2018 BAMRbassador Team: Round Two

Welcome back to Day Two of our Introduction of our 2018 #BAMRbassadors!

If you have no idea what we're talking about, head to Day One.

 Congrats to these 17 #BAMRbassadors;
2018 is going to be a year of many (more) happy miles because of your participation!

Kary Whearty
3 kids (21, 14, + 10); Sylvania, OH
"I recently ran the Detroit Marathon with a friend, her first. There is no greater feeling than sharing finish line hugs and tears!"

Addie Bird
2 kids (10 + 7); Newmanstown, PA
"AMR has helped me figure out how to balance work, family, and running, and taught me a ton about fitness and getting stronger."


Catey Ball
10 kids (19, 17, 16, 14, 12, 11, 9, 7, 5, + 3); Harriman, UT
"When I started running eight years ago, the running community slowly became a huge piece of my life: I had a place that I felt like I belonged! I would love to connect with women who need a Tribe!"

Julie Patno
4 kids (13-year-old twins + 2 stepkids, 18 + 12); Salt Lake City, UT
"I finished my first 50K (!) last weekend. When I came into work today, a co-worker said I am not the same person I was 4.5 years ago, when I started running. She said I am just 'f*cking amazing.' I have to say I agree. AMR/TLAM was a HUGE part of that transformation."

Jaime Taylor
2 kids ("15 2/3" + 12); Edmond, OK
"Run Like a Mother completely changed my life. I was a wannabe runner on my journey to my first half-marathon, and picked up the book before going on vacation for my anniversary (sorry, husband!). I spent the entire time laughing, reading, feeling an instant connection and validation that I never expected."

Kristen Genet
3 kids (16, 12, + 9); Blaine, MN
"This is a Tribe that brings out the best in women: accepting each individual where she is at, providing support and community to lift her up, and sharing in the successes and difficulties of training, mothering, and womaning in general."

Lynne Garcia
1 kid (6); Los Angeles, CA
"What running has given me is nothing short of amazing. Confidence, health, mental balance—and most surprising—identity. I am a runner. I feel like an athlete. Me, the chubby girl with frizzy hair marching along with a saxophone strapped to her. I'm not belittling my former band-geek self, mind you. I'm just simply amazed at what she's morphed into."


Meaghan Clark
2 kids (6 + 3); Lincoln, RI
"While training for my first marathon last year, I was in your traditional training plan with a group of 24 ladies who have become some of my best friends.Together, we have been together through all things; not just running, but depression, injuries, spouses, babies/teenagers, races, politics. YOU brought us together. These are 'my BAMRs', thanks to you."

Nicole Hart
3 kids (16, 15, + 9); Boiling Springs, PA
"Honestly, I already feel like I am an ambassador for AMR. I'm ready to make it official!"

Pamela Harris
2 kids (3 + 1); Decatur, GA
"The BAMR community is fiercely inclusionary, and it would make my heart swell to beckon others in. And I'm not going to lie: I am dying to meet more members of the community in real life!"

Pat Brockman
A flock (3 grown sons, 3 wonderful daughters-in-love, + 4 grandchildren); San Antonio, TX
"AMR is the best example of the power of community I have ever been a part of. I have been part of leading women's ministry in our church for years and years, and AMR is what I wish that ministry could look like."

Debbi Giossi
3-ish Kids (1 adult son + 2 glorious grandchildren); Austin, TX
"I was held in the arms of this community long before I ever signed up for a training program, attended a retreat or made what have become lifelong friends. I want women of all ages, abilities and attributes to enJOY being a part of such a community. Whatever I can do to facilitate that: Bring it!"


Racheal Pettigrew
3 kids (12, 8, + 5); Tempe, AZ
"I can't wait to help women understand the importance of putting themselves and their mental + physical health first; it's as important as keeping their houses clean. (And I have to remember that myself as well!)"

Schuyler Nuun
2 kids (20 + 17); Wyndmoor, PA
"Unconditional love and women supporting women...the way life should be!"

Stephanie Garrett
3 four-legged kids; Westminster, CO
"In six years, I went from weighing almost 300 pounds to today, when I have completed numerous 5Ks + 10Ks, 14 half-marathons, and 4 full marathons. I am slower runner, but all runners need encouragement, positivity, and support in all areas of life."

Tracy Swearingen
2 kids (9 + 9 months); Omaha, NE
"The AMR Tribe has virtually connected thousands of women who are very different but very much alike."

Tricia Cecil
2 kids (7 + 3); Elkridge, MD
"Wake up (well) before the sun. Dress, headlamp, reflective gear. Walk carefully down the stairs so not as to wake the three year old or seven year old. Go outside. Turn on Garmin. Take a deep lungful of morning air. Go. Run. Run easy, run hard, run intervals, run long, run tempo, run short. Run in the sweltering humidity of a Maryland August, in the dry cold air of December, through red and orange leaves in the fall and among the new green of spring."

9 responses to “2018 BAMRbassador Team: Round Two

  1. I’m so glad to see there is an ambassador that only has 4 legged kids and no 2 legged. I’ve done a few training plans through TLAM (which were amazing, thank you!) and always feel like a little of an impostor because I’ve never been able to have kids. Glad to see I’m not the only one without kids in this community!

  2. Congratulations to all! So, an observant reader might look at the map of the BAMRbassaders and see that there is a pin in Vermont. And then look for which of the BAMRbassaders are in Vermont, but not find one. And then be sad, as I am always searching for BAMRs in Vermont to share my passion. And then they might count the number of pins and come out to 35, rather than 33… Any reasons for this?

    1. In our exuberance to announce the BAMRbassadors, we didn’t triple-check things. We regret the error (and should have paid more attention in geography class….).

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