Whether #1 or #2, when you gotta go, you gotta go—even if you’re 2 miles from home on a run. Out here in Portland, the majority of home-reno/construction-project port-a-potties are padlocked, so it got us wondering where folks go when the urge strikes. Here are responses culled from a recent Facebook post—we hope you might discover a new place to go (and tactics for talking your way into using one!). 

“I always identify potential bathrooms on my route in advance. On my morning runs, I do at least the first two miles (if not all) looping around the blocks near my house. I get quite anxious if I go out not knowing where there are bathrooms!” —Kristin

“Ugh: I’ve gone more places than I’d like to say—in ditches, behind trees, at random pizza shops, gas stations, golf courses, and McDonald’s. I’m so grateful my running partners still run with me!” —Janice

Kwik Trip! My friends and I loop by it on our runs and stop if necessary, which is usually every day! I think they get worried if we don’t stop. The folks are very nice and even the regular customers started chatting with us.” —Katie

“I run on trails, so I just squat in the woods.” —Ashley

“Gas stations, stores that I know have a bathroom, and buildings with multiple offices that have a common bathroom. I have to have bathrooms on my route yet have still pooped my pants on runs when there isn’t a bathroom close by. It’s not cool.” —Gina

“Gas stations and coffee shops. Sometimes I have to beg and grovel a bit, but if I look desperate enough, they usually let me use the facilities.” —Kerry

“My town doesn’t even have port-a-potties or park restrooms. I have to just plan to never be more than a few miles from home (long, oval loops).” —Emilie

“There are two hunting shack properties on our gravel road, and I have permission to use their outhouses! I can do 7 miles out and back on the road, and sometimes run it twice. Both of the facilities are well kept!” —Jodi

“The beauty of running with friends is that we’re never too far from someone’s house….just in case.” —Patti

“I once stopped at a gym I’m not a member of and begged to use their locker room. I had to name people I know that are members/trainers before they would allow it.” —Nickie

“I have stopped at gas stations, emergency rooms, hotels, coffee shops, and malls.” —Susan

“Pack some TP and find some bushes!!” —Sara

“I plan my routes around the city park and neighborhoods where I have friends. My friends are always willing to let me in when I text and say, ‘Hey I need to pee. Be there in 5!’” —Gay

“The library!” —Shana

“For a long run, I know where a few bathrooms are just in case. Sometimes I have to loop back home to go, then head out again.” —Tiffany

“Woods: Know your leaves!!!” —Amber

“Wherever! I carry wipes with me. I can find a secluded spot anywhere.” —Jodi

Your turn: Where do you “go” when you gotta go?