hormone levels and how running can INCREASE them (wha wha?!)and how sometimes a walk can actually be better for us. I’ll never give up my sweating, but trying to stay in the moment and sneak in a walk here and there. Thanks for sharing.

  94. My husband left for a 13 day work trip (To Boulder, Colorado no less…was there a week and then Boulder started to wash away…) the same week that both our kids started their first days at school. And not just any first day of school…..first ever day of pre school, and first day of kindergarten. Oh, and i’m injured and need to start training for my first ever half marathon soon too!

  95. First of all thank you for this post. It is real and something we can all share. I told my mom the other day if my doctors tell me to stop running or put me on bed rest I am going to have to have someone pay for therapy! Now to answer the question:

    I am pregnant with out second (high risk at that), my husband is building his financial planning client base, and our 3 1/2 year old is going through the “terrible twos” that I swear show up at 3. Thankful for all of the above because I am able to carry a child, I have a husband, and I have an amazing son, and I can run:-)

  96. Three boys, two baseball teams and one soccer team, a job that’s got until May 2014 to either be set up fully work from home or more than double the commute mileage (one way – more than an hour and a half), and a threenager bent on testing Insomnia has set in.

  97. A dgt who PMS’ the same time as me, changing jobs because current company is a sinking ship, and new job is more hrly $, but less hrs and not making up the difference. BUT, I have a job!

  98. My IT band is stressing me out right now. With the race schedule I have over the next few months now is not the time to be sitting idly by for two weeks. GRRRR.

  99. Let’s see..:). Stressed about laundry, getting that dog walked, making a healthy dinner for the fam, working full time (is my 7 yo suffering bc of that?), is my oldest who just started his first year of college really ok?, I’ve got to get that bridesmaid dress altered and pressed before my best friend’s wedding, you mean we’re out of lunch meat again??, I just went to the store yesterday!, soccer practice, time to get outside and play with the 7 yo, making lunches for work and school, squeezing those runs in, but having hip pain, cross training, volunteering at church and school. Just thankful to see that someone else’s carrots get a little rubbery! 🙂

  100. Oh my gosh, this post hit HOME! It’s not the stress, it’s that it does not let up. With swim practice or Cub Scouts filling every single after school evening, I feel like I’m constantly hurtling at warp speed to get laundry done, dinner made (and eaten in a rush!) school papers signed, bills paid, lunches packed…all the while responding to constant, “mom, he looked at me funny” complaints. Though running is definitely my sanity-saver, today I took a break even from that just to sit for half an hour with my coffee and breathe. This is NOT the easiest time, but sitting this morning gave me a moment to be thankful for where we are and all we have.

  101. I am working on changing our morning routine, there is way too much yelling and stress on my part. So, I’m trying to promote calm by getting as much done the night before, and getting my butt out of bed a little earlier, and trying to frame everything differently in my mind. If you change the things you focus on, the things you see will change!

  102. I’m a stay at home mom, striving to build a successful health coaching business with NO resources, all while raising a 2 year old, and being 6+ months pregnant! Currently, the stress comes from the fact that 1) I’ve had to stop running due to discomfort with the pregnancy 2) I haven’t slept in weeks thanks to this pent up energy from not exercising. Not a good combo for stress maintenance!

  103. My husband will be leaving for the middle east next spring. He is my rock, a stay at home dad and keeps my working mom, badass mother runner self sane. Frankly I’m not how I am going to stay sane for the next year, but it will involve purchasing a treadmill. This adventure kicks off next month as he heads for one of two or three 6 week long classes out of state before he deploys. Wish us luck!

  104. Let’s see….returning to the US after five years abroad and not feeling like I fit in,a husband who is off traveling the minute we move into a new home,a ten going on 16 year old, two girls who bicker more than possible, a need for some friends in this new small town, finding a passsion or niche in the new place….shall I go on??? I think it’s time for a run

  105. Man what isn’t?! For reals though, I’m stressed about my kids (being a better mom), my husband (being a better wife), getting my body back after baby, making new friends (just moved), a new mortgage.
    Great post btw. I felt like you were a friend opening up to me.

