2018 Goal Setting: The Examples

Yesterday, we asked you to think about your 2018 in Preview, and today, we're giving you a friendly nudge with a few examples. (Here's the blank sheet if you want to dive right in!)

First up is Courtney's 2018 Year in Preview: This Portland-based #motherrunner, who will turn 50 in October, wants to prioritize yoga and strength as she runs a few races. And she's looking for space to breathe and needs to remind herself about all the self-care options she has. (If you can't read the picture on the post, here it is as a PDF.)

Next up is Coach MK, who is looking at a rebuilding year, after she gives birth to her fourth baby (#freeviolet). She's got the New York City Marathon on her mind for fall of 2018, but is aware of all the pieces that need to fall into place for her to cover 26.2 without courting injury. (Here's her PDF.)

Finally, here's my (Dimity's) year in preview. I've got two adventures planned (which I can't wait to write about!) but need to be sure I don't take my eyes off the prize: staying strong and injury-free. And yes, I'm hoping I can cash in those few 5k's the orthopedist allowed me when he recommended I lay off the runner part of #motherrunner. (Here's the PDF version.)

Intrigued? Ready to plan? We hope so.

Refresh your memory on the guidelines, then take ten minutes to fill out this one-pager to help you sort through your 2018 athletic priorities in relation to your other commitments, both running- and life-wise.

(And if you don't have something for every month, don't worry! The three of us all came up with a blank or two and improvised a's the exercise, not the exact results, we're interested in.)

Once you are done, email it to us; we are going to feature four of these—and the #motherrunners behind them—on the upcoming Mondays in January.

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