#152: Listen in on Sarah’s Reading at Powell’s

SBS and her sassy, striped sidekick, John, who chimes in several times during this recording.
SBS and her sassy, striped sidekick, John, who chimes in several times during this recording.

A departure from the usual podcast, this one was recorded live at Powell’s City of Books in Portland. After introducing the AMR duo’s new book, Tales from Another Mother Runner (and having her 9-year-old son inject a witty one-liner from the sidelines), Sarah reads her TAMR essay, which is about dealing with the effects of aging on her running. SBS then fields questions from the audience of local runners, such as how the running scene has changed since the publication of Run Like a Mother and favorite races. Included in the mix is a rousing chorus of “Happy Birthday,” complete with “cha-cha-cha’s” from Sarah’s sidekick son. Listen to the very end to hear proposed details about AMR’s fall 2015 running retreat. (Spoiler alert: It’ll most likely be in the Pacific NW.)

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2 responses to “#152: Listen in on Sarah’s Reading at Powell’s

  1. Loved the live format of the show, including the interruptions from the kids.
    I was listening to this podcast in the car over the weekend and my son started to sing along with the birthday song. (Cha cha cha’s and all.) Just wanted to pass along some belated birthday wishes from my little guy in PA.

  2. I am 61 – my best races are probably in the past also. I had a few sub 3:40s for my marathon times and switched to triathlon in 1982 and only put the marathon at the end of my Ironman races. I just ran the four mile route I did as a teenager 44 years ago when I started running. I still want to BQ. I am way older than you I think as my daughter is 28. I am training for my 123rd triathlon. I know I won’t come in last as I am still getting faster in the water and finally won my AG at the Sharkfest swim from Alcatraz last summer. I don’t believe I am old. I don’t dress “old”. I don’t move old and I don’t race old. Menopause was a sigh of relief for me (yay no more tampons). I will stop when I die.

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