#298: Heart Health with a Cardiologist + Sudden Cardiac Arrest Survivor

It’s Heart Health Month, so Sarah and co-host Molly discuss how the topic relates to runners with Dr. Ann Marie Navar, a cardiologist and epidemiologist with Duke University School of Medicine. The trio immediately dives into the deep end, addressing whether long-distance running is good—or bad—for your ticker. The doctor tells how to reduce risk factors for heart attacks, which leads to an intriguing discussion about cholesterol-lowering drugs called statins. Answering questions from BAMRs on the AMR Facebook page, Ann Marie explains what’s up with heart palpitations. During a talk about heart rate, the cardiologist offers up the reassuring gem of, “normal is variable.” Nutrition questions are interwoven throughout the convo, including advice about coconut oil. The good doc informs us high-intensity interval training (HIIT) might be better for your heart than previously thought, and she ends on an all-important message for mother runners. The Portland duo then welcome Marla Sewall, a Dallas mother of four who was brought back to life by her quick-acting husband after she suffered a sudden cardiac arrest. #Motherrunner Marla shares her harrowing story—and her amazing recovery (hint: It involves running a half-marathon a mere four months after her heart stopped for 15 minutes!).

The first guest joins the show at 14:45.

Here’s link to position paper about sudden cardiac death at races, plus how to find a CPR course in your area.

From Dr. Ann Marie Navar: I am participating in this podcast in my individual capacity, and my comments represent my personal views and opinions, not those of Duke University. Consider everything I say general information, not medical advice. If you have medical questions or concerns, talk to your personal doctor.

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