Wineglass and Twin Cities Marathons: Course Reports, Merch, and More!

This coming weekend will be Mother Runner-a-palooza! AMR will have a presence at TWO great fall races: The Twin Cities Marathon Weekend and the Wineglass Marathon Weekend. Because we love to go the extra mile (pun totally intended), we have some special stuff for each race for the Tribe.

Twin Cities Bubble Crossing!

First up: Twin Cities!

Coach MK Fleming has a course report for you, which includes a few thoughts about the hill at mile 20.5.

Plus our own SBS weighs in on why this race is so special for her.

"If all goes according to plan,” she says, "Twin Cities will be my 14th marathon -- yet only the second one I will have run more than once. (Boston is the other repeat-marathon. #Humblebrag) I'm running it again because it is an absolutely gorgeous course! It winds around numerous lakes that sparkle in the sunshine and it's lined with trees showing off their fall colors. In my memory, it's like running through a kaleidoscope of red, orange, yellow, and blue (lakes + sky)."

If her gushing praise weren’t enough to sell you on TCM, maybe our special tee and sweatshirt will...

Long sleeves for chilly fall runs.


Who doesn’t love a hoodie?
SBS, Dimity, and crew will be womaning a big ol’ booth at the Expo. Drop in to say Hi!
Ready to run at the Wineglass start!
Last but not least: Wineglass, a little gem of a race in Corning, New York.

Of course, coach MK Fleming has a course report for you, which includes a few words about how it is the boy your mom wants you to date.

Plus our own Adrienne Martini weighs in on why this race is her favorite way to spend a fall morning.

“There’s just something about this part of New York State in the fall,” she says. “The leaves are starting to take on some color. The mornings are crisp but not yet cold. And the course, even though it has a few dull spots along an interstate, meanders through small towns and over bridges. Once you get into Corning proper, the spectators are full of energy and joy. (And, most likely, wine.)"

Do we have tee and sweatshirts for this race? What do you think? 

There might also be a hat, too, but we’re going to leave you in suspense for now. Come to the Expo, which is in the gorgeous Corning Museum of Glass, to see what Adrienne and Crew will have on offer.

7 responses to “Wineglass and Twin Cities Marathons: Course Reports, Merch, and More!

  1. My sister and I are thinking about doing Twin Cities in 2018 – which city do you usually stay in? Start Line or Finish line?
    Thanks for the help!

  2. Thank you Coach MK for your Wineglass report. This will be my first marathon – I am excited and scared and nauseous all at once! Looking forward to meeting Adrienne & crew at the Expo… and buying a shirt 🙂

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