Tell Me Tuesday: How To Party with Another Mother Runner

A neat half-dozen mother runners.
A neat half-dozen mother runners.

You may have seen the pics on our Facebook page of the 10 house parties—a bunch of our tribe getting together for drinks, nibbles, laughs, motivation, race stories, great giveaways and amazing swag bags—we co-hosted in 2012. The shindigs were so much fun that we're ramping up for round II in 2013, and we'd love for you to join us. We promise, they're a blast even if you come solo...after all, you already have miles of potential conversation with other guests.

The food alone is worth coming for.
The food alone is worth coming for.

The parties are usually on a weeknight, start around 7, and end by 9:30, which means you'll be in bed by 10. Which means it's a late night for me, Dimity. But it's a sacrifice I'm happy to make.

A posse of running mothers: how could you not want to spend a couple hours with them?
A posse of running mothers: How could you not want to spend a couple hours with them?

Here are the tentative places we'll be; we're doing our best to hit new places of the country. If you live in a nearby area or will be in a city on the designated date, please request an invite through this link.

The only repeats are PDX, Chi-berg, and D.C.
The only repeats are PDX, Chi-berg, and D.C.
So many smiles; reminds me of a finish line.
So many smiles; reminds me of a finish line.

Finally, we typically have a mother runner co-host a party with us; if that's something that's appealing to you, email us at runmother at gmail dot com, and we'll let you know the details. And if that is a statement you laugh at (hosting a party is appealing? I'd rather run a marathon), no worries. We still want to see your mother runner smiling face—and those of your friends. (Feel free to forward this to them!)

Again, here is the form to request an invitation. (Don't be shy!)



47 responses to “Tell Me Tuesday: How To Party with Another Mother Runner

  1. I am in South Jersey and would love to host a party here. I am going to be coming to your Phila, PA party in October and am so excited!!!!!!

  2. Ya’ll need to come to Austin, Texas. We have a very active running community with lots of mother runners! I’d be happy to co-host too. My husband is a marathon coach with a local marathon running club, listed above, and he specializes in first-time marathoners,the majority of whom are gals. I’m sure we could put together a great party with you.

  3. If you ever decide to make a foray into Canada, I would be happy to host in Ottawa. It’s a huge running city with a whole lot of running mothers! Come for Race Weekend next year:

  4. Just registered for your Sacramento event! So excited. I lined up back up childcare just in case my hubby is traveling!

  5. I think I can make it to the Philly one! I have a conference that weekend, so I think I could tack on an extra day.

  6. Would love if you took up the offer and did one in Brooklyn…otherwise I may have to see if I can get out to Montclair.

  7. If you request an invitation do you automatically get invited or do you have to be chosen or win a spot? I’m hoping to join you in CT!

  8. You gotta hit up the southwest…Albuquerque is an awesome running city! I’d love to host a party.

  9. You should come to Davis, CA – it is very close to Sacramento and has a big running community. Lots of great Mother Runners! The local Fleet Feet store is owned by a husband and wife and has been voted by Competitor Magazine as a top running store multiple years.

  10. A fellow mother runner, Caryn, recommended we reach out to you! We are mother runners in the DC burbs, and coach well over 100 mother runners in our area. We would love to provide the venue for your party in Rockville. We have a big clubhouse space in a neighborhood full of mother runners off the Shady Grove Metro Station. Please feel free to contact us and check out our website/facebook page ( Sincerely, Julie Sapper and Lisa Reichmann, Run Farther and Faster Co-Founders

  11. I was so excited (and shocked) to see that you’re planning on visiting my area (Albany NY)! And then I got even more excited to see that it’s the day after my birthday! But then I realized that I’m having oral surgery that morning…..I wonder if I can reschedule…. 😉

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