A few months back, we asked the Tribe to share what their proudest running moment has been — and, if they’ve a mind, to send a picture of what a Mother Runner looks like. The Tribe responded — and is a strong, good-looking crew.
(And if you sent a picture, worry not. We’re getting through them as fast as we can!)

I have two proudest running moments:
1. I tore my plantar fascia in 2015, which left me unable to run for the year. After  having surgery and physical therapy,  I was given the green light to run again in summer 2016, however I was completely terrified to go out. My husband helped me get out the door and on the road again, by becoming my running partner!
2. My second proudest running moment will happen Oct. 8, 2017, when my husband and I cross the finish line at the Chicago Marathon!  It will be my 3rd, and his 1st marathon!

— Denise, 38. Mom to a 10- and an 8-year old. “My favorite body part? While I would not describe it as my favorite, I have come to peaceful terms with my “mom area” ( that little pouch, that never, ever completely goes away). I grew my 3 babies in there, which is pretty badass to me.”

I’ve been running in my adult life since about 2009. I was a runner/high jumper/hurdler in middle school and high school.

My proudest moment has to be rounding Columbus Circle in the last quarter mile of my first marathon, the NYC marathon, in 2014. I had never run that far before and was super proud that I did it. I was so zoned in I didn’t see or hear my husband who was 100 yards from the finish line. He has it on video of himself screaming for me and me just rushing past him!

— Jill, 39. Mom to three: 18, 14, and 11. Her favorite body part is her head because it gives her good pep talks and keeps her zoned in when she needs it. It has even agreed to do things she thought were possible. (See proudest moment ever). It keeps her in tune with the physical aspect and always has encouraging comments for those around her.

I’ve been a runner almost two years. My proudest running moment was crossing the finish line of my first marathon (Calgary, Canada) in May 2016. I’ve done one more since, and have two more on the schedule in 2017.

— Amy, 38. Mom to three. Her favo(u)rite body part is her brain. Her legs are a close second because they have become so strong since she started to run.

So what is your proudest running moment, BAMR? 

Your favorite body part? 

What do you look like after a run?