#243: Motivational Running Advice — and Then Some!

podcast-motivation-500x300In this hour-plus episode, Sarah kicks off the New Year with two co-hosts—dear Dimity and Amanda Loudin—to talk about motivation: how to bolster it now and throughout the year. The three mother runners draw on personal experience as well as professional tips they’ve gathered in their years as freelance health and fitness journalists, starting with the importance of being happy in life. The conversation takes many twists and turns, especially as they discuss the “beauty in suffering” and why you need to “show up” to have some runs become “magical.” There are a lot of numbers bandied about in this episode: Find out what 3-1-2-1 means to Dimity; why 20 minutes is long enough for a mental and emotional reset; and the significance of 18:30. Sneak a peek at Dimity’s 5:00 a.m. lying-in-bed routine, plus Sarah and Amanda’s 30-minute pre-run requisites. And discover how The Boss enters into this entertaining conversation.

Whether you need help sticking to a training plan or getting out of bed instead of hitting the Snooze button (again!), this trio serves up suggestions with you—along with a hearty dose of laughter.

And, remember: The gals want to hear the scoop about your poop. Tweet Sarah, Dimity, and Amanda (@sbsontherun, @dimityontherun, and @misszippy1, respectively) to let them know if you drop the kids off at the proverbial pool before your morning run or not.

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6 responses to “#243: Motivational Running Advice — and Then Some!

  1. I LOVED this episode, this is actually the first episode I have ever listened to. You have a new fan! I NEVER poop before a run and I don’t brush before a morning run either because I’m just going to get home and eat more. Haha! Love you all!

  2. Really enjoyed this podcast!! Any way to reach out to coach Amanda? I would love to chat Maryland trail races with her – I am looking for a few good ones in 2017. Speaking of Maryland…my 4 year old starts Kindergarten this Fall so I was thrilled that we were in the 1 week and not 2 week off category! 🙂 Sadly I don’t tweet – though….maybe I should. Seems a slippery slope, I already feel I loose precious running moments to FB and Instagram! LOL I feel myself sliding…….

  3. The being happy by being in the moment was on NPR’s Hidden Brain. I listened to that podcast the other day and I thought it was great and so very true!

  4. SOOOOO loved the podcast this morning. I smiled so much on my run today. Thank you all.

    I must be an apple, too, Dimity….out the door in under 10 mins, brush my teeth, but that’s about all. HATE out and back runs, and I believe Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is my celebrity cheerleader. I know he lives in the area, so I imagine that one morning at o-dark-thirty he will pull over his white Escalade and cheer for me as he is driving to the gym. Seriously. It could happen, right?!?!

  5. Thoroughly enjoyed the podcast. That’s the kind of motivation I’ve needed! All three of you are fantastic.
    Side bar: before run pooper
    Hate out and backs, especially in a race.

    Keep doing what you’re doing!

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