A perfect destination for any run.

O.k., if you haven’t had time to scroll through the comments of who inspires you, take a minute this weekend and do so. I sat down to write this post at 8:15, it’s now 9:52 (and past my bedtime) and I’ve been teary more than once. I’ve actually bookmarked my own blog, so I can grab some perspective and motivation when necessary.

Because it’s late–and because I  still have to prepare for the Zooma weekend in Colorado Springs, where I’ll be reading tomorrow @ 5:30 and expo’ing on Saturday–I’m going to be painfully boring and just list the winners of the sweet (in more ways than one) Luna packages. After reading every response, I’m so glad I could just go to random.org to have an objective source pick the winners, because I wouldn’t have been able to do it on my own.

Up first: Jessica.
Maybe it’s because I just gave birth so it’s still fresh in my mind (read: haunting me!), but Nurse Denise really inspired me to get through the birth. I had a difficult delivery and the doctors, while great, had zero bedside manner. But through it all Nurse Denise was a great cheerleader! In fact, I just started running again and when I want to quit, I can hear Nurse Denise yelling “Push, Jessica, push!” when I want to just walk. In a few months, I’m sure I will say something like my husband or my daughter inspire me, but right now I’m sticking with Denise!

Up second: Megan
Honestly discovering this group of mothers that are getting it done day after day, while taking care of themselves too, THAT is what inspires me to get out there.

And up third: another Megan
My little sister! In our recent 5K –our very first race ever–I was just too petered out. But she stayed right with me, and kept me pepped up to the finish line. She could have gone on and finished with a much better time, but she stayed with me! Love her a million.

Cheers to Denise and all of the nurturing, inspiring souls out there; to the RLAM’ers who are fostering this supportive, amazing community; and to all running buddies who encourage us, hang with us and push us when we need it. Thank you all.

And congrats to Jessica and Megan x 2. Enjoy your bars. And everybody else: enjoy your runs this weekend. Go early to beat the heat, and drink up.