Zooming to ZOOMA: Two BAMRs Train like Mothers

Two BAMRs (and business partners) are in training for ZOOMA Cape Cod using Train Like a Mother plans. We thought the Tribe would enjoy a glimpse into their journey. For this first blog post, Bridget and Heidi interviewed each other about their training plans and race experience.

Bridget is in the orange shirt; Heidi is in green. Both are fabulous.

Bridget Sprague, 41; mother of three, entrepreneur and soon-to-be-Director of Marketing for Revision Energy. Future 10K finisher. 

Why did you decide to do this? Did I?

Are you a runner? No. I have been saying my whole life that swimmers aren’t runners and runners aren’t swimmers, and I was a competitive swimmer growing up. I have never liked running. My husband is an ultra-runner, so part of me feels like it’s his sport.

So why are you doing this again?  The truth is I’m really unhappy with where I am physically. I’ve let my health slip over the past 10 years (my oldest is 10) by focusing so much on my family. It’s nice to have a goal where someone or something is pushing me. When it comes to exercise, I often start things and don’t finish. I've been really struggling lately and one big goal for the year to be healthier and a role model for myself and my kids. I’ve been on one big roller coaster, and every time I say I’m going to do something, something else gets in the way. I just want something to work and I want this to be it.

You’ve got a job (or two), three kids, and a husband training for an Iron Man. How in the world are you going to train for this? Oh, is there training? It’s not just magically going to happen?

But seriously, how are you going to train for this? Billy and I went for a walk and talked about it and he’s incredibly supportive. Together we decided on a plan that puts my health first. Currently, the plan is do Master’s swimming on Tues/Thu mornings and on MWF to run at the gym following the 10K training plan.

What are you most excited about? Everything. I’ve never actually run a race (even though I’ve signed up for a few) but I’ve been to a million. I’ve always cheered on my husband and I love the positive environment around a race. I’m so excited to be part of that. I’m excited about finishing and seeing how it feels. I’m excited to hopefully start a routine that I can stick with beyond this race. 

What are you most nervous about? Everything. I’m nervous about training: fitting the training in, nervous about feeling pain, about the possibility of injury. Mostly, I'm nervous about failure.

Where are you at with your training? I’m not. I thought I would be somewhere at this point but I’m at the starting line.

How do you think you’re going to feel when you’re done? I might cry. I hope I feel proud of myself. I hope I feel excited and energized to want to stick with it.

Heidi Bellamente, 39, mother of two, entrepreneur and leadership coach & consultant. Future ½ Marathon Finisher. 

Why did you decide to do this? My friend Sarah at Zooma put the hard sell on me. And, honestly, I was ready for it. I need a kick in the pants; I’ve not had a fitness goal for a while and I don’t think I’d do it unless I had a training plan and a support system like I know exists at Zooma and Another Mother Runner.

Are you a runner? Yes. But I don’t look like one or act like one. I’ve been an informal runner since I was in middle school. Never in track or cross country, but just for myself. It took me out of my house, out of my head, let me explore new places on my own. I did some races in my 20s and early 30s but none since I’ve had kids.

How are you going to train for this? I have no idea. I feel like I already squeeze every minute out of every day and I still don’t have enough time for all the things or people I love. I know if I set the intention and I talk with my husband about how it has to happen it will. God forbid I have to get up before 6 a.m. but I think that might have to happen.

What are you most excited about? Being in better shape, hands down. And being able to run more than 6 miles again. There’s something about hitting that mark that just feels so accomplished. I’m also ready for a fitness goal. I like accomplishing the mileage up until the big run (at least I used to) and the feeling of picking up the pace that last minute of the race.

What are you most nervous about?  Getting what now feels like an old body to stay healthy through training. Running has just not felt the same since kids. It used to feel effortless. Well, ok, not totally effortless, but easier than it is now. I know the impact of injury and I’m nervous about pulling, straining, tearing, or strangling something.

Where are you at with your training? I can run 4 miles. I can push myself for 5, but am most comfortable doing 3.5. I play indoor soccer for fun and do some weight classes at my gym.

How do you think you’re going to feel when you’re done? Sore and proud.

7 responses to “Zooming to ZOOMA: Two BAMRs Train like Mothers

  1. Oh my goodness- thank you for all these amazing, positive, encouraging posts already! I knew I’d have an awesome support through AMR and Zooma and I’m right. Hugs and clean socks to you all…~Heidi B

  2. If Bridget can, I can! Thanks for inspiring me to start training. I’ll look for you at the 10k start line in Cape Cod.

  3. Good luck to you BOTH – I think you will surprise yourselves at your badassity. You CAN do this, you SHOULD do this, you WILL do this..Cowbells are ready to ring you two to the finish line.

  4. Completing the plan and finishing it is the key, and I typically take a nose dive also towards the end of my plan. But if you work the plan the plan works! Will be with you in the 10K at Cape Cod!

  5. Completing the plan and finishing it is the key,a nd I typically take a nose dive also towards the end of my plan. But if you work the plan the plan works! Will be with you in the 10K at Cape cod!

  6. You got this…moms have been racing and training for things since….well, long before I started running in 1971. I’ve done 130+ tris and countless “other” stuff while raising a family and working full time. Time management and less sleep!

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