  106. Balancing work, a kid newly introduced to preschool and a new house with a million DIY projects was hard enough…until I sprained my ankle while running on a new route last friday. GAH!!

  107. I can relate to most of the posted comments 🙂 First my teenager that so wants to run in college is coming back from a stress fracture only to then roll her ankle twice badly, insists it doesn’t hurt to run even with it the size of a softball. I stress, which is worse, letting her run or not. Three weeks to see the specialist, then what happens, I roll my ankle the same way. lovely black and blue and I’m trying so hard to NOT stop running. At close to 50 I really don’t want to start over with conditioning. Running is my stress release so NOT running isn’t an option in my opinion.

  108. The biggest stress for me right now is my family’s health! Nothing too serious, but we have been to the doctor far too much in the last couple of months and all the little things, especially the kids ailments, stress me out! Not to mention the overloaded schedule of activities to coordinate, and not being able to run because of sciatica problems and a long list of other small things.

  109. Yep – the every day life things – work, 3 kids with extremely busy schedules, travel soccer, park district soccer, swimming lessons, religious ed, gymnastics, trying to be a daisy leader, when am I going to fit my runs in, not going for runs, what have I forgotten, do we have food in the fridge for two lunches, will the sitter and my oldest get along today… The list goes on and on. By not really stressed here… 🙂

  110. One word: Teenagers. I had NO idea what everyone was talking about for all those years leading up to this. Thought this was everyone else’s issue. WRONG! It is a full time job keeping up with just one of them. The pressures they endure and the parents out there that believe “they are gonna do it anyway” why not just let them. REALLY??? Keep your kids close and your teenagers closer! Running is the best stress reliever. Finished the Philly Rock & Roll half yesterday! No stress today…too tired to notice any! 🙂

  111. First marathon in one month. Two major work trips between now and then. Hoping that taper=travel is an equation that works, but wondering how the kids will feel with me gone so much. Wondering if husband will even recognize me at the end of this? I so hear you on the netflix thing.

  112. Traffic! As the economy improves the traffic worsens. My already 1 hour commute keeps stretching in 10 minute increments. The longer I’m away the less time with and taking care of my family…..and so in.

  113. A sprained ankle 4 weeks ago put the end to my marathon training, but I’m freaking out about doing the Dopey Challenge in early January…112 days away…and I’m just now able to run/walk! Will it be possible to do 4 races in 4 days after a sprained ankle? I don’t know!!!!!! Yikes!!!!!

  114. What isn’t stressing me out lately?! Work, dog puke, mommy duties without sharing my stress with the kiddo, guilt about missing my run yesterday…

  115. What’s stressing me out?….Do you want the entire list or just the top 10! There are so many stressers in my life these days, I landed in my doctor’s office with chest discomfort. I wouldn’t leave until I had an EKG and reassurance the 18 miler run I was embarking on 2 days later wouldn’t land me the medical tent with a heart attack- stresser. I have 2 boys; one a high school freshman; one in middle school. Both are beginning new schools this year – stresser; we had a sudden job loss – major stressor; beginning-of-the-new-school year stuff – stresser; training for a marathon and trying to squeeze in my runs that happen at 5:00 am – stressor….Ok, i think i need to stop the list…I’m stressed…i guess I’ll just have some desserts! Thanks for your daily blogs…look forward to them every day! I know I’m not alone. Peace out….

  116. What am I stressed about?! Should I go for the promotion? Am I working too much? Are my two boys (5 and 3) getting “messed up” because I travel for work so much? Will I be traveling more if I get that promotion? How can I be smart about being the source of income for our family? Why is my mom having so many health issues? How will I take care of my parents? Is my husband really as happy as he seems being a stay-at-home dad? Would I be happier if I got to stay at home? How did these pants get so tight? How am I ever going to make a Wonder Woman costume to wear to our friends’ costume party? And will I have the guts to (gasp!) wear it? How can I lose ten pounds in six weeks? How can I incorporate yoga to relieve stress? Was I too competitive yesterday in that triathlon? My friends seemed so relaxed; were they having more fun? Should I do my first marathon in in March? Will I be able to train that much over the winter? What if I get that promotion?…

    My troubles are so “small” in the grand scheme of things and when I stay in the moment and feel the gratitue for my family’s health, I am centered. Running (and cycling) has been my only prescription, but that Nerve Tonic is sounding pretty good right now!

