Sarah and co-host Molly Williams tackle the topic of amenorrhea (the cessation of menstrual periods) with two guests. First up: Retired professional runner Tina Muir, who candidly talks about not having a period for nine (9!!) years. Tina admits she ignored the issue for years—and expresses her frustration that experts had no advice to rectify the problem. Tina shares what it was like being the center of a whirlwind of attention when she stopped running specifically to resume her menstrual cycle and start a family—and why she wanted to make the often hush-hush topic public. Find out what Tina, co-host Molly, and Kate Middleton have in common. Then Molly and Sarah welcome on Jennifer Carlson, M.D., a doctor who studies and treats amenorrhea at Stanford University. Jen explains how amenorrhea is part of the female athlete triad—and how the understanding of the triad has evolved over the years. The good doctor tells what factors, in addition to an energy imbalance, could cause amenorrhea, such as stepping up mileage or running intensity. As she says, “It’s surprising how often you see amenorrhea.” The doctor also suggests steps to take to resume having periods if they’ve stopped.

In the intro, hear how Sarah uncovered 11 pennies on a recent solo run: intrepid–or idiotic?!? The Modcloth-clad twinsies talk about missing each other while Molly has been sidelined with an injury. Conversation with Tina, then Stanford doc, starts at 11:17.

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