Three Strikes–Then I’m Finally In

Total non sequiter, but I miss the Family Fued. Loved those show-downs.

Brief post tonight because I'm wiped. I had two of my best friends, Kathy and Dan, in town this weekend from NYC. They were both my roommates at separate times, and I have running histories with both of them (Dan and I used to run in Riverside Park, until he became too fast: He just blitzed a 1:30 half-marathon on very little training; while Kathy and IĀ  ran the 1997 NYC Marathon together.)

Wait: I said this was going to be brief.

So Dan and Kathy both still live in Manhattan, and have a much more nocturnal lifestyle--not to mention much higher tolerance--than I do. We had two memorable dinners with plenty of great stories (both of the rehashed and catch-up kind) and drinks. But two post-midnight bedtimes for this sedate, schedule-loving 'rado girl was too much.

Needless to say, I got thrown off my schedule.

1. Strike one: I was supposed to do short, easy runs on Saturday and Sunday morning. Neither happened. Food was too rich, nights were too late. I could've run with Dan, but he's a bit of a masochist and went out at 5 p.m. on Saturday, when it was about 95 degrees. I can't hang with him in perfect running temps, let alone scorching ones.

2. Strike two: After taking Kathy to the airport on Sunday afternoon, I thought I might squeak in one workout at the gym. I got to the parking lot, and decided I just needed to close my eyes for few minutes, then I'd have the energy to go in. So I kept the A/C blasting (sorry, environment!) and tipped my seat back and closed my eyes. I dozed for 20 minutes, got myself together, stepped outside the car, and stepped right back in. All I wanted was more sleep, so I headed home and, despite knowing that a nap at 5:00 isn't the best idea, climbed under the sheets.

3. Strike three: I thought, after an almost full night's sleep (the late nap did come back and bite me), I would be raring to go this morning. Not so much. Despite laying out my clothes and promising myself I'd get up, I didn't. Instead, I listened to NPR and fell in and out of sleep from about 5:30-7:00.

I was in one of those cranky, only-sweat-will-snap-this moods this morning as I microwaved pancakes, and I was mentally running through my options. The best one? Run right after I drop the kids off at camp at 9 a.m.

I did. It wasn't pretty. I struggled. I was still sweating out wheat beers, I'm pretty sure, and goat cheese souffle and carrot gnocchi and cinnamon gelato and curried chicken, among other things, were weighing down my legs.

But 50 minutes later, my tank top was soaked and my head was no longer throbbing. Most importantly, I was grateful, in the way that only running can make me, for lifelong friends who travel across the country for the weekend. And for reminding me that laughing, connecting, and feeling loved are much more important, in the long run, than getting in my daily run.


12 responses to “Three Strikes–Then I’m Finally In

  1. Thank goodness I wasn’t the only one this weekend who took a car nap due to the previous night’s festivities, then ended up sleeping through my next morning run because I ate too much bbq and had too much fun with friends that night post-nap!

  2. OMG! Seriously, this was encouraging to me right now because I have also had a hard time being in the mode. I have only done 9 miles this week and am heading out on a trip tomorrow-5 hour plane ride with one year old twins-and I know realistically I will not run till Saturday. Some weeks are just nuts. šŸ™‚ Glad to know that even the most hardcore runners struggle too-makes me feel like less of a sissy la la!

  3. Great post! I love a hooky day from the regular schedule–from work or responsibilities or a run, whatever. Sometimes you just gotta do it (or not do it). And your food from the weekend sounds fabulous!

  4. Yes, friends are worth it! Then you got back on the horse and helped yourself realize you are worth it!
    I’ve had many weekends just like that, though substitute the wheat beer for Guinness for me šŸ˜‰

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