  117. Perhaps a better question (and a shorter answer!) would what is not stressing me! To get the list going, a job with having to make big decisions that makes me lose friends at work; aging parents whose health is deteriorating and who live abroad; a son in college and I have few ideas on what’s going on in his life; a 10-mile run this weekend that leaves me limping with heel pain (bursitis? achilles? who knows!); never enough time for anything; and the age where a good night’s sleep is a rare event indeed and I get up feeling like I got run over by a truck most mornings. Apart from that, though, life is good – I actually mean that!

  118. My husband is writing his dissertation and I am the only one working, and I have a high stress job. If I keep going I will stress myself out !

  119. Being 16 weeks pregnant after losing one at 10 weeks and approaching what would have been my due date is stressing me out! The constant battle within; am I eating the correct things, exercising enough, not over doing it, etc. can make a pregnant lady go crazy!

  120. My 1/2 marathon in 2 weeks. It’s only my 4th in 18 months. And it’s not like the training is anything new. Nor are my BRF’s. But for whatever reason I am stressing about it. And it’s not the usual stressors of “what do I wear?, what about my stomach?, Oh the weather!”. No, it’s the fact that this will be the second time I do this race. So the added pressure, and stress, is PR’ing it. I need to let it go…

  121. I get stressed when I look around my house. One full time job + 4 kids + 4 dogs = a very messy house. Plus my husband never throws anything away! We keep up with dishes & laundry, but the big jobs like cleaning the mildew from the shower and mopping the kitchen floor never get done. I just tell myself “as long as I don’t end up on one of those TV shows…”

  122. I actually breathed a sigh of relief reading about the crumbs in your kitchen drawer. This is something that drives me nuts and in the right moment can put me over the edge! How do they get in there???

    Right now I am stressing out about my first grader crying because she doesn’t get enough time to eat lunch at school. She has recess beforehand so I know she is not rushing out to play. It breaks my heart to hear she is so hungry in the afternoon.

    Also I’m stressing out about what to do with my kiddos during my marathon on the 28th. I want my husband there to support me but I don’t want to feel guilty he has to keep the kids entertained for four+ hours while trying to see me every so often for 5 seconds. Not to mention get them out the door at 5:30 a.m. Should I get a sitter??

  123. The last several weeks I’m more tired than usual, which makes me stress about the resulting dirty house, shorter runs, lazy eating, ignored chores…..which makes me more tired.

  124. The stabbing pain in my leg that developed during my ten miler yesterday. The ten miler that was the last long run before my marathon on Sunday!

  125. Schedules! My full time work (plus overtime), 2 boys in 2 fall sports each, my training for 2 fall marathons, and a house that so needs to be cleaned. Day by day we figure it out and count our blessings when we are all back home together!

  126. Turning 40 and feeling like everything is downhill from here. And like all moms – homework, sport schedules, dinner, projects, house, laundry, etc., etc., etc.! No time left at the end of the day for me. (At least I can still get a good night’s sleep!)

  127. Your post very much sums up the current stresses in my life! 2 kids (age 2 and 4, so homework isn’t a factor, but tantrums and potty training are where we’re at!), a stressful job, a husband that is just coming off a broken ankle where he could not walk or work for 2 months, the list goes on. But, I always try to keep the big picture in focus…I have 2 awesome & healthy kids, a great husband, a job that provides for my family and a body that allows me to have those great, therapeutic runs! 🙂

  128. Having a sick teenager and trying to decipher the crazy mood swings. What is caused by illness and what is “just being a teenager”? Always torn between wanting to choke him or hug him!

