A few weeks back, we asked the Tribe to share what their proudest running moment has been — and, if they’ve a mind, to send a picture of what a Mother Runner looks like. The Tribe responded — and is a strong, good-looking crew!

This picture was taken after my run today. We live in Florida so off-season is usually July and August. I started running about four years ago purely because it was required as the third leg of a triathlon. After joining the AMR Heart Rate Training program last year, I learned to love running as its own sport. Especially now when it’s cool enough for my little (big) fuzz bucket to come with me. My favorite running moment was completing the 25k Gate2Gate Trail Race last fall. I ran it as a training run for my marathon and just loved being out in the woods, running with my friends, and feeling so good for such a long time.

— Caroline, 48. Mom to an 11-year old girl and a 15-year old boy. Her favorite body part is her brain. With it, she has been able to figure out the best training program for her, to design the best way to work training into her family life, and to appreciate what an awesome gift she has been given.

I recently became a runner in August 2016. I have never enjoyed running and have always struggled with it my entire life. Being prior military, I was no stranger to running but it always felt like more of a chore. Now I run for fun, to feel better, and for weight maintenance. My proudest running moment so far was the day I broke 3 miles. I had never run three miles in my life until November. One day I just started running and all of a sudden realized I made it three miles. I couldn’t believe I had run the whole thing.

— Nikki, 28. Mom to a 3-year old girl and 6- and 8-year old boys. Her favorite body part is her legs because they may be big but they are strong and will carry me as far as she wants to go.

I have been running for 30 years. My proudest running moment has to be jumping into a van full of strangers to run the Ragnar Wasatch Back relay. I learned how to be a good teammate and how to rely on my team for help.

— Camille, 47. Mom to a 9-, 14- and a 16-year old. Her favorite body part is her strong shoulders.

My proudest moment is just getting out to run. It was a terrifying for me. I hadn’t really been into sports for 36 years of my life. When I got back, my husband asked how it went. I made some comment about people probably laughing at the fat lady in running tights. His reply (I love this man so much): “Do you know how many f—-s you give while you are running? None.” That stuck with me. It’s my mantra now when I’m out running or at the gym and feeling self conscious.

— Lena, 38. Mom to a 4.5-year old son. Also in the picture is Mary Pat, 60, who is Lena’s mom. Lena’s favorite body part is her arms. She’s added lifting weights on her cross-training days and likes seeing the muscle that has developed.

I had been running as a sputterer since I was a teenager, but never with much purpose except to stay in shape. I discovered AMR 2 years ago and since have run 3 10Ks and the Wineglass Half Marathon, which was my proudest running moment.  I remember just booking it down Corning’s Market Street to the finish line. I was sure people were amazed by my burst of speed.  When I saw the actual video of it, my finish line sprint was in reality an awkward hobbling — but I cling to how I remembered it.

— Kathy, 56. Mom to two grown kids. On her favorite body part, she says, “it would be my boobs, because they have been my least favorite. Now that I think about it, I am embarrassed about how I beat up on them. I remember being teased for being flat-chested through middle school and high school. There was a rumor going around that peanut butter made you chestier so the football team took up a collection for me at lunch.

“Anyway, my boobs nursed my two kids, my husband of 29 years has never complained, and I never have to worry about bouncing—they were made for a mother runner. Even at 56, there is no sagging because there is nothing to sag. Now that I think about it, they have never given me a cause to worry about after a mammogram, although the technician is challenged to find enough tissue to put between the vice blocks and ends up pulling skin up from my navel.  So, I will declare my boobs to be my favorite body part (but really it’s my booty).”

So what is your proudest running moment, BAMR? 

Your favorite body part? 

What do you look like after a run?