Maggie’s Miles: Here’s to 2018!

AMR’s social media maven Maggie has had quite a year. You can catch up with her adventures here.

I’ve never been one of those New Year’s Eve celebrators who thinks magic will strike at midnight, all will be fresh and new, and the next year is a clean slate. I just never bought into that idea, and since I’ve had kids, I sleep through the ball drop any way. I wake up and it’s just another day.

But I might try and buy into the New Year fresh start idea this year. 2017 threw some massive curve balls at my family. I know I’m not the only one. I’m fine with a roller coaster of life with dips and curves, feelings of excitement or dread at times, followed by exhilaration. But 2017 took the dips and curves a little too far. I was on a few of the rides that got stuck going up the hill and had to be rescued by the teenagers working the amusement park ride. Fear and dread stuck around a little too long to make the excitement dissipate and, as a result, the anxiety stuck around.

Maggie rocking her shades as Irma roiled in the Caribbean.

The one constant in my life in 2017 was running. Every day, no matter what was happening or how bad things seemed, I made time to sweat or get my heart pumping. I ran in Oregon, I ran in Ohio, California, Washington, Indiana, Michigan, the Caribbean. I was a regular Forest Gump in 2017 — I WAS RUNNING. I’m proud of that fact.

The old-me, when I wake up with that familiar sense of dread about what happened or issues I was facing, I would pull the covers over my head or trudge on with the day. The new-me finally knows that not working out or missing my run actually makes me feel worse. I have a lot of friends who talk about needing to get out of a funk. I tell them: go for a walk. Slowly work up to a run. Sign up for a race so that you can have an accomplishment that is all your own!

Speaking of racing, Maggie and her son took on a local fun run.

Running is the one thing I have control over in my life. I can choose where to go, for how long, and in which direction. I can choose how fast or slow I go. I can stop if I want to. And I can push myself further than I ever imagined. I’m not breaking any records but I’m moving.

In 2018, I’m committing to continuing this streak. I don’t run every day, and, yes, life gets in the way and I miss a few workouts here and there. But even if it’s a quick walk after dinner, I’m making the commitment to myself. And I’m buying into a fresh start in 2018.

Many of the miles have been happy. Maybe not all -- but many.

Happy Trails, I’ll see you out there, BAMRs!

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