The next edition of Another Mother Runner Gears Up is here, and we’re featuring running sunglasses. We have #motherrunners put key running gear to the test, then deliver the results so you can grab the gear that works best for your running and body. 

By Rachel Walker (Please help us welcome our newish Gear Editor for Another Mother Runner!)

Summer’s bright sunny days are great for running, but do your eyes a favor and protect them with a good pair of shades. With so many sunglasses out there to choose from, it is virtually impossible to cover them all. For this test, we went with a range that can best be described as “super sporty to oh-so-cute.” The common denominator? Each pair had to perform.

Note that for these reviews, we only showcase gear that scores 3.0 or higher with our testers.

Nathan Adventure Polarized Running Sunglasses
Tester Rating: 5
Review: These sturdy shades sport a classic design and absolutely do not slip. No matter how
sweaty our tester got, these sunglasses stayed put and did not fog up. The lenses provided
consistent visibility even as she ran from bright areas into partial and then full shade. “I don't
enjoy putting my glasses up and down as I move between grades of light. It may seem like a 
minor thing but over several miles of technical terrain, I truly appreciated how my vision stayed
true as I went in and out of the sun.” At $50, they’re among our less expensive picks, and while
they’re pricier than popular cheaper running sunnies, they’re great quality and a steal, compared
to other brands and models.
Price: $50

Dragon Tracer X LL
Tester Rating: 5
Review: Sporty sunglasses with blue and black plastic frames and rubberized ear and nose
pieces, the Tracer X LL arrived with mirrored lenses but came with additional lenses with
different tints for max adaptability. Our tester wore them with and without a visor and reported
zero issues with the shades fitting under the brim. The lenses wrap around the face, and the
minimal frame fit well—neither too tight nor too loose. “I can’t believe how much I like them!”
said our tester, who usually opts for traditional Wayfarer styles. “These sunglasses won me over
and I was pleasantly surprised how much I liked them after just the first time wearing them.”
Price: $245

Costa Del Mar Panga
Tester Rating: 5

Review: With scratch-resistant, polarized lenses that block all UV rays, the Panga performs as
well as it looks. Sturdy yet attractive, they stayed put on our testers face and never fogged up.
“What can I say? They’re extremely comfortable, look good, and run well,” said our tester.
“They’re my new go-to sunglasses.”
Price: $185

Tifosi Swank XL
Tester Rating: 5
Review: Another budget pick, Tifosi’s classic model comes in an oversized design and
performed great. Lightweight and stylish but with a sporty vibe, they stayed still on the face,
thanks to no-slip integrated rubber nose pieces. “I have been Tifosi-curious for a while, but
didn’t need a new pair of sunglasses,” said our tester. “These lived up to the hype. Their stylish
but sporty vibe are perfect for a #motherrunner who wants shades for daily movement and a
quick transition to life obligations.”
Price: $30

Dynafit Ultra Pro Sunglasses
Tester Rating: 4.5
Review: Decidedly sporty with a touch of sci-fi, these glasses are extremely light (31 grams) and
designed to go fast and long. The half-frame rims provide ample ventilation, and though they’re
light, nothing about the shades felt flimsy. It took our tester a few runs and a bike ride to get used
to the look—she’s not normally drawn to such sporty sunnies—but she loved the performance
from the beginning. “They were a tad big for my face, look-wise, but the fit and comfort were
Price: $220

goodr Dr. 4-R-E Shots
Tester Rating: 5
Review: The shape is practically the dictionary definition of “sunglasses,” making them work for
both sport and lifestyle. Which is to say that our tester used them nonstop. For running. And
driving. And sightseeing in Chicago. They were snug enough to stay put, yet not so tight that
they pinch or cause a headache. The dark gray polarized lenses don’t distort reality (“I’m very
particular about the color of goodr lenses and I loved these.”). And the frames are absolutely
adorable: cherry red with pink to black gradation on the side. “I’m not a fan of fast fashion, but
all the other goodrs I’ve owned have lasted a few years, so these are a good value yet not totally

Price: $25

Smith Pinpoint
Tester Rating: 5
Review: Ideal for running, the Pinpoints didn’t slip, didn’t fog, and the lenses didn’t pop out. An
excellent combo of sporty and stylish, they’re athletic and also a great lifestyle sunglasses. They
come with or without polarization as well as interchangeable nose pads that help keep them in
place. Our tester lives in Denver, which essentially mandates wearing sunglasses year-round,
thanks to the bright blue skies and bright sun. Normally she gravitates toward less expensive
options, but said that these were worth the extra expense for their durability and performance.
“I’m confident that they will last a long time and will look good while protecting my eyes!”
Price: $160