  129. I love your honesty, Dimity. Thank you! Same thing over here is stressing me out …. the day to day tasks to keep my family together, not to mention my full time career. Luckily, my wonderful running buddies, Lisa and Terry, help me get my butt up before the crack of dawn 3 – 4 days a week to de-stress just a bit! Today was one of those days and I’m at least smiling! 🙂

  130. The combination of work and back to school. My new schedule is not as easy to get control over as it has been in years past.

  131. Kid 1- Football 3 nights a week, game on Saturday, basketball tryouts looming. Thank goodness he is self-sufficient in the homework department. Kid 2- Cheer practice, games, fundraising for a trip to perform at Disney, 8th grade homework- again, thank goodness she is self-motivated.
    A husband starting a new job, a recently widowed mother, missing my father everyday.
    Canning, freezing meals, packing lunches, laundry, house cleaning, and making myself look invincible at work. The last part is the hardest, doing it all and trying to do it so well no one notices.

  132. I love that you wrote this. I feel the same way, i.e. this is supposed to be easier with a 10 year old ad 8 year old but it doesn’t feel it….what stresses me out? My job, my marriage, my new fixer up house, getting my children to all of ther activities, getting them to school on time, making sure they have everything they need, making sure we are all where we are supposed to be when we are supposed to be there, helping my dog cope with her newfound separation anxiety, eating well.., the list goes on.

  133. Another move (9th in 11 years), still 1500 miles from family, career change for both of us, 4 kids under 8 and all that comes with that, and minor nagging health problems have been my major stressors of the year. Finding time to fit in running on top of that has been more-than-difficult!

  134. As we are in the midst of our third move in three years, this was a welcome post this morning. After we had a successful but emotional and exhausting house hunting trip this weekend, I just wanted to crawl into a ball on the couch. But I went out for a quick run last night and it was exactly what I needed.

  135. Getting ready for a marathon in about 4 weeks – all while juggling the same demands that everyone else has talked about – work, kids, family, homework, etc. etc.

  136. Juggling more hats than I can wear 🙂

    I try to do all I can for my kiddos, but I am slowly realizing I can’t always do that with three kiddos and a military husband. Between normal everyday Mommy stuff, homework, baseball, boy scouts, girl scouts, and family time I am often left feeling pulled apart! I do fit in running/gym each morning and that helps get the day started great, but by the evening I am left trying to remind each kiddo and myself that I am “one” person. 🙂 But then I go to bed and wake up to a new day and new smiles. 🙂

  137. Trying to balance the demands of a new job, starting a second Masters, finding quality time to spend with a 6 year old and a 3 year old, a husband who’s as tired and stressed as me…and making time for at least three runs a week. There’s never enough of me for everyone, everything.

  138. Three kids under the age of five, training for a marathon, starting a new job, finishing up the old job without losing my mind…

  139. My family. My parents and both sisters have all faced divorce within the past year. It is hard. It keeps me up. It stresses me. So I decided to take on 26.2 in a few months, running is my therapy. 😉

  140. Medical bills!! My 2 year old son is looking at his 4th surgery in about a year – medications, therapies, hospitals, EEGs, MRIs, and CTs. My husband works 1 full time job, 1 part time job, and has an extra side job. I work 3 part time jobs and we are still drowning! Our hospital is 3 hours away and we have a 5 year old in school as well, exhausting.

  141. Were you reading my mind, Dimity? Juggling F/T job, 3 boys and varying schedules, making sure Mom and Dad are taken care of, and just taking care of regular business. It’s a “blessedly normal” kind of stress, but the gotta-get-it-done pressure is sill there.

    Nothing a good run ( and some Ben and Jerry’s) can’t soothe tho…

  142. The usual suspects: work, kids, lack of decent retirement, an extra dog for a relative who got called out of town for work. The worst part – a tweaked knee that is keeping me from getting my sweat therapy!

  143. My injured foot is stressing me out – sesamoiditis that has had me sidelined for four months! Every little thing reduces me to tears at this point because I never really get my sweat on!

