#113: Questions and Answers

Listening to this podcast all the way through may make you crave this.

On this week's running podcast, Sarah and Dimity dive into a new batch of questions culled from the AMR Facebook page. The mother runners steer Emily away from potato chips and toward Nuun to satisfy her sodium cravings after sweat session, then debate the next step up—salt tablets. They dive into pointers for running while pregnant, then the next step from there: tips on running form while pushing a stroller. Along the way, they also weigh in on the debate regarding when—if ever—to try a marathon. The show wraps with perhaps the tastiest, most-fully baked analogy rationalizing the importance of a pre-race taper.

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3 responses to “#113: Questions and Answers

  1. That was a great podcast SBS & Dimity! I’m so behind & that was pure joy. Thank you for the am laughs while i knocked out my miles on the treadmill before my gang gets up. Oh, how I have missed the podcasts. I love anytime you talk about stroller pushing. Thank you ! Dimity- I’ll have to try your Nuun double mix. I never would of dreamed of doing that. Huge Nuun fan because of you.

    Have a great week ladies!

  2. I think this was the podcast I was listening to when the idea of talking with a more “endowed” (ie. busty) mother runner was mentioned. This idea could be expanded to include talking to mother runners who have other features outside the “typical” runners body – one who is overweight (like overweight or obese as identified by a doctor/medical community, like must buy plus-sized clothes) comes to mind, because that’s the category I fall into & I’d love to hear about how other plus-sized runners handle their running, etc.

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