A few weeks ago, we announced our first ambassador program: the BAMRbassador program, because we’re so punny with words.

We were on the prowl for women who would help us spread the AMR love far and wide—and maybe sell a few shirts at expos as well.

To say we were floored by the response is like saying the marathon is a considerable way to run: a gross understatement. We received nearly 350 applications—and in a perfect world, we’d take all of you.

In this (dust-bunnying, toddlers-tantrumming, car-pooling) world though, we know our limits. We want to be sure that the ambassadorship program is dialed and streamlined before we set out for #motherrunner world domination. (A joke, but not entirely…)

Originally, we were going to enlist 15 ambassadors for 2018, but the sheer number of applicants made us more than double the first year’s team: We have 33 #BAMRbassadors for 2018. We are excited to introduce 16 today, and will announce the other half + 1 tomorrow. (If you do the math, that makes the acceptance rate <10%.)

While we realize that doesn’t soften the news if you aren’t profiled below or on the list for tomorrow, please know that we read every application thoroughly, and your words made us laugh, think and tear up. Thank you all for the time, thought, love, and perspective you put into your applications; it was truly one of the best gifts we have ever received.

We discussed and we discussed, then we drank some kambucha and discussed some more. Our hearts sunk as we whittled the list down smaller and smaller, until we couldn’t take it anymore. (Guessing none of us were college admissions officers in our former lives.)

Geographic distribution of BAMRbassadors; many miles covered amongst you all.


The upside of it all? We are 120% committed to making 2018 the Year of the #BAMRbassadors. In other words, we work out the kinks in this program so that we can expand it significantly in 2019 and in years beyond.

Congratulations to our Team of 2018 #BAMRbassadors!

Aimee Bouchard
3 kids (6, 4, + 2); Springfield, MA
“In April 2013, after I had my second kid and the Boston bombing had happened, I searched the web for connection and community, and discovered the AMR website because of a T-shirt you offered as a fundraiser. I was moved, then I was hooked!”

Alicia Cline
2 kids (7 + 5); Cincinnati, OH
“I fell in love with running 30 years ago. It has been my constant in life and keeps me grounded. Other women need to know about and be part of this amazing group.”

Brandi Dockett
2 kids (13 + 9); Mount Royal, NJ
“Thank you for continuing to be a voice for us #motherrunners who kick ass and take names and still get dinner on the table.”

Carrie Meconis
4 kids (8, 4, + 20-month-old twins); Middle Village, NY
“Crossing the 2107 NYC Marathon finish line was so powerful after all I have gone through the past couple of years (four kids; preemies and 6 weeks of NICU time; sickness and injury). But I made it. I hope to inspire other mamas who feel the struggle and pain of this journey.”

 Susan Landolt
4 kids (15, 12, 9, + 6); Portland, OR
“AMR gave me the courage to START! And start again when the going got tough. More than anything, AMR has always reminded me that it isn’t just okay to take the time away from the family to run, it is CRUCIAL!”



Annaliese Dolph
3 kids (13, 10, + 6); Portland, OR
“I pulled out a Train Like a Mother marathon plan this year and ran my own personal marathon last week: 26.2 unstaffed miles through the city. I could not fit a race into the family schedule but wanted to prove to myself I can go the distance. If only the AMR ’80s RockMyRun playlist was out then!”


Gina Ebbeling
1 kid (6); Bellingham, WA
“This community shows up. Last January, my husband passed away suddenly. Weeks later, I began training for a half-marathon with TLAM. Running became my therapy and the AMR community was so supportive.”

Jodi Snowdon
2 kids (13 + 11); Kingston, Ontario, Canada
“2012: I was a soccer mom who just wanted some peace and some space for herself. I knew nothing about running when I started moving my slow butt around the block, except that I I wanted to run Princess Half-Marathon. I had no community, I had no coach, I had no help. And then I Googled “running books for moms” and, hallelujah, I found you!”

 Julia Miller
3 kids (12,10, + 8); Fitchburg, WI
“Being a part of the AMR Tribe means community, acceptance, support, love, and humor. I can’t believe I found other people who also talk about poop!”

Kat Schjei
3 kids (8, 6, + 16 months); Laguna Hills, CA
“I seek to inspire other BAMRs to get outside of their comfort zone to reach potential they never knew existed. Becoming a mother does not close the fitness door. In fact, it only makes us stronger.”

Kate Walton
4 kids (14, 10, + 2 adult stepchildren); Indianola, IA
“The connections I’ve made through AMR have echoed through my life in the most positive ways. I’ve met people in real life and online who have enriched and supported me in ways I would have never imagined.”

Katie Ormson
3 kids (26, 22, + 18); Libertyville, IL
“I have been a runner for 35+ years and a mother for 26+ years. My best friends in my community are pretty much all runners, and having met many BAMRs in person, I consider many of these women very good friends as well.”

Kimberly Truesdell
2 kids (6 + 2); Fort Wayne, IN
“It’s important to know that there’s a group of people who will support you when you need it—but still call you on your sh*t. I honestly don’t know where my running would be without this Tribe.”

Kristen Fegan
6 kids (15, 12, 9, 8, 7, + 5); Malabar, FL
“Running is usually a solo sport, but the AMR Tribe has transformed it into a team for me. We’re all working together, and that keeps me going.”


Melissa Theberge
3 kids (19, 16, + 14); Plaistow, NH
“I came to AMR able to run 3.1 miles and now I’ve run 26.2 all in a row! ;-) My personal running growth is a credit to AMR, but honestly what I’ve learned about myself and the new friendships are even more precious and valuable to me. I think this is where the heart of AMR lies.”

Carrie Becker
2 kids (7 + 3); North Hampton, NH
“The women in the AMR community do not put another woman down at all; instead, they become a friend who’s there no matter what.”