  144. Work, managing a 4 and 1 yo by myself for dinner and baths and bed bc hubs works late. Not knowing when he will be home. Not knowing how long he will be able to work bc of a horrible diagnosis he received about 8 months ago. The beautiful old house we bought a year ago needing lots of work which now means money that we have but that we may have to survive on only my income in the next few years. I wanted to work part time to raise my kids but now I know I won’t be able to. Having a running injury that I can’t seem to get past. Usually being such a positive person but drowning in all that is happening right now.

  145. Stress: Meeting the needs of a nursing, teething 6-month-old and a 6-year-old who wants mommy to play Barbies right when it’s time to make dinner. Having a husband who works nights, so dealing with homework, dinner, bedtime and next day prep on my own. Working in a high-stress job and finding time to manage my team, attend a million meetings and pump. Thank goodness for running. Just typing that makes me want to lace up and head out for a 6-miler!!

  146. What isn’t stressing me is the easier question. My running is the only thing that seems easy right now. I just look at my training schedule,lace up my shoes and get it done. There is so much else going on in my life right now that seems complicated. Running makes sense. Being on the nerve tonic!

  147. I am three weeks out from my 1st marathon, have done my 20milers, been consistent with my training and now have what maybe a stress fracture in my metatarsal. And my BRFs have suggested that we all run at a certain pace for the marathon, a pace that I am pretty sure I won’t be able to consistently run. Definitely feeling stressed!

  148. School is stressing me out. I’m almost finished upgrading my education (since my Stay-at-home mom job is almost obsolete now) but the 2 courses I need to finish won’t be offered until Spring 2014. UGH!

  149. Homework. Plain and simple. Homework. Does my 7th grader REALLY need 8 hours of schooling and an additional 3 hours of homework. HELL NO. He is not going to college tomorrow. He is a kid. Let him be a kid. See? See how stressed I am??!! Homework…

  150. Simply…life. But as your post reflects, we’re all going through it and we’ll make it. I’m grateful to have the stress I have. It could be worse stress!

  151. I’m starting a new business venture and the big launch is next Friday the 27th!!!! While I’m super, mega excited about it….. I’m also super stressed at the same time! Ahhhh!!! 🙂

  152. Looking too far into the agenda of the week stresses me. Homeschooling, soccer, gymnastics, balancing check books, cleaning up/putting away the swim toys and beach chairs, house and yard work, and the list goes on… It is easy to get overwhelmed by the little things. However, when I look at the big picture, will it really matter if I mowed the yard sept 16th or sept 20th? No, but some days it seems like the end of the world if I can’t accomplish everything I feel I should.

  153. The fact that my daughter will be starting college next year. The cost is one stress, but the biggest stress is she will be moving to another very far away. I am not ready and everything is happening so fast.

  154. A 2.5 yr old, a 7 week old, a full time job as a matrimonial attorney and a move to a new town in the last few months has me pretty frazzled. (Loved this blog)

  155. Stress. I’m overcommitted, and it’s a love/hate relationship. I love performing under pressure too, but hate the inevitable juggling act that comes with it.

  156. Work! This is my 6th year as an elementary teacher, and I knew at the end of year one that it wasn’t for me. Being trapped in a room all day with the same kids (especially the badly behaved ones) makes me a crazy person. Unfortunately, it’s a pretty good paying gig, so quitting isn’t an option. Calms Forte is one of my best friends during the school year, that’s for sure!

  157. School starting, homework, football practice and games for my son, dance, dance and more dance for my daughter. Christian ed classes and confirmation classes start this week but before that, 4 hours of required parent-only meetings. The yard is a mess, it is hunting season so the boys in my family are gone as much as possible on the weekends to spend time in the woods. My husband has been working 12-hour shifts for the past few weeks and I am always extremely busy with my job as the Finance Director for a small, liberal arts university. My favorite time of the day is the 90 minutes between 4:30AM and 6:00AM when I am awake, all alone, getting in my run, checking my email and preparing for the next 14 hours of my day.

