#242: 2016 in Review with AMR Podcast Co-hosts

podcast-hosts-500x300An annual AMR podcast tradition expanded: As the year reaches its finish line, Sarah chats up each of her co-hosts to recap their running and racing. Adrienne Martini talks about the correct nomenclature of the 26.2 she ran in November: Find out why it’s “her marathon” not her “first marathon.” She discusses why she likes big races—and why she might need an exorcist for exercise! Molly is the first of several co-hosts to expound on how her athletic goals are changing as she ages, and how she has no ego about race results. Talk turns to her daughters entering the running world. Giving birth to a new hashtag, Molly and Sarah unveil their big 2017 race.

The conversation dives deeper when Dimity joins, with talk of joy and running as a luxury. Find out what milestone Dimity hit for the first time since becoming a mother runner (or perhaps ever!)—as well as what her 2017 target race. Continuing the aging-runner thread, Amanda Loudin describes how she’s “version 2.0” with racing and running. Nod along as this coach talks about keeping her lips zipped during a 10K with her teen daughter, then laugh along when she tells a tale involving a trail race and a camp chair. Last but not least, Ellison Weist discusses how her racing has evolved over the years—and why she didn’t toe a single starting line in 2016. Hear how this grandmother of two stepped back into running several times this year after illness and injury, as well as how she started meditating.

Oh, and something else to add to Nuun-drinking game that SBS talks about in intro: Chug every time talk turns to swimming!

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4 responses to “#242: 2016 in Review with AMR Podcast Co-hosts

  1. I was listening to the podcast on books. I thought the comment by your guest saying “she’s anorexic “ was very inappropriate. It’s sounded derogatory. It is a serious disease and shouldn’t be laughed about or a reason to avoid someone I was really disappointed

    1. Thank you for calling our attention to the careless way in which we tossed out the term “anorexic” on the podcast. My co-host, Ellison Weist, and I offers our apologies, and we both know it’s a serious mental illness that touches far too many lives.

      I trust you’ve heard us speak more carefully and thoughtfully about the topic of eating disorders on the AMR podcast, with several guests and with a different co-host, who had anorexia affect her family’s life.

  2. totally laughing at Dimity’s rant about the non-clapping clappers in church
    I *think* they were clapping like you do for the deaf community. At least that’s what I learned when Marlee Matlin and Nyle were on Dancing with the Stars.

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