A must-listen episode for all women runners: Val Rogosheske, one of eight women to officially run the Boston Marathon, is one of the two guests. Fifty years later, at age 75, Val is set to run the race this year. Val shares:

-how she landed at Boston, her first-ever marathon;
-the feeling at that 1972 starting line as 1 of 8 women among 1,200 men;
-how marathon running led her to get a Ph.D.;
-her training protocol and race strategy as a 75-year-old runner; and,
-her seriously bad*ss bib number + starting-line duties at Monday’s race!

In the intro, Sarah and co-host Ellison recount standout memories—and regrets—from the two Boston Marathons they’ve each run. Val, the first of two guests, joins the show at 16:04.

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