Dry Martini: Run the run, get the sticker

I hope 2017 is treating you all well so far. We kicked off the new year by staying up too late playing board games and eating too much fondue because we are rock stars.

Because there ain’t no party like a Martini party, I celebrated surviving the debauchery with a New Year’s Day Eminem run. (For the uninitiated, an Eminem run is eight miles. I slay me.)

Someone celebrated New Year's Eve at the used car lot.

The run itself was more or less terrible. I was tired. I had a cheese hangover. It was cold. The sidewalks were icy. I spent the last two miles desperately needing to pee but not willing to take advantage of either a conveniently placed Walgreens or the Sarah Bowen Shea capri-pee approach. It was just One Of Those Runs. You get through it. You get your sticker. You move on.

And then…

Then ….

I’m going to keep you in suspense for a second.

Let it be known that I almost never find money on runs. I see some of y’all’s pictures with your sweaty hands full of change and wonder how the heck that happens. My theory is that since I live in a college town and college students never have money, they are careful with their coins. In 2016, I found, maybe, 30 cents — and 20 of those cents were two dimes I found next to each other on a run in December. I was over the moon about those dimes, frankly, and felt that was the pinnacle of my run money career.

My two dimes.

And then….

Because the cemetery I usually run through was closed because of the snow and ice, I had to add a half mile by running through a neighborhood I generally don’t run through. And there it was. In a snowbank. Pocked by ice crystals. A flaccid George Washington.

Reader — I literally did a double-take. I also looked around to see if I was being punked. When Ashton Kutcher failed to appear, I flicked off as much of the ice as I could and shoved the bill in my pocket.


I’d like to say my steps were light and joyful for the last mile. They weren’t. Lately, right around mile seven, my lower back starts to grumble and moan. It feels like a couple of the muscles have decided to not be team players and are knotting up in protest. I’ve already made an appointment with my acupuncturist pal. In fact, odds are good that I’ll be a human pincushion as you are reading this. Fingers crossed.

Still, finding folding money seems like an excellent start to the year, right? A reminder that pushing through the less than spectacular parts will lead to a reward? Ah, running. You teach us so much.

Unrelated to running: this was my Christmas gift to me this year. So far, I'm a fan and made the best black eyed peas for January 1. Other converts: what should I try next?

Depending on what my back chooses to do, I may or may not be running the 3M half in Austin in a few weeks. I will be gong to Austin regardless. If I can’t run, I’ll be the most enthusiastic athletic supporter I can be. And no matter what, I’ll be eating as many breakfast tacos as a human can hold. One must have priorities.

How’s 2017 treating you so far? And what are your priorities for the coming year?

19 responses to “Dry Martini: Run the run, get the sticker

  1. Two of my favorite pressure cooker recipes have come from Serious Eats.
    Most of the “food blogger” recipes I’ve tried have been bland and mushy.
    Salsa Verde – if you see tomatillos in the store, grab them! This is the easiest and tastiest (to use an SBS word) of all pressure cooker recipes I’ve tried

    Beef Stew – this one is a little more hands on but still, beef stew in about an hour after work? Pretty awesome.

  2. That is impossible, other Adrienne! Where are you?

    And thanks for all of the pressure cooker links! On today’s menu is minestrone soup. Later in the week we’re having taco shells and peanut chicken. Will report back.

  3. HA! You *did* slay me with your “Eminem run.”
    2017 priorities – unburdening of Stuff; getting a will and all that legal paperwork in order. No urgent need, just the desire to, you know, minimize the tzimmes. Also, to be outdoors more. Stay warm up there!

  4. We make lots of soups and stews in our Instant Pot. And bulk cook beans and legumes for use in burritos, salads and homemade hummus (we eat so much we make our own).

  5. I also gifted myself an IP. I’m in love. I’ve made perfect sweet potatoes in 12 minutes and broccoli. OHHHH Baby! Congrats on yours and Happy New Year!

  6. I am in a group on FB called (wait for it) Instant Pot Community. I got one for Christmas too and am too overwhelmed to even take it out of the box! But, the group is full of great advice and recipes!!!

  7. As always, it’s nice to hear from you. Congrats on your 8 miler. You are better than me! I am gearing up for the NYC 1/2 in March. I am starting on the treadmill for the short runs and will run outside for the longer ones. Just so much a girl can take on the ‘mill.

    I once dragged myself out for a run in the rain and found $20! I had to peel it off the ground as the rain and cars got it pretty stuck but it was worth stopping for!

    Keep it up! Enjoy the tacos….

  8. We always do fondue for New Year’s Eve, usually a meat course, cheese course and then chocolate, a Very. Long. Meal.
    I never find money when I run, I live in the boonies and I see empty liquor and beer bottles only (another reminder as to why I don’t run outside in the dark).
    I hope your back feels better, either way the company in Austin will help your mood, have fun!

  9. What is the Instant Pot? It looks so intriguing. Running in 2017 has been non-existent due to some female issues I’m having dealt with today I hope.

  10. One of the best IP recipes we’ve found so far is for macaroni and cheese (because cheese): (I leave out the mustard because I don’t like it). I’d suggest putting a dish towel over the steam vent when you quick-release the pressure after cooking the noodles (end of step 1); this will catch the starchy steam before it sprays all over your kitchen countertops, walls, windows, blinds, and anything else within a 5-foot radius… trust me on this one! Also don’t accidentally cook the noodles with the milk… that starchy steam spray will be 1000x worse. 😮

  11. Good luck at the acupuncturist. Hopefully you can run Austin. If not, there is always the Cuse half in March 😉
    I LOL at your dollar bill find. I also live in a small college town, and once picked up a bill in front of student apartments. It had what I hope was dog poop on the back of it 🙁

  12. First of all i love reading your posts, and I am almost positive i saw you when i was at the NYC marathon bib pickup- jsut hesitated too long to say hello! Second , While i havent taken the IP plunge yet ( for some reason the concept scares the hubby) my friends swear by it, I think there is even a FB page dedicated to IP! And finally, if you go to AUstin, you have to go to my brothers restaurant – it just won best new restaurant of the year in austin- and would be great for pre and post race carbs– can you say homemade pasta and bread??? L’oca D’oro. Ask for Adam and tell him you know his sister and he will take good care of you!

  13. I too agree about Lose Yourself as I also live outside the D! I want an Instant Pot in the worst way. I make a ton of recipes from and she has quite a few recipes that look amazing using her Insta Pot.

  14. This Detroit girl approves of the Eminem run!!!!! (P.S. – Lose Yourself should be in your playlist. If not, get it!)

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