Tales From Another Mother Runner Thursday: Susan Schorn

Susan S Final

We're excited to return to our regularly scheduled Tales From Another Mother Runner Thursday and to keep the #TAMRTour  momentum going. (TAMR rhymes with BAMR, btw.)

Today we're profiling Susan Schorn, who was on our podcast in 2013 with some great ideas for and philsophies around self defense. 

Suan is going to join Kristin Armstrong and Sarah tonight, March 26th, in Austin at the Texas Running Company. Don your best boots--or your running shoes! You can still join us! RSVP here for a free, fun night full of prizes, laughs, and mother runner connection.

My running history: I ran a little cross-country in high school but didn't really get into it as an adult until after my son was born. Now it's my primary cross-training sport to complement my martial arts practice.

My self-defense teaching historyI started teaching at Sun Dragon Martial Arts here in Austin around 2000 and have been doing that semi-regularly ever since. I'm currently pursuing certification through the National Women's Martial Arts Federation, one of the only accrediting bodies for Empowerment Self Defense.

My writing history: I wrote for radio while I was in college (mostly science writing, like the astronomy program Star Date) and began writing for McSweeney's in 2007. Bitchslap, my column with McSweeney's led to my memoir, Smile at Strangers: And Other Lessons in the Art of Living Fearlessly, which was published in 2013.

My essay, “The Middle Finger” offers: a very compressed version of my self defense philosophy—one of empowerment, not defensiveness and fear—as it guides me through of my daily runs.

How to survive Austin in the summer: By acclimating early and slowly! I'm not a good morning runner, so I'm pretty much stuck with 7 p.m., 99-degree runs for several months. I drink a lot of water and try to ignore my watch.

Recent memorable run: 9.5 miles around Town Lake (I skipped the MOPAC bridge but started at Barton Springs) during the first real taste of early spring last month. There was a cold snap forecast for the next day so EVERYONE was out. It was great to see people frantically enjoying the warmth.

Recent horrible run: We had a black belt test and extra classes at the dojo last weekend, and the first run after all that kicking was excruciating. My quads were barely speaking to me.

Next up on my running calendar: Hopefully the Cap 10K, if my travel schedule allows it. It's kind of a mob scene but one of the few Austin races I've never run, so I keep trying to fit it in.

Quick, easy ask: If you have purchased and found the time to read Tales From Another Mother Runner, we'd love, love it if you could take a minute a put up an honest review on Amazon, which, for reasons we don't totally understand, is huge in spreading the TAMR word and helping women find the book. Thanks in advance!

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