Dry Martini: Holding Pattern

Even before I started running, I did not care for summer. I loathed it as a high schooler, mostly because I didn’t want the weather to interfere with my wearing of black jeans and flannel shirts; I was a theatre geek, not a cool-arse Goth. I hated summer more when I graduated from college and moved to Texas and then on to Tennessee, both places where summer is about endurance. Now that I live in the northeast, I still dislike it. I do my best to be an adult about the whole season -- I don’t throw a tantrum anymore when the air is so thick you can chew it -- but June, July, and August are a test of my coping skills.

Hat and tank by the AMR shop; skirt by Skirt Sports; nausea and lightheadedness by Voldesun.

Fortunately, I’m not planning to run a marathon in the fall, like I was last year. I don’t have to run 15+ miles through octogenarian temps and 90 percent humidity. The next race I have on my schedule is the half marathon at Wineglass in Corning, N.Y., in October (where I’m be woman-ing the AMR booth). Training for 13.1 is about as much as have the enthusiasm to do -- and even that has been tricky. It’s not the weather that’s getting in the way, it’s my children.

At the Baltimore Museum of Industry, where I launched into a lecture about rotary phones that legit started “Back when I was your age ...."

Not terribly long ago, I realized that my oldest child will be a high school sophomore in September, which means that the window for family bonding trips will be open for only a few more years. She’ll be off to college before we know it -- heck, she turned 15 faster than I thought possible -- and the time to do some traveling is nigh.

Also: getting out of town during the summer months is a good way to keep the kids occupied when they are driving me nuts by lounging around the house flaunting their idleness. I have issues with idleness, which I know comes as a shock.

For my daughter’s 15th birthday, we went to NYC and the Met Museum. This is what my face looked like the whole time. How can I be old enough to have a 15-year old? The bear remained silent.

Long story short, I haven’t been running nearly as much this summer because we’ve been taking small family trips. The first was to New York City, where we took in art, culture, the Pride parade, and some Chihuly. I didn’t even try to get a run in, because I knew how much walking we’d be doing.

I did find these for my running chart. Why, yes, I do find stickers profoundly motivating, especially when there are cats on them.

Last weekend, we went to a family gathering in Baltimore, where it was easily a billion degrees at 5 a.m. I had two runs on the schedule and did neither of them, despite having packed plenty of gear. While the Inner Harbor beckoned, the air conditioning beckoned harder.

Also while in Baltimore, I shared a Starbucks with Doug Stamper (a.k.a. Michael Kelly). Super nice guy.

This weekend, we’re off to Montreal, which is a 5-ish hour drive from my house. I intend to eat my weight in crepes and hang out with my kids and hubby. At some point, I should get a six mile run in* and will pack the shoes, etc., to do so. We shall see if I choose to make it happen.

Apart from our annual trip to visit friends in New Jersey (where everything is legal and where I have run many times before), this will be the last family jaunt where I don’t push myself to stick to the plan. I’m embracing the languidness of summer and using it as a cushion against how quickly time passes the rest of the year. Or, at least, I’m doing my best to do this.

Which isn’t to say I’m not running at all.

Taken not far from my house at mile 5 on a recent 8-miler. The weather was as close to perfect as you can get in July: 70 degrees and just a little humid.


* If you know of a great route/running group in Montreal, holler!

Where are you all vacationing this summer, BAMRs? And are you getting your runs in?

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  1. Went to Reno and Lake Tahoe for a sporting competition for one of the kids. Beautiful. Hot. Didn’t run once, despite packing my gear. I had also come to the realization about kids growing too fast. As a person who has, supports, and recommends wanderlust, when asked to add an extra work day, I did so with the idea that that money be spent on travel. I immediately booked a cabin in Denali then a cruise. So glad I did. With kids having so many demands on them, and moms and dads making them happen, time away with no wifi or cell service is AH-Mazing!

