Christy debating how to support the “sisters” on her midday run (wearing the headband she mentions, below).

The last time you tuned in to What Would Another Mother Runner Do (WWAMRD), we contemplated what we’d do if we were first-time marathoner Kelin, who dislocated her hip–and popped it back in herself–when she slipped on banana peels in the Chicago Marathon. Today we’re here with mother of two Christy, who had a less daunting problem but it got us thinking all the same.

Christy is a dedicated runner, who just ran her second marathon last month. Yesterday, while getting changed for her 45-minute lunch break run, this business systems analyst realized she’d neglected to pack a sports bra with the rest of her workout wear. She tells us, “#$%&!” ran through her mind. This 34B-chested gal considered three options:

1. run later after the kids went to bed. She’s done this before and been okay, but it’s getting, um, nippy in the Boston area, where she resides (and runs);

2. go to her car and get the sweaty sports bra she’d forgotten to take out of a wet bag in there. “But this would require toughing it out with yesterday’s stank as well as abbreviating my already seemingly short run,” she said. Or;

3. run in her everyday bra.

What would you do?

Sarah answers: Given that once I sweat in something, it reeks forever, I would not have wanted to stink up my regular brassiere. I would have finished getting dressed–minus a bra. Then I would have dashed to my car (wrapping my arms around my torso to hide my headlights and minimize whatever bounce my 36As have) and put on my used sports bra as I crouched in the backseat. To make the most of my now-condensed workout, I’d have sprinted off to do intervals or a tempo run.

Dimity answers: Tighten up the straps on my regular bra, notch it one tighter than usual, and head out. And then keep my cardigan or jacket on for the rest of the day, lest the sweat leaks through my shirt. (And yes, I may have done this once or three times in the past: lace is not the wicking material I’d hoped it would be.)

What Christy did: Despite thinking Option 2 might have been more comfortable, she chose Option 3–wearing the Hanes underwire bra she’d worn to work–so that she could go just a little farther, rather than taking up time trotting to her car.

Christy’s sweat-stained, underwire boulder holder

What happened: Given she didn’t run too many miles (remember, she’s coming off marathon training, so it’s all relative) and her “girlies are on the smaller side” (her words, not ours since we’re in the same small-breasted boat!), the bouncing didn’t bother her too much. Plus, she admits she was too busy noticing her “curvy shadow” that she doesn’t normally see when her chesticles are plastered to her torso. “And,” as she told us, “it beat the one time I used my headband as a bra instead. True story.”

What would you, another mother runner, do?

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