Running for Two: Mama Gear

Running has changed. Not just the odd looks I get from passers-by as I wobble - I mean run - but also in the fact that I have had to adapt my gear. During my first pregnancy I was anti-maternity pants. Why was I against them? Who the heck knows? Lesson learned. Maternity pants are the fashion world's gift to expecting mothers.

With BOB2, I was barely showing and I was digging through storage to find those amazing stretch-waisted pants so I could actually be comfortable. While I commend the first time expecting moms who squeeze their way into their pre-pregnancy pants, this mama is living in comfort. This comfort includes my workout gear, too. Workout gear tends to have a little more give than everyday clothing, yes, but my pants….oofta. I shimmied them below my growing belly and it just didn’t work. I am not certain what was pushing on my bladder more: the baby or the pants. I gave in quickly.

Once I caved, I immediately realized that many stores and I did not see eye-to-eye on what is considered “see-through.”  This belly is drawing more than enough attention, I do not need the world seeing my undies, too. I tried sizing up. I tried dark colors. I tried asking mom blogs. No luck. I finally searched Instagram for fitness coaches who were pregnant so that I could stalk their pants. Conclusion, they were wearing Gap Full Panel Black Out capris. I had to try them and I did. I now literally live in these leggings and no one sees my undies. Worth every penny.

The pants I run and live in.

Once I solved the pants issue, I thought, maybe, the bladder issue while running would subside, too. Big nope. BOB2 must really enjoy our runs together and shows his/ her appreciation by kicking my bladder. It felt as if I could pee my pants at any given moment. Plus, we just moved so I am running in literally new territory. New neighbors, new sights, and zero knowledge of port-o-potty locations. I did not want to be the new neighbor who peed her pants on the sidewalk.

I consulted my OBGYN and she ordered up a maternity belt. My first run with the belt felt just like a new pair of running shoes. It was glorious. The belt’s not pretty but it hides under my clothes and does the trick. I am certain I would not be running at 6 months pregnant if I didn’t have it. It gives baby BOB2 just enough lift to keep me comfortable and moving.

My running belt and cute dog, Penny Lane.

The last item of gear I had to adapt was my sports bra. My chest is growing as fast as my belly. For a few weeks, I thought I could get away with stuffing the girls into my normal sports bras but that didn’t last long. Not only was it not comfortable,as a bonus I couldn’t breathe. I stuck with what I knew, an AMR recommendation from when I first started running. I just sized up my go-to favorite, the Saucony Rock-It sports bra.

I am sure adaptations vary person to person, but one thing that I could not recommend enough is to feel good, pregnant or not. With my first pregnancy I cared more about style than comfort. Now with BOB2, I want to feel good. When you feel good, whether that means comfort or cute gear, it makes the rest so much easier.

Reesie Roo rocking a cute workout headband.

4 responses to “Running for Two: Mama Gear

  1. When did you need these items? Not weeks but how you were feeling. I’m early but my bras leave marks and my bladder is not cooperating but I feel great.

  2. Thank you for this! I haven’t ventured into “2nd baby” territory yet, but when I do I have some great recommendations.
    And as always, Reesie Roo is adorable! (Penny Lane, too!)

  3. Great info! I’m way past “running for 2” but am still going to check out Gap leggings since not a fan a showing off my undies:-)

  4. This is your BEST blog yet. Love every word. Hilarious, informative and it feels like I am sitting there with you. And your dog. And your adorable daughter.

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