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AMR Gears Up: Best Running Gear for Dogs

Best Running Gear for Dogs: the next edition of Another Mother Runner Gears Up. We have #motherrunners—and their four-legged friends—put key running gear to the test, then deliver the results so you can grab the gear that works best for your running and body. 

By Allison Pattillo

Running with your favorite furry friend can be a wonderful way for both of you to get a workout and also incredibly frustrating at the same time, even ending in scrapes and tears (for me). Besides training, this often comes down to having the best running gear for dogs.

We set out to make the experience as enjoyable as possible for canines and their humans by reviewing the latest and best running gear for dogs. Whether you have issues with pulling, running with two dogs, how to carry water, or visibility, we have solutions. We also have the pictures to prove that these are some happy dogs!

And, while we didn’t review this tank (we discovered it just as this article was being published), sporting this pooch-themed Distance Graphic Tank from Brooks lets you wear your canine love right over your heart, with a gentle reminder to “Be the runner your dog thinks you are.”

Black Rhino Comfort Collar and Black Rhino Hands Free Leash

"The medium collar proved to have the Goldilocks fit for Sadie. It fit just right, and the padding on it seemed really comfortable for her.

The Hands Free Leash is the real star of the show. The leash has both a stationary clip, perfect for using on the road or sidewalks to offer a bit more directional control, and a clip that glides that made our trails runs more fun for Sadie and less stressful for me. The gliding clip allows Sadie to choose the best path for her without pulling me along. When Sadie saw chipmunks or squirrels, and decided to give chase, the bungee section of the leash meant she had a little thrill and I remained standing.

The leash has two handles, which make it easy for me to guide her if needed or get her out of the way of other runners or cyclists. It also comes with a pouch, which is perfect for carrying training treats, a dog waste bag and car keys." - Casii and her dog Sadie, who is part Weimaraner and part German shorthair pointer

Price: $18.95 for collar/$19.95 for leash

Perfect for: Anyone who’s ever complained of being jerked off their feet or having their arms pulled while running with dogs

Grab it here:

Tuff Mutt Adventure Dog Harness and Poop Bag Holder

"No matter what I do, Rooney is a puller, but this harness hit her in a way that didn’t cause her to choke when she wanted to get going. We live in California and it can get hot on our runs, yet the harness seemed breathable and gave her no hotspots or blisters and has padding in all the right places. I also like that it has two different attachment points for the leash (attaching a leash to the point on the back means less leash tangles). The harness was the easiest I’ve ever used, truly it took just a minute to get figured out, for a snug, comfortable, and secure fit.

The poop bag dispenser was something I didn’t know I needed! I attached it to my leash handle, and it keeps bags (plus cash/credit card and a key) handy." - Kat and her Australian Shepherd Rooney

Price: $34.99 for harness/$19.99 for bag holder

Perfect for: Anyone with energetic running and hiking dogs who need durable products, and for those who don’t have pockets in their running clothes

Grab it here:

Lifekey Fetch Pet Tag

"Waylon is a rescue who has had several names, meaning getting him to come when called can be a challenge (oddly enough, he usually comes when we say, “Let’s go!”), and he can get far away in the blink of an eye. While he is microchipped, having the Fetch Pet Tag on his collar gives great peace of mind that he’ll make it back to us safely if he does escape because it’s so easy to use. The scan feature is built-in on most newer iPhones, plus the tag also provides information to download the app if needed.

I’m especially excited for the tracking feature, it’s an expansion of Lifekey’s human technology that allows people to check in before an activity, in the works that will allow me to see where Waylon ventures when he runs off-leash at home. Since Waylon tends to have some anxiety, the fact that the tag is silicone means it doesn’t jangle his nerves or mine, and there’s no pesky subscription service." - Allison and Waylon, an anxious Border Collie/Catahoula Leopard Dog/Great Pyrenees mix who is very fast, follows his nose, and does not come when called

Price: $25

Perfect for: Confidence that you and your pooch will be reunited in case you lose each other

Grab it here:

Running Gear for Dogs

Ruffwear Trail Runner Dog Leash Belt System

"This is a GREAT product for road or trail running with your dog, especially if you like to carry hydration—which we do. I really love the leash attachment system, how it allowed Rollie to switch from side to side without pulling me, and the quick release on the bungee leash if needed. It really changed how Rollins and I moved together, for the good. Once I got the waist belt adjusted (I deducted half a point because it was a bit tricky to adjust when I was wearing it with Rollie attached), it did not bounce, and I forgot I was wearing it.

The belt also had plenty of pockets for stashing gear, poop bags, gels, and a zipped pocket to hold my phone and keys." - Courtney and her pittie mix Rollins, aka Rollie Pollie (“Rollins isn’t built like a runner, but neither am I. And we both ADORE running.)

Price: $69.95

Perfect for: When you want to carry your phone, water for you and Fido, plus run hands free

Grab it here:

Nite Ize Nite Howl LED Safety Necklace

"Charlie is dark chocolate brown and we live in an urban area, so, with darkness coming early in the evenings, this is 100% necessary on nighttime outings. My kids loved how it changed colors and it’s easy to charge with a USB cord. Keep in mind this isn’t designed to replace a collar, it’s meant to wear in addition to a collar in low light situations." - Katie, Ella, Maeve, Annie and their chocolate lab, Charlie

Price: $19.99

Perfect for: Keeping your dog visible in low light and at night

Grab it here:

Running Gear for Dogs

Noxgear Lighthound

"This durable harness, with a secure leash attachment, makes it sure your dog will have 360 degrees of visibility for up to a quarter of a mile. The harness is rechargeable, washable, adjustable, and has six colors of light in flashing mode and eight colors in solid light mode. There’s no doubt your pooch will light up the coldest winter night in this harness. FYI, they make a human version as well!"

Price: $69.95

Perfect for: Being noticed with every stride and major “cool dog” vibes (you may or may not hear a sick dance club beat in your head as you run…..)

Grab it here:

Running Gear for Dogs

Ruffwear Double Track Dog Leash Coupler

"I LOVED the leash coupler! Having to run with two leashes is such a pain and having the dogs together on one leash was much easier. I felt like they were more on task and didn’t wander as much, since they were closer to each other. And, it felt safer for all of us. The bungee effect of the coupler was nice for giving all of us a bit of independence from each other. However, I did take off half a point because in a quick stop situation, it’s more challenging to get a hard stop out of the dogs since they weren’t feeling a hard stop from the leash. That said, I still plan to use this all of the time." - Ashley and her black lab mixes, Zoe and Autumn

Price: $24.95 for leash coupler

Perfect for: Running with two dogs

Grab it here:

Running Gear for Dogs

Vapur EZ Lick Foldable Dog Water Bottle

"Waylon is very specific about his water bottles—if the stream is too fast or makes a scary squirting sound with the last squeeze, he gets spooked. It’s a process. What makes this new offering so cool, is that water is dispensed via roller ball technology (like roll-on deodorant). The licking seemed to calm Waylon, and he got the water he wanted without the “scary” experience of having water squirted in his face. Figuring out how to fill the bottle the first time took a hot second, and it did require a bit of getting used to when carrying it on the run, but seeing how happy it made Waylon, it’s worth it. When I’m wearing a hydration pack, it’s super easy to stash in a pocket, and has a sturdy clip to attach it a pack or your belt when hiking." - Allison and Waylon, an anxious Border Collie/Catahoula Leopard Dog/Great Pyrenees mix

Price: $19.99

Perfect for: Thirsty pups on the go

Grab it here:

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