#293: Training Tips + Advice from Three Coaches

Sarah and Dimity welcome three coaches to kick your New Year off right! First up is Jenn Gill, who is a certified personal trainer and strength coach in addition to being a running coach (phew!). After telling a tale of a recent Ragnar Trail Relay race that involves “swamp bugs” and a 15’ alligator (!!), Jenn shares the keys to consistency and how to make exercise a habit. She also offers several good reasons why strength training should be part of every runner’s regimen. Next the ladies are joined by Justin Ross, a sports and performance psychologist who developed the Perform Like a Mother program. Like he does in that mental skills training program, Justin offers guidance on using your mind as an asset instead of a liability, while running, racing, or living life. Listen as Sarah gets swayed by his sound advice about cultivating a positive mindset. The final guest is Jennifer Harrison, one half of the triathlon coaching duo in the TLAM Club. This mom-of-twins tells an inspiring story about what can happen when you go into a race with no expectations. Learn how the first-of-its-kind Ironman training program (!!) is like a pregnancy. Nod along as Coach Jen stresses the importance of having a “village” of support to get through training; laugh along when she recounts the stupidest question she’s ever been asked. (Spoiler: GU Gel is not fish food!) She ends with a bit of advice we all need to be reminded of.
In the intro, hear Dimity share the joy of “following someone else’s bubbles.” The conversation with coaches kicks off at 24:16.
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  1. Rich roll did the otillo race in 2017 and did a podcast about it- might be helpful to listen to. Apparently there is also a you tube video out there about the 2017 race.

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