    Oh… and did I mention my loving family brought home a lizard from the pet store the other day???? UGHHH!!!!!

  158. Balancing my 4 yr old’s need for an evening routine while shuttling the 10 & 13 yr olds to rehearsal & practice all while attending back to school nights and eleven million parent meetings. I voluntarily did a huge load of preschool laundry so I can get out of an evening/weekend meeting.

  159. I own a family child care with 6 little ones under the age of 5, and 3 kids of our own aged 15, 12, and 5. Throw in an over- worked hubby and an aging Mom recently admitted to a nursing home….deep breath, yes, I know about stress. I got my run in already though, so I’m ready to take it on!

  160. Getting ready for a rummage sale I’m “supposed” to be doing in two weeks. Although this is the first time my kids are both in school full time, I have become overwhelmed by the mess that has become my house the past seven years and am struggling to clear the clutter. ARGH!!!!

  161. Trying to do my 50 hr a week job while transporting 3 teens to 3 different sports. And all that other stuff they do. I actually had to call a taxi to get my oldest to practice!

  162. We have two teenage boys. I never thought I would consider a weekend a success when they slept in their own beds and no one was arrested (hasn’t happened). Most days I feel like we are stumbling toward adulthood. Having two little ones was not easy but this is a whole ‘nother ballgame.

  163. Working to get an addition done on our house. It’s been incredibly stressful and I have stuff to do everyday for it. We also had the busiest month of our lives with sick kid, sick dog (hospitalized dog), and my first half marathon thrown in there. I have TMJ from clenching from stress and it gives me migraines. I definitely am going to be signing up for the challenge!!

  164. Trust me when I say the stress doesn’t go away. Youngest in college and 19 and still have months like yours – minus the marriage thing. 🙂

    On the Hyland’s front, I finally found some here locally. Yippee!

  165. Trying to sell a house while building a house…. And the thought of living with inlaws for months while house is being built with 4 and 5 year olds

  166. Geh. A lot lately. Yesterday it was making a Minecraft costume for my son (for Halloween; the calendar suggests it’s 6 weeks away, but the urgency with which my 6 yo son needed it done suggested otherwise). I’ll be making another next week when this one breaks, no doubt. I nicknamed myself “the crabby crafter”

  167. This morning, I am not stressed. I am relieved that the bridal shower I hosted on Saturday for my only sister was a huge success. There were 48 guests and I being the only bridesmaid was over the top stressed. A wine and cheese party with dinner. I made @75% of the food and decorations. My Mom was a huge help and thank goodness the shower was at her house bc my kids can undo a kept room in seconds. So today, I’m playing hooky from my paying job to get a good run in and then be a bum the rest of the day until my duo comes home from school. Giddy up!

  168. Mothering 3 girls age 3 and under with a husband who works way too many hours, finances (why must everything be so expensive?),a big dog that needs daily walks but doesn’t always get them, making the decision whether or not to go back to work after maternity leave, a strong willed 3 yr old who can make any wonderful moment a disaster! But that being said I love my busy stressful life and wouldn’t trade it! Being able to go for a long run alone would probably minimize some of my stresses but still only 2 weeks post c-section.

  169. Being a teacher at a very hectic school, my stress is trying to not stay at work until 5:00 & then having to pick up my son and having time and energy to play with him at home. Balancing it all is the biggest stress!

  170. After school activities…three kids, that have to be four different places all at the same time. I cannot be everywhere at once. Thank goodness for carpools!

  171. Other than single mom to 3 kiddos and one with special needs- I am a month out from my marathon and all the emotions that come with it aka cranky, hungry, emotional, hungry….. Gotta love that time of training in the high mileage week. Can someone tell my kids to behave on my long run days because mommy is too sore to keep up.

  172. I stress out thinking about all the things that need to be done! And my kids are grown up and on their own. But I have learned to make time for myself and all the other things can wait! Take life one day at a time!