Maho Sundance Aqua
Tester Rating: 5
Review: Some runners may scoff at the idea of wearing aviators on the trail, but our tester loved
these glasses specifically because of their casual, stylish look. With full eye coverage and
polarized blue mirrored lenses, they protected her eyes from the bright Colorado sun. They were
light on her face and looked great. They never budged or fogged, even on a sweaty mountain run
up 2,000 vertical feet. “As much as I loved their consistent performance, I have to say that one of
the best aspects of the Mahos was all of the compliments I got on them. These are a frame that
would look good on literally every face shape out there.”
Price: $195

Oiselle Runglasses
Tester Rating: 4
Review: One of our favorite apparel companies entered the sunglasses field this summer
running with one model and high ambitions. Oiselle’s Runglasses aimed to be lightweight,
ergonomic, polarized, scratch resistant, and not slip even in the sweatiest of conditions. Our
testers said these shades check all of those boxes, but one took issue with the round-lens frame
shape. “I didn’t like the round shape of the lenses; they touched my cheeks too much and made
them more noticeable than other pairs of sunglasses I’ve worn.” She found the lenses in her
tester pair too light, a problem that can be remedied by ordering a darker lens from the nine
options available. (she received a tester pair in the mail and was not able to choose her lens.)
Ultimately, this is a budget pair of sunglasses with a unique and distinguishing style.
Price: $28

Anon Advocate
Tester Rating: 4 Overall—5 (appearance), 3 (athletic performance)
Review: The Advocate is a stylish, modern frame featuring a titanium temple core and polarized
lenses. Crafted in Japan, these shades feature polarized lenses with clear optics that our tester
loved while wearing them for more lifestyle activities—walking, working outside, and touring
New York City. The coverage was excellent, and they felt great on her face and made her feel
good about herself. But once she worked up a sweat, the glasses frustratingly slid down her nose.
“They slipped and slid way too much, and I found myself adjusting them more than I have with
any other sunglasses.”
Price: $230

TGR Almost Ablaze
Tester Rating: 4.5
Review: “So Amazing!!!” reported our tester, who dinged these shades by a half point because
she has a small head and would have preferred slightly smaller frames. Head shape aside, the
Almost Ablazes were a great mix of sporty and stylish and went easily from workouts to work to
errands. The Italian handmade frames have a timeless look while the polarized lenses are modern
and durable. Better yet, all TGR frames strive to minimize their environmental impact. They’re
made in a factory powered 100 percent by renewable energy in the Varese region of Italy, five
kilometers from the factory where they procure lenses. “I like how lightweight they are, the clear
polarized lenses, and the tortoise print,” said our tester. “They didn't fog up when sweating and
that is crucial!”
Price: $150

Smith Boomtown
Tester Rating: 5
Review: These sporty lenses evoke the 80s wraparound lenses with a more flair and a tech
upgrade. They give off an I’m-fast-and-I-know-it vibe, and our tester relegated them to athletics,
not daily lifestyle wear. “Honestly, they made me feel self-conscious at first. Because I do feel
like you must have some swagger to wear them. You gotta own them.” They fit well on her self-
described big/wide head, and she questioned if they might fit a more “petite melon” differently.
Delivering a flawless performance, these shades did not budge. “I had one slight fog experience
with them when I was really sweating hard while climbing. I pulled them about halfway down
my nose, let them clear up, and it didn’t happen again. No biggie.” Comfy from the first get-go,
she wore them for the first time on an epic four-hour mountain climbing road cycling ride. “I
loved the full coverage they provide around the eyes. Definitely helpful on a bike when
descending/providing protection from bugs, rocks, dust, rain, etc.”

Price: $160

Zeal Optics Alma
Tester Rating: 4.5
Review: The polarized Alma is a narrower frame best suited for shorter temples, and has a
sporty look and excellent visibility. They did not slide down our tester’s face but did creep up her
nose, an indication, perhaps, that the frame was slightly small for her face. Even still, she lauded
their performance: no fogging, durable, and reliable. “I have a lot of inexpensive running glasses,
and these are definitely a step above.”
Price: $160

POC Elicit
Tester Rating: 5
Review: Exceptionally lightweight, these glasses were nearly forgettable—in the best possible
way. Decidedly sporty, with a polarized lens and durable plastic earpieces, the Elicits come with
an interchangeable nosepiece to ensure a good fit. The curved lenses offer impeccable coverage
and clear, sharp vision, and the glasses come with an additional clear lens, which would be great
for low-light days or winter activities. Our tester used these glasses on runs and cross-country
mountain bike rides. “These are a complete game changer,” she said. “They fit under my helmet
or visor if I was running, did their job and stayed out of the way. They were so light; it was
almost like they weren’t there. I’m a convert.”
Price: $250

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