  2. I’m a NEw England runner. Summer humidity can be a drag but I go out early 5ish while it’s a bit cooler otherwise it does feel oppressive . Hang in there. It’s a short season and before you know it the cool crisp fall will be here. HAppy Running

  3. I live in New Mexico and running goes year-round. I love summer because there is NO layering involved! I’m a school teacher and I always run early in the morning during the school year. In the summer it’s a must because of temps. While I would like to sleep in, running is easier in the summer because I am not pressed for time at the end.

  4. Summer running – ugh! Heat and humidity are not my friends. Actually trying to convince myself to get out the door right now… We’ll be traveling to PA next weekend and I’m planning to get some miles in but won’t stress if I don’t, or if they end up on the hotel tm (which is always a little sad when you can’t explore new locations on foot).

  5. Once again, Ms Adrienne is speaking to my soul. My distaste for summer weather, I can’t even talk about it! The laid back approach to half marathon training after a kickass marathon training season = relateable!!! I also travel with plenty of running gear yet only bust it out occasionally. Last year was intense, this year, pulling back a little. Summer travel is taking me from Phoenix to San Francisco, sponsored by my sisters who feel I am overworked. Love them!

  6. I love summer and in NNY it is rarely too hot. I run outside year long, regardless of the weather…unless it is freezing rain.
    We are traveling to Ireland this summer, and purely coincidentally we will be there for the Dublin RnR half. Gotta run it, can’t pass up the opportunity to be an international racer (and no, Canada does not count, as it is right in my backyard).

  7. um, totally off topic but LOVE your daughter’s hair…..and your son’s shirt!!
    but no vacation for me. hubby uses all his time off for Scout camps so I sprinkle mine throughout the year to have long weekends around out of town races (like Seattle and San Jose… exciting!)

  8. I’ve been running this summer, but very slow, slow and relaxed. Our family went to hot Santa Fe last week. Running at 6,300 feet was challenging with hot temps. I did get a few in. I have nothing on the race calendar, so enjoying the lazy summer is perfect. I love all the traveling notes!

  9. As a northern Michigander, I feel the same about summer! I will do what I can do when it is hot and hope I have the will to ramp it back up when it starts getting cooler outside. Enjoy your travels!!

  10. I hear ya on the hot summer running – I’ve relied on my TM for more than one afternoon run.
    Moving on to the totally cool — Doug Stamper !!!(Michael Kelly). I never would have recognized him.
    Love the pic you took with him!

  11. I feel ya. Between flying to Florida to be with my father when he died and help my mother after, then flying back for his funeral, and now taking kids on a road trip from Houston (HOT) to Santa Fe and Minneapolis- Wisconsin (yes, I’ve looked at a map but bc my kids are reaching ages where it will be harder to find languid time (high school), I’m taking them the long way to see new sights). Husband stayed home so I’m the adult and won’t leave the kids for a run until MN. My father’s passing reset my priorities for this trip. Still moving and push-upping and lunging and planking. Not stressing about not running. It’s an odd yet lovely mindset to be “in” right now. Cheers to taking time to smell the roses and teenage children .

  12. How I wish we lived closer to suffer together. I am so with you on not being so into hot weather and thrilled not to have put a full on the fall calendar!

  13. It’s hot as hades here in Virginia! Traveling to northern Pennsylvania for a race. Then off to the beach in august where I will get my sunrise runs in. My daughter will be a senior in high school this year and will turn 18 in January (what?) so family trips are coming to a close even my baby is almost 14 so I understand your pain.

  14. Love your sons t-shirt! Just did 5 miles in the NJ heat/humidity, I hear you on the weather. Nonetheless, sticking to the AMR marathon training plan – looking forward to Corning, it’s my first marathon 🙂 enjoy your family time.

  15. It’s 4:03 a.m. I haven’t checked the temp but it’s been about 80 when I begin my run around 4:30. It’s been over 90 when I am through. The dew point is up as we are in our “monsoon” phase of the summer in the desert southwest. I moved here in the 70s so I COULD RUN YEAR ROUND. I feel so completely cleansed when I get back from these kind of runs. Another 70.3 coming up so I gotta get in the mileage.

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