  173. My running injury that’s got me poolrunning and worried about my race and about getting back to it asap. W/o my daily miles, sanity on everyone/anything else much more difficult. Health concerns, both mine & DH’s. DH’s job stress (see also health as job stress isn’t helping). Grateful for so much (b safe Coloradans!) but undercsome stress.

  174. Like the others, I could go on. But I will just say the biggest: 1-month old (4th girl!!!) in the house. I am stressed and exhausted. Need a good run, but can’t muster the energy yet.

  175. Let’s see, there’s the fact that the one college class I teach as an adjunct was canceled and I have no income no matter how paltry for the first time in 17 years (and the fact that they cut my class load two years ago and I’m beginning to wonder if it’s less coincidence and declining enrollment and more about being pushed out). Oh, and did I mention that our car died the same week I discovered I wouldn’t have an income? Love the new car and thankfully husband’s job is stable, but still.

    There’s wondering whether I should find a part-time job outside academia, which amounts to giving up the career for which I spent all those years in grad school.

    There’s the very intense and curious 3-year-old. I don’t think I need to explain that one.

    There’s wondering if feeling like the walking dead each morning is a sign that (1) I can no longer exist on 4-5 hours of sleep per night after having done it for years now, (2) that I have low iron levels/thyroid issues/other and should go to the doctor, or (3) that aging stinks and I’d just better suck it up.

    There’s all the Colorado floods. It’s kind of hard to wrap one’s mind around the fact that a 500-year flood is occurring in one canyon for the second time in less than 40 years–and that floods of similar magnitude are occurring in multiple Colorado locations at the same time, from the Wyoming border down through Colorado Springs, from Estes Park and Evergreen out far onto the plains. In September. Climate change: it’s real and terrifying.

    And there’s wondering whether skipping the “fun workout” in the TLAM own-it half-mary plan will be a bad thing when I already skipped the coffee workout this week too. It’s 11 pm, I’ve had the kids solo all day and frankly, I’m exhausted. Is 15 minutes of core work fine? (OK, not fun…so maybe it counts double? Maybe I’ll just eat ice cream instead? Do I really care if I PR at this half-mary next month anyhow?)

  176. Stress….mmmm. lemme see…. H E double hockey sticks load of stress. Starts with hubby leaving on an annual elk trip leaving the house in a wreck..and me with four hours of sleep cause I just have to make the guys job with 371 online students…potty training….roof leaking and landlord wanting to put it off… dog eating part of my bike pedal and all of my husbands water bottle bike holder…cause he did not get his run on a day that it rained all day and made a mud pit of the backyard….book reviews due…learning new software while parents email me about little suzies plagiarism…oh I could go on and on. I need this tonic…bad.

  177. I stress out about getting caught up in all of the little, needs-to-be-done stuff and missing out (not being “present”) on the little, essential, memory-building, fleeting, so appreciated moments with each of our four lovelies and my husband each day. Completing the other stuff clears my mind of cluttered to-do lists but spending quality moments with each of my family members is what makes my life complete. Running helps me sort through it all so I CAN be “present” when those daily moments happen. I’m there … and loving every moment of it all.

  178. Handling all the regular craziness of the week along with two back-to-school nights, a cross country meet and a football game ( kids)….how will we eat dinner?

  179. Nursing school, trying to be a good mom to my teens and wife to my adorable husby, and beginning training for my first 10k next year. Ack!

  180. Building a house! I know it’s supposed to be exciting, and it is, but the worrywart in me is having a hard time letting go. Am training for my first race 10K in October) and the running really is good prehab for the day. I could still use some nerve tonic though……

  181. I’m in charge of a weekend-long church youth event starting Friday with over 100 girls and ladies attending. . And my allergies are going crazy and my kids’ allergies are going crazy. And I scheduled my yearly exam (yes, that yearly exam) for this week. Breathe. Pray. Run. Repeat.

  182. My main stressor right now is that I feel like life is stagnant but there are a lot of changes coming. The other big thing is figuring out holiday travel to see three sets of grandparents and maintain our work schedule and sanity.

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