Running for Two: Almost to the Finish Line

Below are two pictures that are exactly one year apart.

This one is from one year ago. Me, a BAMR, who was not pregnant and just kicked some Twin Cities 10-miler butt! I trained hard and I felt amazing! Even after running the ten miles, I walked another five chasing my brother-in-law around the marathon course. That day I was proud. I was proud of my accomplishment. I was proud of how I physically felt and, to be brutally honest, I was really proud about how loose my Saucony Bullet capris felt!

I was in shape and at the top of my running game. I didn’t have a stellar time but i was on top of the world because I felt so strong during the race. I danced while spectators played music. I stopped and hugged my family as they chased me around the course. Most importantly, I smiled the entire time, even on that giant hill at the end. These are the moments that I relish lately as I lace my Sauconys up.

My body has changed so much from a year ago. At first, I struggled to accept that those comfy capris were starting to cut off circulation and that the numbers on the scale were starting to move upward. Then I received some wise advice from a friend. “Clothes and scales are cruel, you are growing a human, embrace what your body is doing,” and that is just what I did. I turned my struggle into strength and started to embrace the journey.

This photo is me, a week ago, and exactly one year from the initial photo. I am a PBAMR who is still deliberately moving. I can barely see my toes and I am legit waddling, but I am still moving. I can tell you that my toenails desperately need to be painted; however, there is no way I can reach those tootsies to paint them. This belly is growing, just like the little human inside. We have reached the final stretch and, just like with any race, I am digging deep into the reserves to keep moving forward and finish strong.

This last month of pregnancy has given me time to really appreciate my body and what it is doing. I am making a human. I am deliberately moving. I long for the days of loose pants and not being winded from putting my shoes on — but I am impressed with myself. I wasn’t sure I could be more proud of myself, as I was the day I ran that 10-miler, but I am. With Reese, I stopped moving early. Right now, with BOB #2, I am 37 weeks pregnant and still deliberately moving.

2 responses to “Running for Two: Almost to the Finish Line

  1. I never saw an update to Ashley after she had the baby. She popped in my head today and I feared that maybe something tragic may have happened. Facebook sleuthing shows a happy photo of 2 girls and mom. Yay! Did I maybe miss it last year??

  2. I think you look absolutely beautiful in pic# 2!! Most of us know how hard it is to keep moving during pregnancy; I gave up long before 37 weeks with both mine. You’re rockin it mama!

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