What We Love, Love, Love about Running

Depending on your current relationship status—or the status of who last emptied the dishwasher even though it was somebody else's turn—Valentine's Day can be a tricky holiday.

But there's one steady partner in our lives that never fails us: running. We asked you recently on Facebook what you loved about running. As usual, you didn't disappoint. And we loved combing through all the thoughtful responses and pulling out the following, which represent some common themes and a variety of sentiments. Enjoy!

A few years ago I would have said the thrill of competing, of chasing PRs, and always searching for a new goal. Now it's definitely the friends I've gained (including many from this tribe!); they've brought so much to my life. —Michelle #1

I love that for the first time in my life, I started doing something and didn’t quit even though I’m not quantitatively very “good” at it. I didn’t quit when I got injured; I didn’t quit when it got hard. I love that running taught me that I can enjoy something without being “the best” at it. —Michelle #2

love of running

It makes me feel INVINCIBLE!—Britt

It’s the runners high after a race. It’s like I’m super special! —Liz

It helps with my anxiety. And I can eat a whole thing of Häagen-Dazs, and not see the effects, which also helps with my anxiety. —Joan

So much to love... the peace, the camaraderie, the satisfaction. —Meaghan

love about running

Clarity of mind.—Betsy

My awesome running group full of such fun people! —Jane

I love that, no matter how crappy I’m feeling or how much I struggle to get out that door, once I’m finally out of the house and feel my body propelling through space through the sheer power of my muscles, the world looks beautiful and I feel like I’m flying. —Sandra

It makes me realize just how SUPER STRONG I really am. —Kara

love about running

Running doesn't discriminate based on economic, cultural, or sexist grounds. It is open and available to all. It crosses and breaks down barriers, and success or performance is not based on external circumstances. —Jannice

Watching the sun come up and feeling connected to nature.—Michelle

The fresh air on my face, and seeing the world in a way I can't any other way. —Maureen

The conversations I have in my runs. —Alicia

love about running

An additional identity = Mother + Runner. (Badass was always there.) —Sadie

It’s the only time of the day I get to choose the music!—Heather

There is no better feeling than knowing as I run down my driveway after a long Saturday run most people are just getting out of bed. —Anne Marie


love about running

What I love about running is that it gives me peace. People may go to church; I go for a run. It is my time with God; I tell him my problem and give thanks for what I have. —Tricia

Having a dream, setting a goal, making a plan, executing that plan into action, achieving the goal, then celebrating! And all along the way, inspiring others. —Tina

It makes me happy. —Susan (BOOM! —Ginny)

love about running

I like that the roads and trails are always open for me, no matter what I wear, how I feel, and how fast or slow I want to go.—Donna

love about running

Okay, what did we miss?
What do you love about running?

4 responses to “What We Love, Love, Love about Running

  1. Running is so freeing in many ways. My spirit can soar and I am always grateful. It has been a constant in my life since ’77.

  2. Running has been the constant in my life since 1977. I love the women who have been my running partners through thick and thin. I love the the runs I have had and those I will have.

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