Injured: All us runners are either there or will be (sigh), so this is a critical episode to listen to. The guest, physical therapist Amy Benton, talks with hosts Sarah Bowen Shea and Coach Liz Waterstraat about how to return safely to training and racing after a sidelining injury. Amy—and Coach Liz— detail:

-guidelines for when you’re ready to take the next step;
-the importance of taking it slow and steady;
-the length of your training cycle for a comeback race;
-the power of positive thinking (for realz!); and,
-why it’s all about the long game.

Sarah reveals details how she’s found “free speed” with a new-for-her running style before the guest joins around 7:01. At the end of this episode, in an inadvertent “companion” Miles of Books, Coach Liz discusses Fear Less: Face Not-Good-Enough to Replace Your Doubts, Achieve Your Goals, and Unlock Your Success.

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