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What We Did On Our Summer Vacation: the Tribe

Because summer is winding down, we though the would be a good week to reminisce about what we did during the sweaty months. Yesterday, our Train Like a Mother Club coaches and experts wrote their essays. Today, it’s the Tribe’s turn.

We asked over on Facebook what all y’all would remember from the summer of 2017. We didn’t expect so many great responses! Just a few of the 100+ are in this blog post -- and it was hard to choose from so many good stories. We recommended hopping over there to breeze through the rest of them...

Sunrise in Key West

Key West Florida! Ran along Highway 1 as the sun rose over the ocean. It was hot humid and one of the happiest things I have ever done! -- Ariadne Weisenburger

Mr. T and Krista

My son and I spend 3 weeks at my mom's in Gilroy, California, and she still lives in the home I grew up in. This summer's visit coincided with my 30th high school reunion. The morning of the reunion I ran 8.7 miles for the class of 87. I ran along the route that a high school teacher and coach Mr. T used to run almost daily. Everyone knew if you drove along Santa Theresa you'd probably see Mr. T running! Well, there I was heading south and he was coming north. He doesn't run anymore but he still walks the same route! It was such a serendipitous moment and was a perfect way to start my reunion day. -- Krista Hagenbuch Rider

5K FINISHER and family

Ran my first 5K today actually! I've worked very hard to get here. -- Amanda Pommerening

At the start of #6

I ran 166 miles in 6 days and raised $26,000 for MS. My brother and i both have the disease and I knew I just had to do it. I also happened to start on my 40th birthday. -- Deanna Badura Tysdal

At the water’s edge in Nova Scotia

We visit Nova Scotia every summer. It's my favorite place in the world to run! Running on the undeveloped beaches and through the woods is soul rejuvenating. I dream about those runs during the cold winter nights. I'm so grateful to have the opportunity to run in one of the most beautiful places in the world! -- Kaelea Tewksbury

Karen went up and down.

I finished the 87KM Comrades Marathon in South Africa, the world's oldest and largest ultramarathon. I earned my back-to-back medal, signifying finishing both the Down Run and the Up Run in consecutive years. I'm so proud my kids were there to witness me competing in The Ultimate Human Race. -- Karen Shopoff Rooff

Kid-free on Tybee

My husband and I went on our first vacation with no kids since our honeymoon! We went to Tybee Island, Georgia, and also visited Atlanta, Savannah, and Virginia Beach. I was on a run streak, so I ran every morning. Running on Tybee was fantastic! I ran on the beach and through the quaint little town. I love running on vacation because it's such a great way to experience new surroundings. -- Joyce Greenland Stath

On the left was a few days before Amanda went into labor and after a hot summer run. Right is a few months postpartum at the track.

I had my third baby on June 10th! I successfully ran through all 9 months of pregnancy (which was the goal!) Including a half marathon at 23 weeks. First place AG finish in at 5k at 33 weeks (it was a tiny race!) And I ran when I was IN labor (just didn't quite realize it until the contractions didn't stop). Now baby is 11-weeks old and I did my first 5k postpartum in 22:28 and won my AG! Now my little man and I hit the road together. Since he's exclusively breast fed (goal is a year)he's always close. Goals now are to get stronger and faster and get back to my 5k PR and then blow past it! Stroller miles should help that right ?  -- Amanda Partee-Manders

An ordinary day on the track

This was a summer to make memories out of ordinary days and "just keep running" amidst the always expanding balancing act of mothering, working, and living. What happens when it's 6:45 pm, you're out with your family, realize you haven't run yet, and discover there's a track nearby? You get 'er done, in flip flops and a dress! And your oldest daughter joins you, on her birthday, for a barefoot mile. --Elizabeth Devine

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  1. I love reading these stories! You ladies are amazing and you inspire me. And now I want to run in Novia Scotia.

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