Meet Our Newest Contributor: Tish Hamilton

More than a decade ago, Sarah and I ran the Nike Women's Marathon.

I trot out this beauty of a picture (and the accompanying feature in Runner's World) not to share my super stylish helmet-inspired 'do or Sarah's cover-ready face, but because the 26.2—and all the training we did for it—is where this whole #motherrunner party inadvertently started.

The person who issued the invitation? Tish Hamilton.

If you've read the beginning of Run Like a Mother, you have read portions of the email exchanges Sarah and I had with Tish.

After our first book came out, Sarah and I continued our friendships + profressional relationships with Tish. We got to run a Hood to Coast with her; Tish, the sprite that she is, generously took the first very downhill, quad-thrashing leg. She and I watched the 2007 Olympic Trials together in Central Park; her live commentary made me feel like I was on ABC Wide World of Sports.

Sarah and I both wrote various stories for Tish, who, as executive editor at Runner's World, helped direct the focus and content of the magazine. Like the capable editor she is—she honed her craft at such magazines as Rolling Stone and Outside—she guided us with expertise and grace, polishing our prose while allowing our attitudes and personalities to shine through.

If you read Tales from Another Mother Runner, you got the pure talent of Tish as you read her insightful, smart essay about having a BRF who helped her through her divorce.

You also may have heard Tish on the Boston Qualifier sqeaker AMR podcast episode where she expanded on her RW feature about barely getting into Boston.

The singlet-outfitted mice that yes, I thought were alive. Can you fault me for being a believer?

And she was our guest on the AMR podcast once more, to talk about her aforementioned essay. This time, thankfully, the topic of dead rodents didn't come up.

As Another Mother Runner (happily) gobbled up more and more of our time—and the magazine landscape shifted—Sarah and I didn't get to interact with Tish much, save for the occasional Twitter banter.

Then the magazine landscape–or the one Sarah and I focus on, anyway—had a seismic shift; in early 2017, Runner's World overhauled their staff. Our hearts hurt for Tish; not only because she is a single mother, but also because her love of running is as determined and authentic as any we've ever seen.

We're pretty sure she was put on this earth to document our beloved sport of running.

The passion for many miles runs (ha!) in the family; Tish (right) and her mom and sister sharing their goods from the Senior Games.

Our paths crossed unexpectedly at the 2017 Philadelphia Marathon; this was probably her 78th marathon or some such craziness. (And no, I didn't fact-check that.) I knew she was there, but I didn't expect to see her.

We connected, and today we are thrilled to issue this lovely full-circle announcment: Tish is going to start contributing regularly to the Another Mother Runner website! Starting Monday! She will join Adrienne Martini, who will continue her popular and entertaining Dry Martini column, as a regular contributor.

We can't wait for you to experience the expertise, insight, humor, and perspective of this veteran #motherrunner, and we invite you to welcome her to the AMR Tribe! Follow her on Twitter, and on Instagram.

(And yes, I realize I have totally buried the lede on this post; I should have started with Tish, not Sarah + me. Tish would've gently fixed that.)

17 responses to “Meet Our Newest Contributor: Tish Hamilton

  1. What a great addition. I met Tish during the shakeout run before the 2012 Big Sur Marathon. She was warm and generous, deigning to chat and run at length with a shy, slow runner like me, amid the sea of faster, flashier participants.

  2. So pleased to see this! What a fantastic addition to the blog roster! I’ve really enjoyed Tish’s work with AMR and in Runner’s World. I hope she’ll be an addition to the podcast in coming months as well.

  3. I always loved when Tish was part of the RW podcast. It ended so abruptly and I miss it. I will enjoy reading Tish’s writings and also encourage you to add her to the podcast on a regular basis! Welcome Tish.

  4. What great news! I still remember laughing out loud while listening to the squeaker podcast on a run 🙂 And since I’ve continued to enjoy Tish’s writing and her times on the former RW podcast. Welcome Tish!!

  5. Hooray! This is great news. Like so many others, I love your writing and cannot wait to read more of it here. Welcome and enjoy!

  6. Welcome Tish! I have missed your voice on RW podcast and articles as well. It’s a shakeup for sure but life throws us new challenges and I’m grateful you’ll be running this road with us.

  7. Awesome news! Tish is such a beloved athlete and editor. Your team is just growing stronger with more voices, wisdom and opinions. The BAMR community is rockin’ it in 2018!!!

  8. So happy to read this! I came to really appreciate Tish in the Runners World podcast and have missed her (and others) from there. What an inspired addition to the crew!

  9. This posting brought tears to my eyes – in so many ways. A great big WELCOME and I look forward to reading/hearing more! xoxo

  10. Tish, it sounds like your world has turned upside-down, and I send you thoughts of strength and faith. I am also absolutely thrilled to get to read your thoughts (and hear your voice? Podcast?) on a regular basis. I’ve really enjoyed hearing & reading your words in the past. Welcome to team AMR!

  11. Well hello Tish and welcome!! I’ve listened to you quite a bit on the RW podcast and will enjoy reading your column here while hearing your voice in my head! I love when that happens. I’m sorry about the turn of events but thrilled that you have found a new home here at AMR! Hugs and high fives from NH!!

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