Other Mother Runners in Our Tees

We all "heart" running--and each other.

As much as I love my running buddy Heidi, seeing her image wallpapered across our Another Mother Runner store had gotten to be a little much. Dimity and I decided to recruit a bunch of other mother runners to model our wares. The women to use was a no-brainer: a group of moms in Vancouver, Wash., just across the river from Portland.  As I said in the acknowledgments of Train Like a Mother: How to Get Across Any Finish Line - and Not Lose Your Family, Job, or Sanity, I love the vibrant spirit of these women, including Megan, Ashley, Audrey, and Meredith. (Plus I pulled Amanda up from Portland. I'm crazy about her, too!) Lucky for us, one of them--Eryn Kesler--is a talented portrait photographer.

So two Fridays ago, a group of us assembled in a grassy meadow under low, silvery clouds for a photo shoot, complete with 10 frolicking children.

We felt a bit like the Pied Piper, having this gaggle of children following us around.

As you might expect, this was a no-frills shoot--no changing room, make-up artist, hair stylist, photographer's assistant, or hovering publicist. Just us gals, in a field, laughing it up. The beauty of these mothers shined brightly. Take a look at the results, as well as a few of the photos.

Mom of three Amanda (of the runninghood blog), who qualified last month for the 2013 Boston Marathon.
Megan, a mom of two who used the power of prayer to help her through the Missoula Marathon last month.
Ashley, who has two children, recently got cleared to resume running after back problems had sidelined her for months.
We got mom of three Eryn onto the other side of the camera for this lovely shot.
Love the photo-of-a-photo effect for a (partial) group shot (yes, including me on the end)

Looking at these images makes me smile--and Dimity and I would love to see photos of other mother runners sporting our tees. We created a Pinterest board of photos from this shoot, and we want to add photos of you on it. You racing in a badass mother runner tank, you kicking back in a heart run tee, or you showing who's the boss in a I run things tee.

If you have a link to an image of you sporting one of our shirts, please email us at runmother [at] gmail [dot] com. (Sorry: We can't post jpegs you send us--it has to be a link to a photo of you on the web, given the way Pinterest works. E.g. you on your blog works dandy.) Then we'll post it on our Other Mother Runners in Our Tees Pinterest board. Anyone who sends a link to a photo of herself--or friends--wearing one of our tees gets entered into a drawing to win an another mother runner tee.

We want the Pinterest board to be a virtual party of mother runners. Join us!

9 responses to “Other Mother Runners in Our Tees

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  2. Do you know if I can send a link to a Facebook page? I know my settings say that my photos are only to be seen by friends though . . . what if I post the picture to the Run Like A Mother page? Then could you link to it?

  3. Beautiful girls! Beautiful friends!! great shots, Eryn. Sorry to miss it. Those kids are pretty stinkin cute too. SBS, where are the ‘outtakes’?! ashley’s is too good not to post!! 😉

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